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Thursday, February 25, 2010

SLEEQERS! hollaaaa~ lol
guess what?? this is our time yo! The boys have been nominated FOUR
categories on AnugerahHitz![or mayb 6 fr alyph.lol!;P] HOW DO U FEEL?
well for me, i feel proud to be supporting 'em boys.
seeing them make it this far. the boys have been working hard
to make us sleeqers proud. & so now, it's our turn to repay them
by voting hard too! now what r u waiting for??
we have about one month to seal the deal! so lets get our fingers rolling
& VOTEVOTEVOTEVOTE! check it out below please & thankyou!
-They're uber talented!
-Writes their own songs,which are ahhhhhh-mazingg btw! hee
-One sings melodiously,while the other raps awesomely
-Possesses a lovable personality
....hmm need i say more? ;P

as you have maybe seen or heard, here are the voting numbers for SleeQ !

To vote for Sleeq,
SMS "HITZ 8" to 73388 OR call 1900 112 7708 nownownow!
[pssst,8 is a lucky number yo!so make full use of it.hahah]
&& even if you dont know Sleeq,for once in your life, take up 10 seconds of your time for something worthy & do it!xD even ONE vote matters so please.. hehe you'll be doing a good deed. (; Don't come & regret later for something you didn't do dat you wish u would hav done.there's no time to waste. gogogo! ;D
& ofcourse,you can vote for ur other favourite local artists too.

http://izk-ed.tumblr.com/ for more info aites! let's go!hee

azura xx


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4:17 PM

hahahahah!nk step japanese mane ntah.
first things first,im hyperventilated!gonn get a new lappy soon.like finally hee
well at least dats wad mom promised me. hoping she will stick to her words aye :P
&& THE PICTURE BELOW.. these are the amazing girls i met during the shooting of testimoni EPI3.
heheee they're uber friendly. & obviously i was the most shy coz it was my 1st tym
& apparently not for them. LOL howells, ill nvr forget the experience (;

okayy moving on..
went gym-ing with mimi today. in the early mawnin ! fuhhhhh~
i woke up at 8 yknw xD wow can u imagine how panicked i was?? hahahahah
texted mimi at 8:30AM & thank god she was still in the bus.
thanks fr the lil' treat mimi! really appreciate it babe ;P
wanna visit dearest aryna at her workplace soonest!miss her so much!
nyehehehx. && i need to go back to band to help out my juniors.
i've been having too much free time now & it doesnt hurt to help them
for their upcoming competition cmin up!jyeahhh..
IT'S A GAME PLAN! hahahah here comes my crappiness -_-"
alright this is just a short update. btw missing nurul & amirah D';
& ALOT of other people too! youknowwhoyouare (;

TAG REPLIES YO! hehe ♥♥♥
Wawa: Heheheh, thankyouverymuchy, I'll post a pic soon!
yesyes i saw it! woww love the colour of ur hair mannn..natural seyy ;D

★Nurul: HAHAHAHA. ohh nta. aku ckp je. psl tu mcm muke steam. LOL. and wateva eh bout TP.
HAHAHAH kau mmg -_-" ehh tapi cute kan?? heeeee~ ishhh!okok wateva eh abt tp..

Rushiqah: erm,nvm la.& i saw u @ Testimoni.It was lyk GREAT ? Hell yeah Huahua, GdJob.dpt jgk eh msk tv. (;
ohh you did??! hahah *covers face* LOL hahah thankyouuu!really appreciate it (;

Aryna: Blog updated dearie
Aryna: Babe, thank you thank you. Lol, gambar kat handphone I hot xD I miss you so bloody much !!
yesyes i sawww! HEEE && omg!u havta show me when i visit youu alrights!
& ill show u mine. uber cuteness x3


