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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


lol!karthik is posing under the fan when we're busy decorating!
went to nurul's hse n took a pic with her little sis!(:

miss sharifah let us decorate the class during cme lesson..
look at the teamwork of our class..heheh..

OMIGOD!so xD..

at the chem lab..lol!reaction of metals with hydrochloric acid..^^v

our trip to east coast on tuesdayy!!(:


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3:41 PM

Friday, January 23, 2009

we went to the gym for pe lessons todayy..
mr cho talked abt big muscular guyys..lol!
after dat..oni some of us went to class b4 goin to hall..
so miss sharifah promised us sumthin..hehe..^^v
after dat was the CNY performance..
my comment..BORIINNGGG.....zZzZ..

after dat had band..amanda they all tricked me
n riqa dat they were nt goin band coz gt cny..-.-"
dun0 y bt tears just splurted out of me
just b4 assembling..argh!so nt worth it..
bt i wan sayy thanks to riqa for bein dere for me each min..
chia chern for bein so funny until i couldn't cry anymore..xD
weiyi for keep sayin everlasting smile!(:
n oso brendan n valerie..
fr cheering me up..THNKS GUYYS!!:D
watched the vid to help improve our breathing n sound..
combined sectionals..sumthin hilarious happened
with riqa..xD shall nt elaborate..
during assembling..keith was throwing sweets to the band..
i was crazy lyk mad to try to take the sweets..lol!
after dat went with riqa n home-ed!..

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4:30 AM

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

had the syf talk at the hall in the morning..
no SR!T.T im starting to lyk readin books nowadayys
u noe..c?so gd rite??-.-"
went back to class..chiachern was oso dere..talk3..
raikha came n said we had to go kitchen..
lol..den chia chern oso forgot he gt dnt..-.-
n eng lesson was as fun n funny as alwaes..xD
during ss..mrs tjan lost her voice..bt she still made the effort
to go to us one by one n explained our mistakes
for our structured essay..once again..she rawks!
bcoz of her..i gt 9/12 for my essay..which is lyk a miracle!0.o
coz i alwayys..n i mean alwayys..fail my ss..
sumthin hilarious happened in class todayy..
nurul go n teased me abt sumthin super duper EVIL.. :P!
so i went to hit her bt she dodged!n guess where my hand landed!-.-
lol!then chia chern said"what is that??"xD
lyk wow...hahahs..0.o

had band..most boring practice i cn ever tink of..ZZzz.
after band waited for omairah n some librians to
finish their stuffs..went to bbt..
ended up goin hme late..lol!we'r supposed to
go hme earlyy to studyy for tests..hahahs..
accompanied omairah at the bus stop n home-ed!

ohh..im glad i get to noe u guys beta dat nite
n how u realli feel abt some stuffs..
n u guyys were loud in frnt of us for the first time!xD

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1:41 AM

Saturday, January 17, 2009

the photos dat i promised to upload..ENJOYY!!:D

presenting couple of the year!lol..no larh..jkjk..look at hir act cute faces..xD!
BONUS PICTURE..muahahaha..chia chern is so gonna kill me if he finds out..

some zoomed in pictures!sry if ur face isn't there..i just randomly zoom in..^^

LOL!wanshi n grace..

Now tis is the real one..hehe..(:

This is a candid picture of the whole band..lol!
credits byy sherman frm av club n rabia(:

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9:28 PM

Friday, January 16, 2009

went to amirah's hse to get my bag coz i left
it at her hse yestrdayy..hehehx..saw nicholas at the bus stop
n omairah at the 228 bus..lol!
bt den rite..i didn't hold on to anythin coz i was msging
on one hand n holding onto a plastic bag on another..
so when the bus breaked..i lost my balanced n fell
n caused amirah to fall too..^^"
so darn embarrassing larh..lyk there was a lot
of damaians at dat time..T.T argh!paiseh!sobs..sobs..
reached sch at 7 plus n we quickly run up to the band store..
met up with haohan the all at the hall n practised
our dance a bit..went back to class with amanda n chia chern..
den i suddenly forgot to bring eng tys!chia chern laughed at me..
-.-" veryy bad............coz if i nvr bring must sit outside class..
haiz..i begged amanda to lend me n she finally did!lol

in class..rushed up a birthdayy card for idris n during hr..
amirah asked john hu asked miss sharifah to
ask the whole class to sing a birthdayy song for idris..
lol!he was damn shyy at da time..xD
amirah gave him the present n he straightawayy used it..
hehehx..den during pe i totally forgt dat i put my
pe shirt at the bs inside the plastic bag..^^"
bt den luckily chia chern lent me the pe shirt coz pan gt extra
phew....lucky me...den i go n send the pic of haohan n chia chern
doing kissy faces at the band photo..lol!veryy bad..go n sabo him..xD
will upload th pics soon..(:

