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Friday, May 30, 2008

todae gt band prac..as usual i went to sch
with nad n riqa..after diaphragm training
gt rhythm studies..sum of the kent ride band
members visited us..then mr wong asked
one sec 1 frm each section to say wads
the rule of sumthin..lolx..he say seniors
dun tell them bt i doubt anyone of us noes
the ans..lolx!then we gt sectionals until lunch
brenda the kent ridge trumpetor joined us..
she's the cm..tat's so cool!!
at luch the sec ones wanted to go to 7-11
so we let them be lor..the rest of us ate at mama shop..
we talked abt our results..goin to poly or jc etc.
terence n val gt the same l1r4 n l1r5 as me..
lolx..cool or wad.we hi-5 to each other..
hahax..after lunch gt sectionals again then
combine..after band gt heads n leaders meetin
we asked terence to cum over coz we wanted
to ask him abt the cm thing lah..
then after a while nigel came n sat beside me
they were waitin for desmond while me,nad n riqa
were waitin 4 dee..so we talked for a while
until lyk abt 7 plus lyk tat..very long sia the meetin..
all her fault lar..=p
then we cannot w8 4 dee anymore so we went off
first to the bubble tea shop..
went home late at nite as usual..hahx..

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12:57 AM

Saturday, May 24, 2008

sian....todae gt meet-the-parents!!=p
for the principal talk i didn't bring
along my mother coz very leceh..hahax..
so i went with riqa n nad..then after tat we
went outside sch n eat..at 10 plus i went
home for a while to rest then went back
to sch at 11..we gt two teachers our form
teacher mdm dini n tat miss sharifah..=p
i dun lyk her sia n yet i still gt her..haiz..
y me???????she talk to mie mother so long
sia..gt so much to talk meh??=p
i juz sit there n smile n nod..it's the least i cn do..

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9:09 PM

Friday, May 23, 2008

todae is the last day of sch!!woohoo!!
well actually nt exactly coz tmr still gt
the upper sec nid to go to the hall for
assembly..nurul n naqi sat in the hall first
coz i went to the toilet with dee n hidayah..
so i ended up sitting behind kat n in frnt
of shawn woo..lolx..then keith was beside me..
lolx..after assembly the lower sec went to
the gallery n we stood up n sang the sch song..
by then..amirah went in frnt n sat behind
me..after tat it's time to give prizes
for some of the activities we did this wk..
then our class gt receive a lot of prizes sia..
awesome!!!first grp 4 of kim..peiyan..nick
n sean lim won the science challenge thingy
frm 3e4..then after tat for the sudoku challenge
my grp won second then the boys grp won first..
obviously!!coz they managed to complete the
puzzle mah..lolx..it was so nerve wrecking to
go up on stage sia..luckily i wasn't alone..
hehehehe..hui yim's grp n rafidah's grp oso gt
receive prize for the amazing race..hahax..
this is so cool!!i'm so proud of mie class..3E4 ROX!!
yeah!!the prize we gt was notebks..kinda nice
actually..nt those cheapskate ones..lolx...
then after tat gt the sudoku challenge hosted
by the djs..boring!!!!!!!!!i sat beside riqa n
after trying to attempt it for a few mins
then we give up oredi lor..=p
pointless to try it one..hahax..
then when we returned to class we checked our
results..failed two subjects..maths n sci..=p

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11:33 PM

Thursday, May 22, 2008

post-exam activities was kinda fun..
lolx..lazy to pst abt each day..hehe
tuesday we had inter-class games bt kinda
boring..coz we only had until 9.10 to play
then we oni had one match..=p bt the next
day was more fun coz all the sec 3 classes
were playing..hahax..we had a match against
3e1 galz for captains ball..at first..we didn't
play quite well bt we sumhw managed to catch up
and won the game!!forgot the score though..^-^"
this whole wk we gt a lot of talks..abt hw to take
care of our skins..blogging..n even abt STIs..
sexually transmitted infection..lolx..

then on thurs we gt this ss thingy
and our class was separated into 3..me n nurul
had to go to class..together with sum of
the 3e3..keith was sitting behind me..lolx
after tat we got the sudoku challenge..my grp
gt nurul..amirah..irda..xun jia..yeh gee n yuyu
sum of us did the sudoku while the others
tried to complete the puzzle..gt 500 pieces sia..
we chose winnie the pooh..hehe
the boys grp in our class managed to complete
the puzzle bt the looked at the numbers
well they still gt 50 points fot it anw..hahax..
after tat we gt a performance by two bands
whose names escapes me..hahax..they were ok..
bt the second band was beta in a lot of ways..
they were very loud n i happen to sit in front..
lucky me!!lolx..well the post-exams activities have
been great..gt a lot of memories frm it..hehe

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1:16 AM

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

wooh!!todae's the last day of exams!!
finally can slack oredi..hehe..
cant w8 to check results on thursday..
lolx..sure fail maths one..
guarantee plus chop..hahax..

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10:01 PM

Friday, May 02, 2008

after we went out of sch..we had an
'adventure' hehe
especially for amirah tat is...it's
soo fated sia!!!!!!cant believe it myself man..
at first amirah suggested tat i take
bus 228 with them n go one round
from the damai bus stop..
then the back door of the bus
cannot close!!lyk wad seh!!very sian...
so unlucky sia.....out of all bus stops
the door have to jam at the damai bus stop..
we w8 n w8 until lyk wad..then finally
the bus driver gave us free tickets
for the next bus rides..haiz..
when we go dwn the bus i tot of going
to the ntuc bus stop bt amirah suggested
tat we juz take the bus frm here
coz we scared suddenly the bus cum or
sumthin..then soon after 228 came..lolx!!
then on the way..nurul suddenly wan to go
mac..at first amirah dun wan..coz
she gt no money..THEN SUDDENLY I SAW
AMIRAH'S CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it was lyk so fated!!we didn't expect tat he
would be there sia..i shouted his name
then amirah was lyk damn shocked!!
so me n nurul quickly went dwn
the bus forcing amirah to follow us..
lolx!!when we go down the bus amirah
was damn nervous..hahax..
everything tat happen was so fated!!
im so happy for amirah!!!!!
she's so lucky..hahax..then when we
go to mac..we bought ice cream..then we
walked to nurul's bus stop..at outside
the kfc we saw
sum1 which we seriously dun wan
to mit..lolx!name not to be mentioned!!
then inside the kfc we saw nurul's bro..
lolx..then after tat we at nurul's bus stop
we saw mr shah!!lolx!!!the situation is
kinda funny..saw many ppl today after

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11:48 PM

todae after sch we went to the com
lab to do our f&n coursework..
must pass up by monday..
actually everybody else go for a
while oni..then all of them including
miss suraya went home by 2 o'clock..
then oni me,amirah,naqi n nurul
were left alone at the com lab..lolx..
so fun sia..freedom!!!hahax..
then at abt 3 plus we went home..hehe

n everybody gd luck for ur

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11:44 PM