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3:56 PM

Monday, February 22, 2010

how's ur monday goin readers? ;D
nothin much for me.i just received a package from TP.
i have no idea what to do with it. xD howells,ill ask ard lata.
but for now,im gonna update about the Class BBQ! heheh
like finally ryte? sorry for the lack of updates.im not in favour
of updating without a purpose. :/ kekeke
so it was on a friday night! well we went there at late evening
but oh you know what i mean.we took alot of pictures.like tons! & the ones
below dat chuu gonna see are just a nibble of the loads! hehe
the rest are in fb. okay? (;
so,i went with nurul,ami,naqi n hafs. & the mmt. we arrived
it was like hugging session i tell you!x3 n we automatically asked each
other the path of our future n catch up on things. nice to see
those familiar faces again.ohh how i miss our mmts in class (';
& the food. GAWDDD!! it was fxcking delicious! im not kiddin.
the chicken is so yummy n juicy inside out,the otah-otah was mmhmm..
thanks to john & irda for their wonderful skills in gourmet. ahahah!WTH
but seriously. lol we keep "losing" our cups.hahah!what i mean is dat
whenever we take a new cup n refill,we hav no idea which one is ours coz we
will just clamp it together with the rest. -_-"
so in the end we ended up sharing our cups. it was no biggy really. hee ;D

some time in the night,me & some of the other girls walked thru the dark & long
path of the long grass just to see a live acoustic band playing at this club
named timbre? if im not wrong. hehe well our other purpose is to go to the toilet
hahahahah!the band was DOPE btw.& we also set up a campfire. beautifull.. :3
played this silly game by the sea.& nurul's bro came along at abt midnight
to pick us up. before dat,we hanged ard for awhile & talked about TP.
"business school is the best!"
"ehh nono..engineering is the best!" -_-"
i have no comments.im content with design.. nyehhhh! ;P
alright2.i should stop blabbering now & let u in on the pictures aites!

me & nurul look like twins much! ohmygahhh ahahah ♥
how cool dat me & nurul made the same silly face!bestie telepathy hehehe

gotta love the background ;D
what an awesomeee bunch of people! love them so much ♥

TAGGYMAJIGGY!! lolol love you guyz thanks fr always dropping by! ;P ♥
Rushiqah: Hello! i luv the new vid u made.GREAT jobb. ;D
awwwhh u checked it out? why thankyouuu so much! hehe ;D
WAWA: Hahahah, you ahhhhhhhh.. ;D
hellooooo!cant wait to see ur new rebonded hairrrrr! ;P
★Nurul: dadaadadidadadada.
★Nurul: and i know y u like e innocent face at ur pic.
rahrahrah ah-ah rama ramama gaga ohh lala.hahahah ahh kann amek kau.
n ye ke? asl kau slalu tau niii? -.- hahah natural lahhh ^^
Farhana: Nice blog ! I like it Btw . Helllo !!
awwhh thankyouu! heyy youuuuu! ;D
cotton on: check us out!:)
soonest (:
PAN: hizxzxzxzx
helloooszsszs miss chuu soo muchhhh! ;P
wowww what a long post!well dats to make up for the lack of updates teehee
toodles! hah there goes my blonde mmt. i loikeeee ;P
azura xx


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12:05 AM

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I made a new video!♥
cmon check it out. u knw u want toooo..hahahh ;D
i uploaded it at my other yt acc.
its a fandom video & the song was recommended by isk.
dope i tell youuuu!& so i just had to make a video with it.hehehe
well since i hav all the free time in the world ryte nw!;D
okayy it's currently 3:45AM ryte nw. chatting with isk. lol
its like our standard routine every nite alrdy
well at least i have someone to accompany me heee :D
wow this is the first time im updating something with no purpose. xD
well mayyyb it's not the first tym.
but it IS the first tym since i last rmb ;P ahh crapp moving on!
& yesss!class BBQ/chalet inn.. hmm wait lemme check....
2 daysss!! *screaammmms* dearest clasmates ohh i miss u guys soo much!
much missessss! ♥♥
oh yahh my new blogskin only allows pink font -_-" WTF!hahahah howells

&& if ur wondering how cme my tag replies below can be in a different colour,
well its bcoz i changed to my old blogskin in order to get dat colour updated into the
post n then changing it bck to the new skin.get it2?? lol
kesanggopan ryte?? I KNOWWW! hahah call me crazyy! :S
but it only works if its NOT in bold. lol blearghhhh xP
okayokay i guess im done here. is this a boring post or what? HAHAH
so sorry about dat ehh ;P well thankyouu for reading!