after sch had band prac n pratised3....
n 5 plus we set up the hall n i helped with the deco a bit..
coz i lazy to set up..hehehs...
was damn tired during the performance..coz i nid to play
2 solos,in the ensemble n in the dance as well..haiz..
after the ensemble i was lyk running ard trying to find haohan they
all..we were so panicking at dat time.. lol!
overall i duno hw we did for the performance bt it was ok larh..
then when packing up..me n omairah carried 5 chairs..
den when we went to the back of the hall..
many sec 2 juniors suddenly clap then they say "WAHH2.."
LOL!xD den we were lyk "thank 2.." hahahs..
den in the end cannot lift up..-.-"
yong liang keep tricking us abt we dropped sumthin on the floor..
:p!bt at least i managed to trick him once..hehehx..^^v
went home with nadiyah n riqa...

hope u liked the present n without u..
our class would be totally boring n dull!:p

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10:44 PM

Thursday, January 15, 2009

another bozorific dayy experience!!xD
during geog n ss lesson,mrs tjan would alwayys
give us sweet so dat we wont sleep in class..awesome!!^^
bt todae she sayy no sweet for us coz she
had to pick up 4 wrappers after lesson..-.-"
bt den we begged n begged until she finally gave in..lol!
bt those hu nvr do her hmwk cannot get..
(amirah n chia chern xD!)pity!hahahs..her sweet is damn nice
cn!!frm marks&spencer..lol!i realli lyk her..bcoz of her..i lyk ss..
hehehx..den amalina called me during her lesson!-.-"
n i tok to her in frnt of mrs tjan!xDbt gt hide oso larhh..DUHH!
okayy lets fast forward to after sch..

went to kopitiam with nurul n amirah n sumthin
hilarious happened!P.S ALL AMIRAH'S FAULT!!xD
firstly..i gt craving for blk pepper pau..so i ordered it n recommended
it to amirah..then when she ordered..the auntie told
her dat i had ordered the last one!muahahahahah!!
i said"haha!!no pau for u!"
bt then rite..............when the uncle was takin the pau for me..
GUESS WAD???!!!!!
he dropped the pau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-.-"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
then amirah laugh her evil laughter!veryy badd!!!!!!!
laugh damn loud seyy..-.-" then she sayy..
"karma strikes back.." argh!!damn pissed off wit the uncle
for dropping the pau!!coz i craving for it lehh!tsk!

went to sectionals to practice th ensemble..
den me,amirah n omairah took 228 n i followed amirah

home to take money to buy idris a present..heheh..
bt when we reached her home..no one was at home!-.-"
so she hav to climb in by the window!xD
bt it took AGES to open to window for some reason..
n to make the matters worse!!there was this stupid old
woman hu's sittin outside cuttin her stupid plant
for i dun0 wad reason.. -.-!!!!!we were damn pissed off lar coz
veh hard to do it with her ard!-________________-
den the hilarious mmt comes..xD amirah finally managed
to open the widow somehw..den she was lyk running n jumping for
joy..xD bt den she closed back the window coz of the auntie..
i was lyk 0.o!"why did u close bck the window???"
den amirah said.."dun worry..can open back larhh"
den when she tried..cannt open back!!!!-.-"
at dat time i seriously felt lyk crying seyy!T.T
blah3.........managed to open the oor again..quickly went inside
watched teen titans for a while..went to tm n bought idris
okayy dn bought sushi at fairprice n this chilli crab curry puff
at the basemnt there..WAHHHH!!!!!!TASTE LYK HEAVEN!!!!!
nw amirah made me wan to crave fot it..T.T

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9:21 PM

Saturday, January 10, 2009

is it fading awayy??
i saw u n i dun feel excited lyk i used to..
we saw each other n waved..
nothin' special..maybe bcoz we r not as close
as we used to be..things seem awkward nowadayys..
maybe i shld stop this feeling n start
concentrating on my studies..things are
beta this way i guess..time to move on..

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9:56 PM

Friday, January 09, 2009

last dayy of the week!!-.-"
todae's lesson is the most fun to me..
oni gt eng,pe n f&n..hehehx..
bt totally forgot to do essay!!so must sit outside..haiz..
tgether with chia chern,arina,izzat n sean lim..
at first we keep changing places in the classrm
to avoid miss carol frm seeing us..xD
until we went back to our places n act lyk innocent
lyk dat..bt in the end still kena chased out by miss carol!!-.-
bt izzat went to hide at the corner of the classrm
bt his "plan" failed!!:p hahahs..then saw chia chern's
hand gt a lot of mosquito bites..lyk totally 0.o..
i tink i heard him sayy gt 81 in total..once again..0.o!
den all of us were lyk dun0 wa to write..
then in the end we nvr pass up
coz miss carol forgot abt it..lol!
after dat was pe..gt mr cho again!!yeah mann!!
woot!woot!we took our weight in the classrm n
mr cho discussed abt the stuffs dat effects our weight..
damn bloody funny!!!xD shall nt elaborate..
mr cho rawks!!! \m/(^~^)\m/
went dwnstairs to take our height..shrinked 2 cm!!!
i dun even noe dats possible..-.-" veh unstable
sia my height..after dat,did the 50m sprint..
idris n izzat run so freakin' funny can!!
keep laughing abt it till now..so priceless..lol!
bt the best run award goes to...peiyan!hahahs..
she run veh cute sia..lyk seriously..okayy..

