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Monday, August 31, 2009

cute right?? x3 eeepp!hahahh
k im not obssessed or sumthin i tell u first
i just support him && syarif..duo called SleeQ ;D
at least im not like some ppl..only 12 years old &&& sighh
DREAM ON GURLL!seriously =P
ohh nvm....details..details..i shall just keep this private
among US.. ;D

btw!i FINALLY get a HOLD of 'i used to live in the dark' lyrics!
sang just by Alyph SleeQ!(x
credits goes to nurul bestie!hahahh!nyehehehx ^-^V
psst..it's the second song of my playlist.. *winks*

I used to live in the dark girl,
in a faraway land,
and the place just gets darker & darker & darker & darker
you tried, you tried to go in and help me
but the more you went in it got harder to set yourself free...
and i stayed,where i was at
took that time to look back
to look back to look back to look back

But you, you know my ways
and all you had to do is wait for today..

When i find my light,
i used to live in the dark,
But i found my light,
Now i can see in the dark..

Now i'm on a journey, but the road's going down,
so if you are with me,
with me with me with me,
you need to know it sucks to be fallin'
But that's after you crossed the line,
So the race yeah you won it,
We used to live in the dark girl,
both you and i,
But you made it out and baby i stayed inside, inside

But you, you know my ways,
and all you had to do is wait for today,

When i found my light,
I used to live in the dark,
But i found my light,
now i can see in the dark,
see in the dark..


I should call you my hero,
I should call you my love,
I should call you the one,
I'm living this life for,
But now i can see you,
coz it's gettin brighter,
I think that i am just gonna stay right here...

Stay right here..

there u goo!!hahah
love his voice *winks*

okayy!today's teacher's day celebration!!
had a fun time in class with miss sharifahh!!
hahahahhh!our class managed to make her feel like she has never before..
n made her speechless.. xD
we sang to her the 'nobody' wonder girls song..
but we changed the lyrics..hahah!it was priceless!!xD
\m/(^~^)\m/ && the concert..
3/4 of it was friggin' boring cann!!my gawdd...
boredom kills me!T.T except for some classes like 4e2,5a1 n 5a2..
awesome job guyyss!!;DD

kk dats all!
azura out!!^^

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8:37 AM

Thursday, August 27, 2009

-------> lefttool feat Alyph SleeQ - Just the two of us
goshhh!!!the moment i heard the song i was like
"eeeepp!!so nicee!!" x3 tk leh angsxsxs!!AHHHHHHHHH..
SOOO NICEEEEE....... not forgetting alyph's voice too!!woohoo~
applause please applause! *clapps!* hahah syiok sendiri sioo... =P

There's always distance..
you're always in your distance..
there must be something missing..
oh, but there's something bout tonight alright..
just the two of us girlll..
just the two of us girlll..
just the two of us..the two of us..
the two of us GIRRLLLL... ;DD

i can just melt listening to alyph's voice!!it's so cute..
n its as nice as syarif's..in his own cute wayy..lols! x3
in love with this song!!<33
how many times shall i repeat?? hahah
T.T (tears of joyyy ) (x

k i shall stop here noww..toodles!!^-^V

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2:55 AM

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i personally like this picture!;DD
hahhahah x3
so random sorry about that.. ^^"
tk leh angsxsxs.. <3

soo!hmmm..what shall i talk about todayy??
ohh yahhh prelims sci practical..haishh
my physics was a disaster!goshhh it's supposed to be chem here!hello??
ahhhhhh...geez..sorry to disappoint u mr sng T.T
nooooo!!i wan do better at my physics..but nooo...
it was chem instead..TSK
hahah k lahh2 should be happy instead always remember to be
positive!syukur alhamdullilahhh.. ;D
especially..when its the fasting month..
hahah!stop it seyy..people always use fasting as a reason to be nicer..
n everything else.. why uhh?? LOLS!=P
school..nothing much..should seriously start my revision!
actually i already started but i need to quicken up my paste
mannnn! ;DD
woots!urrrgghhh..i miss themm.. haishh..tk per..
after o lvls ehh??more free time yawww! :3
WHEEEE~ k dats all for now!