TAGGG!UR ITTTT! nyehehehx ♥
Nurul: yoyoz! what can i say? i love ur latest post. HAHA. jimmy!!! xD k tk perluu. and once again, thx fr the surprise!! love u n "hayley" !! ;)
heyooooo!hahah i knew itttttt!! confirm 100% plus chop guarantee kau akan sukerrr xD
awwhh ur always welcomeee!anything fr u loveee :3 ♥

fareh: tetek! nice skin. eh anyw, are you still using the same number?
tekkk!HIHI ;D awwhh thanks! n yesyes ofcourse!anything text me yaw (;

Aaai: Heerrlooo!
harlowww youuu! ;D

Wawa: HAHAHA, wah, bnyk mengucap? ;P
LOL ishh mestiii..harusssss!untuk mendapatkan apa yang kita inginkan.
hahah omgomg melayu alert!!xD

Aziee: Hello! I just happen to drop by ur blog today & i saw my name. Haha. Thnks for the bday dedication babe. Apreciated lotszx! ;)
eh hellooo!didnt expect u to b here.LOL!well thanks fr dropping by! hehs :DDD
n no problemmmm! glad u like it. ^^

ctshahira: abg tsk-ing when he watch testimoni becus he's somehow guilty? HAHAHAHAHAHA. & pics all lawa lahhh! first time ni compliment all pics. positive today!
HAHAHAAH!OMGOMG! u read my tweet?? xD ishh tk perlu kann? lyk WTF!hahahah
n jyeahhh 1st time much! n ehh ur nt haley anymore nmpk xD HAHAHAH woah ohh! ;P

im gonna be a blonde fr a moment. eh-hem2
TODDLES! *waves* hahahah ;P

azura outtt xx


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3:34 AM

Monday, February 15, 2010

u may have seen these on fb or when i twitpic-ed them
but still,it doesnt hurt ryte? teeheee~ imitating ________. PEACE yo !

speak no evil,hear no evil,see no evil (:

the effect is just plain awhhhsomeee! ;D

omgomg!look at my innocent face! i loikeee~ :3

forever cuzzinnsss ! heee
PEEPZ OUT THEREEEE ! ♥♥ did u guys hav fun ?? ;D
i did! i got to spend it with my family & cousins.
which was very meaningful & just awesomeee! spent the whole day at changi beach.
windy windy windy... my uncle created a few games for us to play.
LOL!i've nvr seen them so kecohhhh!seriously. funny like helll!
hahahah bt i went to catch up on my sleep in d tent. cnnt take it.
& there was lotsaaa fooood!dammit! HAHAHA
but i managed to resist abit. lol. then me & my uncle guessed the brand
of every aeroplane dat flew by. LOL & i did mention dat
it was my bro's bday ytd! yes we celebrated dat basically.
& the chocolate cake..mmmhmmmm.. nuff said. (;
bt NOTHING cn beat oreo cheesecake!!now who's wimme??anyone?yes?no? LOL
watched TESTIMONI at 9PM to watch alyph. hahah! my sister said,
"sloww uhh deni ckp." hahahah! ribooootzzz! but wateva alyph said was true.
&&& when he mentioned stuffs abt the fans my sis.......... -_-"
yeahhh awkwarddd... ahahah! but it's all goooood. im innocent ^^
well dats alll folks ! cant wait fr class BBQ/CHALET !!
wanna see my classmates again & catch up on things ! cam-whore too !!
this smartypantzzz.. hahahah miss his crazy yet lame jokes in class
& how he always puts the class together as the pillar of strength. ;D
loveee you dudeee ! as a friend of course. did i clear dat up? lol ;P

thankyou fr tagginggg!! i cn never get tired of saying this. coz i really mean it!
<(^~^<) mmm..can u feel the virtual hug? hahahh ♥♥
Aaai: wow! Banyk nyer bday!?! 0.0
banyak ehk? hahah!dats just half of them lahh.LOL! ;P
FANNA!(:: when i twit tht time we have chat for days now then we chat everyday. LOL!
ohhh ehh? LOL! okayy then. chat with u again soon?! ahahah ;D
Aaai: kau buat klakar pe 1st time?! yg tat time aku post pasal sleeq tu lagi...nver ending hahaha
AHHH YESSS!! btol3.. tu detailed perr kauuuuu~! hahahah bagussssss
★Nurul: ape siot bumbum, aku tau mbk jek. HAAHAHAHAHA, diam uh da blakon sume. wateva. hmmph,
ehh cute siol namer tuuuu!! wthh hahahah. MBK??! ishhhh dat doesnt sound familiar xD ehhh mekk tk lahhh.tk de paper sgt. lol ;P
Wawa: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! ;)
Wawa: Yes, that will help me so much more with my hair.. Haha, dye ur hair? Want to see hw it'll turn out!
hello youuuuu! & true cant wait to see hw urs will turn out too! but wait,provided my mom allow lahh..*prays hard* hahahah ;D
Omairah!: Relink! First time I changed my link, so dont get angry! ;D
omiiiii!!HIHI. ;D hahah ofcourseeee!no problemm..will link u soonest (; ♥