after recess..classrm locked!!karthik took out the 3
window frames n let himself in..xD cool or wadds!!
bt den the door still cannot open!!-.-"
f&n teacher nvr cme..T.T wasted 4 periods..4 PERIODS!!!
after sch went tm with nurul to take the band tee..
in the canteen..saw a lot of orange ppl..lol!
veh orange..totally stand out frm the crowd..hahs..
performance!!me n terence kept drinking water
in the midst of the performance..^^" i tink it was okayy larh..
the band sound.. :D

went bbt with riqa,amalina n nadiyah..bought peach red tea..
n DROPPED it!!!!!!!!-.-" so must buy another one..T.T
riqa went home early n we ended up with keith..
talk3 then home-ed!!!(:

missed the fun times when we were
in the same class in lower sec..
n when u keep calling me "azura-strike!"

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9:09 PM

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

new teachers!!
miss veronica tjan-ss n geog(:
mr johnson tan-POA:D
mr sng-physics(:
im veh happy with the new teachers!
except for mr johnson..coz i dun0 wad the hell
he tokin abt sia..seriously dun0 hw to teach one..
i take back my word..mr tan cc beta!!T.T
n todae's physics lesson damn funny..
mr sng RAWKS!!he veh fun seyy!
n his lesson's r interesting n veh easy to understand..
im quite confident in my physics nw..^^v
miss veronica tjan is oso veh gd..we r damn lucky
to get these teachers!seriously..(:
hah..im worried abt our grp..hope we cn make it in time..
many ppl doesn't seem to be free..):
ahhhh!!!!bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum!

hanged out at the canteen with nurul,omairah,amirah n naqi
some of us nid to finish our maths hmwk..
then went to popular at tm with nurul..
end of the dayy!!-.-

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8:58 PM

Monday, January 05, 2009

okayy..i shall nt elaborate much abt todae..
bt the hot topic of the dayy!
we discussed abt "bitch" during maths lesson..xD
miss sharifah suddenly asked this random
qn, abt if bitch is the new bestfren..lol!
i hav to admit..even though many ppl dun lyk her..
her lessons are quite fun sometimes..hee..
with the help of the boyys of course..

had sectionals..played canon with roxane then omairah..
veh hard!!bt after score studying it it's quite okayy actually.
L.O.L.. hanged out with omairah,amirah,yilin n nadiyah
until lyk 9 plus!!tsk3.. hahahs..
then we saw my father!DAMN SWAYY!!-.-"

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Friday, January 02, 2009

heyy ppl!!
sorry if i havent been blogging these dayys..
since i nid to buck up n study..lol!xD
funny thought..hahahs..i shall blog only when neccessary.
hehehx..so..todae is the first dayy of school..
so sad dat this will be my "last" first dayy
of sch here..): haiz..anw..so glad to c my classmates
n to welcome my new form teacher..miss sharifah..
OH YIPPEE!!-.-" Y???y must it be HER??
she's soo sarcastic..is also our maths teacher..
andand!!i heard dat she's our new band teacher!!
stupid larh..she's the first teacher hu
asked me to clip up my hair during sch..
geez..seriously dun u tink band is enuff??pfft!!:p
hah..had our new seating arrangement..
the funny thing is..miss sharifah said..
"i want the VERTICALLY CHALLENGED to sit in front"
at first everyone didn't get it..bt then a few mmts.
ltr..every1 was lyk "OOHHH!!!" xD
as funny as alwayys..hahhs!

had band..finally settled the band tee!!!yay!!!*clapps..
after dat..asked amirah,omairah,yilin n peiyi
to follow me go tm to do the band tee..for peiyi(percussion)
chengyu n leanna..after doin the band tee,peiyi went home
then after dat we ate tom yam noodles at the most
unusual place ever!i cnt belive i did dat..hahahs..well..
had fun anw..n omairah told us her deepest darkest secret!
hahahs..so honoured to be the only ones hu noes!^^v
congrats omi!!!hahahs..hope we cn do dis again..
talking abt a lot of craps n stuffs!hahahs..
okayy bye!

cn u guyys puh-lease stop gossiping abt ppl lyk dat??
n also makin other ppl look bad for UR OWN pleasure..
tsk!n i hate hw u treat some ppl..
n ur causin a lot of conflicts..
who do u tink u r?u tink u rule the whole band??
-.-" by doin dis..ur makin a lot of ppl hate U..
so snap out of it!stop bein such brainless gossipers cn??
so FREAKIN' irritatin!

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