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1:42 AM

Monday, August 24, 2009

hahah i feel as if a load has gone off my shoulder..pheww..
now i can start doing my real revision!
oh yeahhh!!BYEBYE F&N!!SO LONGGG......
hahah okayy im so hyped right now..xD

had tons of laughs with nurul bestie in class..
seriously we were laughing like nobody's business!xD
we somehow managed to talk about the funniest things todayy!lols!
gahhhh i can go crazy when im with nurull!x3
n yeahhh uhh dunno wad to say anymore..lols!
oh yahh!science practical prelims tomorrow!
GASPP..suddenly i have buttterflies in my stomach xP
hope all goes well and i dun explode the sci lab!xD
k its like 12 midnite now n i gotta have my beauty sleep so toodles!;DD

the person with the best smile!hahah
u promised me to always smile moree..

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9:04 AM

Saturday, August 22, 2009

o lvls english oral..lmao!
awesome i think i did okay..lols
for the FIRST time in my oral examination history..
i actually enjoyed myself and didn't stutter hahah!
WOOHOOOO~~ not to mention its o lvls.. xD
the examiners are friendly oh yeahhh..
better than the yahhh ... ;D

btw heard the news..READ it..
sighh..you know..some people just need to move on..
i think we already stopped thinking and saying about
it until you brought it up AGAIN..
haishhh..i know that it will change
we will still support them no matter what!
cause they're awesomely freakingly TALENTED and you know it!

a month of pureness and innocence..
hahah!does dat make sense?? lmao!

senior since primary school!;D
i miss euu so much!hahah..

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7:51 PM

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i got a B3!eeeep!so happy!
i know its not a distinction but!the good news is i have NEVER...
yeshh NEVER..gotten a B3 in malay before..like omg right?!
suddenly baaammm!i gt a B3 like woahhh...
i guess anything's possible..now im motivated to do better in my other subs!
if i cn do it in malay then ntn's impossible..lols!

BTW..for those of you who r disappointed with ur result..
no worries!like mr toh said, there's always a second chance..
so yeahh!make full use of it!im gonnah too..
not gonna stop here n just give it my best for the retake..
no matter if it's better or worse..i will still be content with B3..
need to work on my other subs!
n also congrats to those who got A1!;D

PICTURES UP!finallyyyy.. urghhh.. :P
pictures from national day still not up yet..
next time lahh..so manyy..need to go studyy now! :P

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4:27 AM

Sunday, August 16, 2009

hahah nahh..enjoyed myself @ EXPO & ESPLANADE..
geylang??not so muchh..lol
on thurs went to expo to see the power duo!;D
awesome !nyehehex..had some sweet moments..
which i shall not explain heree..better to be kept private
aye nurul??! hahah our decision we made..^^
btw finally get to talk to them..heheh wooh~

@ esplanade..COOLIO!
the acoustic was woww..everything was THE BOMB!;D
as awesome as usual..them being their hilarious self..LOL
made some new frens!great to meet you guys!(;
hope we get to hang out soon again alrights!

Me & Alyph ;D Me & Riffy ^^
so sweet of him to offer to take the pic.. :3
such a sweet guyy..
Rif being cheeky again..lols!

Aliff muke tk perlu ehkk.. =P

URGHHH~ my face is lyk toooooooooooot (censored) ;D

Me & WAWA !<3
one awesome person (;

RANDOM?? hahah


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9:15 AM

Saturday, August 15, 2009

went to sleeQ events recently..
will post about it laterr..
NOW? too lazyy uhhh..
lmao!pictures up soon!;D

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7:12 PM

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

hahah!the name of sleeQ's album..
cool right?!that's what you call short & sweet..^^
RANDOM . . . . .
dats was so random n so azura..hahah!chey!:P

hmmmm...u know the situation whereby you
totally forgot who was the one who helped
two people ending up together??
do you??it's frustrating!lyk after all you've donee..
you're suddenly..FORGOTTEN
like wth?have any idea why i don't wanna get involve anymore?
ohh puh-leasee..
get a move on..sighhhhh
and you seem so different..that was what i was afraid of
but there's nothing i can do n there's nothing im gonnah do..
PEACE!^^V [sooo.. not the type of emotion u should be gettin]

now back to earth!:P
school..sucks!have no idea whyy..it just is..you know..
n after dat went to eat chesse fries n bbt
with nurul bestie!!lol!fun lahh ehh..
talk about stuffzzz..... ;D
n alyph's so cute!huaks huaks huaks.. ^o^
ehh nurul ehh??xD
k lahh hmm should i go to tmr's sleeq event??
it's on a school night!!hahah
we'll see....... k tata!