azura outttt yawww ! xx


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7:50 PM

Friday, February 12, 2010

*coughs coughs*
wowww it's getting dusty hereeeee! HAHAHAH
hellohello! my amazing wonderful fantabulous readersss!♥
sorry fr the lack of updates peepozzz.. didnt hav the motivation
to blog. LOL? hehs!hmm okok where shall i start....

it 90210 babeyyyyy!!! woopwoopp ahah random okayy moving onnn~
went gym-ing with mimi at tamp. veryy late at abt 6 plus. hehe
tried the stations dat i've nvr tried before thanks to mimi!
& did i mention how strong she is.. ohmygahhhhh!! xD
aft gym,we met up with mimi's friend. frgt his name. HAHAH oops!
we went to pasar malam & bought burgers. yess aft gym -_-"
i knw ryte? xD ahahah no comments ;P had funnn yo!
shud gym again soon aye?

WEDNESDAY [10/02/10]
had shooting at ITE simei! exhaustinggg i tell youu!
& we did lyk wad? a few scenes?? & it alrdy took all day.

&& just so you knw. i didnt even utter a word. LOL!
sorry uhh. first time okayy u cnt blame mehhh ;P
but nurul got! ahahah howells u shud just watch & find out fr urself.
our eppy is next SUNDAY. aft alyph's eppy. (;
& i had to leave the set early due to sme reasons,so u wont see me
at d 2nd part of d act. oh u'll understand soon enough. & i made friends
with the cast. had so much fun & laughters. now i knw hw it works xD
called nurul & found my way hme. HAHAHAH! dont.say.a.word. :P!!
HAPPY HAPPY 19TH! ur last teenage yearrr!make the BEST of it. ;D

alamakkkkkk one yr older adyy seyyy.. am i supposed to call u kakak?
HAHAHAH!joke of the yearr mannn! DREAM ON BEB ;P
u'll still be a child to me x3 pssst present belated ayeee? better late than nvr ryte? hehs!

FRIDAY [12/02/10]
went out with 'hayley!' impromptu meet up once again!
hohoho! wad can i say? we're go-getters. hehs. went to tamp & bought sme food
& we surprised nurul by gg to her hse with a cake! omgoshh u shud
have seen & heard her reaction..totally priceless! I LOVE IT!
hope u love the surprise beb. we sure had fun as the ushhh! HAAHHA
but these two nvr fail to gang up on me. am i THAT teasable?? SERIOUSLY! -_-"
& standard, we cam-whored. alotttttt! nurul's hair rockstarrr ehk?
woopwooppp! gangsterr uhhh! bbrrrr.. aahahah ;P
she made me wanna dye my hair too -_-" ohh! & nurul showed me jimmy.
the guy who dyed her hair.. hmmm not bad ehhh! hahah youknowiknow lahh (;
aft dat,bought bubble tea, $1 much! bubblegum ice blend is dope!kekeke
separated with nurul n me & hayley went to floating platform.
our usual hang out lahh..dat place is just plain AWEZZUMMM!
it's windy & the scenery is just woww.. took lotsssaaaa pics! total 300 PLUS O.O
& pssst we even took a video of sme covers. shall nt elaborate. xD
it was out of pureee fun. (;
hope the bugger known as hayley will upload the pics soon! -_-"
she'll take agesss...like centuriessss! tskkk
HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY NANAA!! ♥ wahhh 17 sioooo!
see youu soonest at the class bbq/chalet beb! cant wait to catch up on things :DD
i loveeee her voiceeee! reallyreally. wish her all the best in her future endeavours!
&& not forgetting A HAPPY 17TH BDAYYY TO AMIRRRR!!♥
wahhh i miss this dudeeeee! hope everything's fine with him.
i miss our primary sch times. wahhhhhhh~ ;D

