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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

the catholic jc is having their concert todae
all of us met at bedok inter at 5 pm..
after tat we went to take mrt 2 eunos
then take bus 154 to catholic jc there..
when we reach still gt one hr 2 the
concert sowe decided to eat first..
qien.muzakir,terence,chia chernkia hao,
and keith went to the nearest kfc
first then me,elissa,wei chyi n peiling
arrived late..we quickly brought our food
bt gt no time to finish..haiz..
then we went to the opposite bus stop
n were waitin for the bus to cum..
then when we board the bus..some of us
were unsure of where we were supposed
to go off..the sum of us go down at one stop
b4 the jc's bus top there..
then we were lyk so paiseh!lolx..li=uckily
the bus driver didn't leave us..coz
the distance bet. the two stop is damn far..
haha..then we finally reached the bus stop
we ran to the school n luckily we didn't miss
any songs coz we were quite late..

the first two songs wasn't quite nice
bcoz i had no idea what they were playing..=.=
n the trumpets were so messy
bt after tat was quite ok..n they played
beta after the 15 mins break..
gt one song two of the trumpetors
stood in the middle of the hall..one on the
left n one on the right..
when one of them start playing his note
there were a lot of solos cumin frm
most instruments..
flutes..eupho..saxophone..oboe..english horns..
trombone..trumpets of course..lolx..^-^
n even clarinets..most of the solos cum
frm trumpets.yay!!lol
trombones n english horn oso o tink..
the clarinets quite solid sia..can play the solo
so loudly..the oboe n english horn oso..
gt one song the gt three instruments
play their solo together..trumpet,
trombone n clarinet..it was so cool!!!!!
first time i c three solos play together..
can hear each solo so clearly..
they nvr overpower each other..nice..
then another one the trumpetors stand
n do sum kind of gimmicks..bt they gt
no coordinations..=pwe can do beta!!lolx

after the performance we went home
together n we separated at the eunos
interchange there..i reached home at
abt 11 plus..wow..first time i reached
home tat late..hehe..

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