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2:51 AM

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


wanting to go to school..but had a bad cough
until i vomitted.. -.-
so yep stayed at home..
heard mr raj say all those crappy shit..hahahah!
n when i go on9..ok i know this is inconvenient
when ur absent from school!xD
hahah my facebook got deleted!!
don't ask me why coz i myself have NO idea!
n dats the reason why i made a new acc..
on the day itself!n i alrdy got 100 frens..lol!
wow..fast huh?xD
urghhhhhh!!and then fb doesn't let me comment!-.-
bad day bad day bad day!
n nurul bestie said dat school was fun..
[this font colour is alyph's fave..purple..lols! x3]

i shall end heree

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

for some reason..i just realised dat i
love living heree..I L O V E I T!!<3
it's so clean n green,multi-racial,great food!
what more can u ask for?? [psst..except snow (x]
HAHAH!not gonnah happen! -.-
aniwaes..watched the NDP on tv..lols!ok larhh..
gt one bb boy from our sch appeared on the screen??O.O
woww...applause please applause.. *clapps!*

btw i missed RENTAK!T.T
want to go want to go want to go! );
sighhhhh......many ppl said it was awesome!sob..sob..
wanna goo!!(x
ok shaddup..hahah..wads over is over cant wait to go to
SleeQ's next event luhh!miss seeing them u know!:P
hmm kk shall stop here..tata!;D

woot woot!gd luck for ur O's!
know u will do well considering the hardworking person u r!
CHEYY!im so nice..^^
hope u enjoyed ur day !the whole s'pore is celebrating with u..(;

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10:49 PM

Friday, August 07, 2009


heyheyy peeps!;D
been busy studying this whole week..CHEYY!
lyk reall.. pfft! hmm aniwaes!
had f&n,geog n surprise poa test all in one day..thursday.
wow!isnt dat just awesome?! :P
but ok larh all the test quite easy to meh..cn lah2!
hahah n yeah went to bestie's house on wednesday ..
we walked to her house..hahah!bought nurul HELLO PANDA
in exchange for sumthin..hehehehe..
U BETTER DO IT NURUL! *glares* O.O n we watched SleeQ videos!
laughed until cnnt tahan alrdy..LOLS!
&&& we went to this blogger n she gt the same recording song as meh!lols
if u gt the song while u go to my blog here u will know what i mean..
n then right.. after dat we went to this another blog n she gt
the same bg as nurul bestie's blog!lmao!!FUNNYY..xD
actually there's more to it than dat..bt shall not explain here..LOLS!=P
hmmmm...cant wait lahh nurul!!when is he gonnah urghh!xD
ok btw yeahh..chatted with our ex-classmate way
bck in pri sch..wahhh funny lyk shit!
we...hahahahh!playing around with ppl is so fun.. (x
after dat, home-ed!

THURSDAY!(again ._.)
goshh.. coz john asked us..me,nurul,naqi n arina
to join them to play this new game which we hav to invent ourselves..
its lyk captain's ball except we use frisbee..
rules!once the frisbee touched the floor,next team gets it!
n there's 2 hoola-hoops at the 2 each ends n anyone cn go inside
n catch the frisbee once it gets there..bt must be inside the hoola-hoop!:P
must score at least 3 metres away from the keeper..xD
ok dats it!hahahh so fun lahh..coz the frisbee very hard to catch..
then most of the time the frisbee drops to the floor n
then we will lyk "urghh!!" n then the next min we will "urgh!!" again..xD
so funny..my teammates were bestie,john,mak yong,junjie n robin..
going against chia chern,shawn woo,jeff,arina n naqi..
strong team mann!LOL we lost to 2-5
but who cares??? we had fun n dats wad counts..lol
then gt one time chia chern was otw to catch the frisbee..it was alrdy
few cm from his hand n then suddenly the wind blew it away
at the last min!xD hahahahahah!
dat was totally priceless.. hohohohoho!