TAGG REPLIESSS!! seriously thankyouuuu soo much fr tagginggg!
bcoz of u ppl i want to blog as often as i can.promise more updates kaykay? mwahh~
rushiqah: No prob..i hv nuthin to do So i hop to ppl's blog..& ♥ u too & u TakeCare too!
awwhh hahaha!well then thanku fr always choosing my blog!appreciate loads!
yesyes thanks & you too aites ;D ♥

Sherrynaah: We didn't take a pichaaa! But it's aiiight next time babe!
awwwhhh yesyesss i realised dat too beb! D; uhhuhhhh nxt time its a MUST kaykay? hehs ♥

mirah: teeheheheheh ^^ boicomel is comel hor?
HAHAHA of courseeee!! wimme in it too!x3

Nurul: eh aku suke gambar individual kau dgn lyph n rif! so the lawa... azura nk step cute!
ohmygaaddddd! *hi fiveeee* ahahah me tooooo bbygurl! loveit3!! ♥♥♥
& mane ade step cuteeee!its PURE natural okayy missss! sheeesh :P

★Nurul: heh heh heh! k fine, jgn ckp lagi. bye.
hahahah!apa apa sahajaa lahh kau nurulll ;P!

potentialhayleywilliams: OMGAHD! Can i envy you at the same time kill you?! HAHAHAHA. ****sticks sia!
potentialhayleywilliams: the **** is S H I T. I can still write it like this, nevertheless, i still love you SISTER. ♥ (don't whack me k)
HAHAHAHAH!! jeleezz perr bebb!! :PPPPPP diam uhh hayley wannabe -.-
ahahahah!i can irritate u nw with dat pictureeee nw uh huhhh oh yeahhhhh! ;p awwhh love youu tooooo! had fun todayyy yaww :3 ♥

Aryna: Hey darling, nah it's okay We always have twitter and fb. hehe. I Wanna hear all about the acting soon xoxo
heyy youuuu! hehs. im so glad u understand! yepyep we do :P of courseeee!
omggg meet up again sooonnnn fo sho! ♥♥

FANNA!(:: heyy babe! hows life? long time no hear! HAH!
helooooooo! hahahah mcm phm lahh youuu!! we chat on MSN almost everydayy!! -_-"

★Nurul: azurawr da smbg seyyyyyy. HAHAHA. update la!
ehh aku sukerr seyy name azurawrrrr! kekeke. ishhh mane ade? aku peramahhhh siolll! :3
HAHAHA updatedd lahh bumbumm! ;P


♥ Blogged @
5:43 AM

Monday, February 08, 2010

wadzz good on a monday morninnn readers?!
mine's the usual. dont ask. :P
hope all those schooling are having fun.i,for one cant wait to start sch.
oh!the orientation camp!isk warned me dat its gonna be dope!
especially the design sch one.& he's gonna cme bck to kpokpo as
said by him.hope alyph cn tag along too. hehs. wheeeee~
so anws!on 6 FEB, went to hougang to see the boys perform with aryna
& the awesomistsix. kiter kecohhhhh!! mampossss~
sorry ehk makcik pakcik semuanyerrrr. LOL
saw the boys golekgolek doing aerobics. hah!
so aft dat me & aryna walked ard hougang mall to
get some aircon n we bought a new HP pouch! simple but sweet :3
hers is yellow,mine,greennn ;D see you again soonest babygurll!! ♥

went to popagenda. last min decision. SO IMPROMPTU I TELL U!
cozz im supposed to go JB but the plan was cancelled so might as well ryte? (:
i cleaned the house the whole day & helped my mom clean the storerm.
tired like helllll! went to take a nap & cabbed dwn to MDC.
thankyouuuu taxi driverrrrr!! he sped up so dat i cud be on time
& i reached exactly at 6:30PM. 10 mins ride cn u believe it?! well i can.
THE BOYS WERE DOPE! awesome shizzlesss... & us audience had fun
didnt we? love how they interact with the audience.
& despite the slight mess up alyph made, we gave them more encouragement
than ever. & with dat their 2nd perf was wayyyy better! heh ;D
wateva eh with the judges comments.HAHAH!juz kiddin. its up to the
boys how much they want to take them in. i will still support them! woooo~
& finally isk saw me ytd. lol! elehhhhh..he said he was shy. -_-"
jyeahh ryte..i was more shy mann..& i find mimi crazy ytd HAHAHH! ;P
& finally met sherrynaahh aft a long while.mimi too.woop!
i love all the accompaniment with all those lovely people ytd!youknwwhoyouare (;
bus-ed n home-ed at ard midnite. called nurul. she was on her bed about to
sleep when i called her. xD sorry beb! was fresher than ever if u knw wad i mean.
n then the phone put dwn by itself at 59 mins n 58 secs -________-"
naseb kau uh nurul dpt tdo!!HAHAHAHH! ;P
got online & chatted with isk. had sooo much to sayyy.. huhuhu.
syarif kuat merajokkkk.... enough said. now picturesss!

poor syarifffff..he looks tired ;P

TAKE ONE! aai said alyph's face wasnt nice. okay wad. i find it cute :3




Nurul: YO BESTIE! had a FUN day with u and amirah. u're a great companion too ;)
YOYOOO babeyyy! jyeahhuhhhh! as the ush huh? lol awwwhh thankyouuu! :D

reemzAQOEB1994: Ello hehehe visit me blog too!!!
hey youu.. fo sho (;

Rushiqah: hey! TAGTAGTAGTAG. :p

Chervon.: HERE YOU GO: WOOP WOOP! Hahahah.
cherrvonnnn!! HIHI AGAIN! xD thanks girl! :D

ARYNA: I LOVE YOU !!!!! Random much? hehe
awwwhhhh.. LOVE YOU TOOO!! ♥ me loveee randommmm!!! had fun dat day see u again soon!!

HOHOHO!sorry fr the long post! i loveee youu fr reading till.... HERE! ;D
azuraa is out! xx


♥ Blogged @
11:25 AM

Friday, February 05, 2010

ahahah a random start to a post. :D
& soooo..went out with dearest nurul & amirah.
goshhh i love these twoooo!! great accompaniment i tell u!
loads of laughters,craps,gossips oh u name it hehs ;D
we went to an audition today HAHAHAH!
only a couple of ppl knw wad audition we went to.
you know who you are. the reason y i dont wanna mention
it is bcoz i dont wanna set high hopes yawww :3
lets just keep it on a down lowww.. aye nurul & amirah?
met at bedok inter. i was late! xP ahahah sorry girls :P
& off we go to bukit batok. WE.GOT.LOST.
yeahh u heard me! we got lost. -_-" missed the friggin bus stop
coz we aint sure where to alight actually. decided to take a cab.
then thank god we found the building! not noticable i tell u tskkkk
& the cab driver.so friggin niceeeeee!! we only paid like 20 cents
worth of charge fr the ride. how cool ryte?! & the reason is bcoz the
uncle said sorry dat he went the wrng way when in actual fact we
reached the destination. LOL much!
syukur alhamdullilah..rezeki tk kemanerr.. hohoho! ^O^
hmmm..well the audition was..... not bad... it cud be better ofcourse.
but wads done cnnt be undone.i shall just wait but not hoping too much.
at least i had fun! well u have to try one thing in ur life.
AHAHAHAH! nurul's gonna explode when she reads dat (x
then we headed dwn to woodland's causeway point & ate at banquet.
fried fish noodles!! nyamnyamnyammmm..I WAS SATISFIED :D
took 168.long bus ride.reached home at ard 8:40PM & watched suria elektra.
AWESOME SHOW!! & ze boys had did a great opening to it.
now y am i not surprised. hehs ;P
TAG REPLIES YOOO!! *screamms* ♥ YOUU GUYS! need i say more? lolol

WAWA: Hahahaha! Nahhh! I still prefer Quest Crew wayyyyyyyy better! ;D
HAHAAH!okay u got me. they RAWKKK!!! \m/(^~^)\m/ l-l-love themmm!goosebumps ♥ ;P ahahah kayy im still waiting for ur explanation young lady hohoho!