"national day celebration"
ever wonder why i put inverted commas?? x3
hmmm..ok larh todayy..during phy gt bck poa test! 8.5/10
not bad arh!then u know wad?i lost idk half or one mark..
u wanna know why??coz i nvr say, "therefore(the three dots) the purchases
for this year is....." -_____________________________-
totally uhh!n i gt the ans u knw!sighhh n john gt 10/10 -.- i was sittin beside him
n i gave him the wahhhhhhhhhh...... hahah i myself hav
no idea if dat was sarcastic anot..lol not surprising.. ^^
then gt "syf celebration" ever wonder why i put the inverted commas again??
ohh btw the food is nice..nyehehehx..first tym i tasted something
so nice given by the school n the ice cream was nice too..

so aft dat me,bestie,naqi,arina,hafsah,amirah,nana n raikha
hanged out!ate somewhere..me n bestie bought cheese fries n bbt
lyk a few blocks away..had fun talking while walking!hahahah
abt u know what.. :P
sang n sang..random words..gestures..nyehehehx.. ^^V
after eating went somewhere..camwhore-ed..talked..laughed..
listened to music..blahblablah..
home-ed with bestie! muacks!<3

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Monday, August 03, 2009

SleeQ ClassiQ's album launch!it was awesome!
fantastic!fantabulous!fun!ahhhh-mazinnggg!n upmost hilarious!heheh..
bestie's bro went to pick me up with her tgether oso
n guess what??we arrived there too early!
it's at taman warisan(malay heritage centre) there..
it starts at 3pm n we arrived there at 1 plus..LOL
first to arrive!-.- GREATTT...
bt!!it was worth it cause right...
when we reached there..nurul's bro was lyk..
NB, "Ehh!Syarif uh!"
Nurul, "huh?serious?"
Nurul, "ehh syiok uh!azura syarif!"

LOL then i saw him lyk giving nurul the "ehh do i know you?" LOOK
O.O hahah!n he bent down n smiled at her..
chey luhhh!!melts larhh!!:PP
n on my side..i was getting out of the car n the wind was so friggin strong!-.-
it blew my hair until lyk wad n i saw syarif smiling at meh so i just
smiled bckk..the wind not helping. -.-
hahhh..ok larh..he looks hot.. :P nurul will be pleased to read this!x3
when we walked inside....missed alyph by THAT MUCH!seriously..haishhh
HMMM..blahblahblah.. the launch was awesome
so much to say hahh!n gt one time alyph asked
wads 'cake' IN MALAY which is 'kek' n its pronounced the
same as 'cake' GET IT??? lyk he's asking wads it in malay n it sounds the same!
LMAO..hahhh..alyph n his sense of humour..xD
love it <3
hmm maybe i'll post some of the videos uploaded by nurul..if i have the mood..^o^
every song they do was hilarious!cant take it they just "click" together
it's awestrucking.. :P the food there was NICEE...mmmm..
heheh n i gt my album signed!!n yeahhh hahhah!
thanks nurul for the album!woot woot!;D
okay now for the pictures!no time to edit..too much..LOL


Alyph's lauging at syarif..LOL!cause yeahh..rif doesnt look too happy..xD
too complicated to explain.. ^^

there goes the cake!;DCute stuffz!Hot stuffz!

Me & Alyph !
Me & Syarif !

credit goes to nurul's camera n some other ppl!(;

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

havent been updating for..a week??
ok sooo...

nyehehehx.. ^^
miss u n ur craziness sfm!!:PP

rafidahh!!sweet 16 larh seyy!
hope u had fun on ur special dayy.. ;D

hmm..dang it!im so addicted to sleeQ now!!hahahhhh..
they're so cool n funny larhh..
cnt stand their cuteness.. x3
especially alyph!xD
friday was..hahahahhh!!
cool!i touched .........
total awesomeness luhh..dunno if wad u think
is wad i meant..LOL!:P
n nurul bestie is scandalling with my "boyfren"!!
:PP tk per nurul..jage kau!
bak kata syarif.."kalau ade tempat jalan..kite mesti jalan.."
lol!kk stop it seyy..heheh..sry for those who
cant understand dat..it's better if u dont..^^
eeeepp!cant wait for tmr!!sleeQ's album launch!!;D

k larhh dats it for now!!tata-titi-tutu!x3

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