fakehayleywilliams: hey you need not put the "aka". So unnatural. Nevertheless, hayley looks and sounds better! How heavenly :)
fakehayleywilliams: its not suppose to be fakehayleywilliams, it supposed to be potentialhayleywilliams btw
-_____-" stoppet ehk.STOPPET! ahahah sound familiar? (x serious shiate 'hayley'
goshhhhh!! ehhh meet me soon lehh..miss u alrdy :X ahahahh!

rushiqah: ohkay!since i saw u once,i'll rmbr ur face (; & yah,yg syarif thingy is during the perf. ♥
alrightyo.make sure of dat lol (: ohh hahah no need to be jealous lahh lol ;P

/Chervon.: AZURA, HI HI!

Keith.: Okay. all the more reason for me to get out now knowing u're in it. and no, i find sunburn fun siol! the excruciating pain rocks!
shaddup youuuu!! -_-" one crazy person. HAHAHAH peace. ^^V

fufuloveszuzu:azuraa;D i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xDDDD && plz reply to ma tweet -.- lmfaoo i loove u
ahahahah youuuuu!it cudnt be any longer -.- AHAHAHAH! jkjk loveee youuu toooo!! ♥

★Nurul: -.-
ehhh?? O.o

ramy_uka: Heyoooo
hello youuu..umm do i knw u frm somewhere? lol!thanks fr dropping by btw (:

hey youuuu!!didnt expect u to be hereeee! HIHIHI ;D

azura outttt!! xx

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

the pictures above are random ^^
it was when me n the two irritating buggers hanged out. HAHAHA! ;P
so anw,here's wats cmin up!
me & aryna going to hougang to see ze boyzzz on 6 FEB!uh huh..
finallyyy!i miss her soo effin much!cant wait to talk & talk
& ohh u get wat i mean (;
& then 4e4's gonna have a class bbq/chalet!woopwoooop!
been waiting for it yawwww :3 hope dat everyone can make it! ;D
IF NOT, we gonna rampage ur house!HAHAH juz kiddin' but seriously -_-
this is so called our last tym together like this!u cnt miss it out fr anything! ;P
ahhhhhhhh~ i miss my class peepz & our silly class mmts ^^
alright,other than dat, me & amirah r planning our clique's day out
after this class bbq! just the six of us girls. hehs
its been awhile since we last hanged out n just chat n hav fun.
the sec 1 & sec 2 dayyz..good times good times (:
so many outings cmin up & IM BROKE! -_-"
mommaye get readyyyyy to stitch the hole in ur pocket cmin soon!
dat i promise you ^^ alright!there goes another random post.
updating for the sake of updating!
TAGGG REPLIESSS!! wowww i lovee u guys soo much!♥♥
thanks fr always dropping by!every tag leaves a smile on my face :D -- SEE? hehs
WAWA: HAHA. i see that photo! ;P & YES , its trueee lah. Nxt time I explain our relation. Bt, hush hush kkk!
seriously seriously?! HAHAHAH okayy ill be waitingggg! insya allahhhh.. AMIN ;D
★Nurul: ape la. miss me konon! hmmph. and no wonder u lik wawa's pic of alif coz he'es holding yr hp eh. ahahha
★Nurul: and yea wawa is. lol.
eh ehhh! tk bersyukur btol budak ni tauuu! sheeeshh.. EHH? hmm ntah ehh ^^
im still waitinggg xD
rushiqah: hay! so u're the one in blue heh?..i did saw u.!in fact,i was standing bhind u wen sleeq tgh perform.& i did hv fun :P
uh huh. oh really?? hahahh!woahhh okay nxt tym juz approach me lahh kayy.
see u ard soon! (:
khalisa!: oh my god. I like your photo collage in your one of your posts
awwhhh thankyouuu!i get dat alot lol.thanks fr dropping by! :D
FANNA!(:: HAHA! yeah la how cool tht we experience fun stuff with our IDOL! LOLS!!! Hi5 babe!
AHAHAHH!awesomeeeee~ *hi five* ;P
Keith.: The sunburn was fun. pain but it's gd to torment urself sometimes. :D
ohh heyy mr i-love-to-tease-ppl-especially-azura ! -_-"
wad fun?! u think u funny uhhh? sheeeeshh.. didnt expect u to be here mann ;P
till the next post!
azura out! xx


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