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Thursday, August 23, 2007

lolx..all the lessons normal todae..
bt during music lesson gt one
time miss lee say sumthin abt the
advertisement of myojo(instant noodle)
gt tis percussion instru the person gt
play then junyi go n make the tune loudly..
then very funny..we all laughed..hahax..

then after sch i gt sectional..then at 4 o'clock
i went to the library to do voice
recording..we realli had fun doing it..
laughing our hearts out..lolx..then we took
a group pic..we asked stephanie to take
it for us..hahax..then we hang out at the
canteen..me nurul n amirah were laughing
n laughing abt sumthin..hahax..!realli
had fun todae..


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6:16 PM

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

todae we got back our geog common test..
i gt 24.5 out of 50..haiz!
failed by half mark!!argh!!
hate geog!walao..

After school,gt band..but my class
had science remedial..
so we came late as usual..
i have nvr been in time 4 band
for a long time sia..hahax..then
when we cum in..one person from
each section muz sing mamma mia..
hahax..then mr.wong told us abt
the overseas trip whether to go HongKong
or Taiwan..bt..if cant make it tis year,
then we go next year..walao..it's unfair
4 the sec 4's if we nvr go dis year..haiz..
i'm really hoping 4 the best..=)


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6:00 AM

Monday, August 20, 2007

!!!todae is a great day..!
first we had pe..bt we had to do
the aces dance..hahax..
we all dance lyk
retarded sia..so funny..
then gt dnt..we're supposed to finish
our artefact then mr leong
keep saying "everyone come here2!"
walao.. everytime gt sum1 make
mistake he will ask us to cum n
then say the person's mistake..
irritating sia!!he call us lyk 10 times..
haish..we can nvr finish our project
in time lyk tis..haiz..after tat gt science
then maths.. after sch i nid to take
science retest then i sat beside gim chen..
i gt copy sum answers frm notes..hahax..
then when i give mr ng my paper
he keep asking me to change
the ans coz wrong mah..2nd irritating
situation in a day..!bt still pass..hehe..
then me n gim chen went to
the second floor n saw him..hehe..
we laughed coz i became so
hyper!lolx..then me n nurul went
to amirah's hse.. first we played the com
then we played badminton..
until 6..hahax..then me n
nurul went home..hehe..^-^


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Friday, August 17, 2007

todae's lesson r normal...
nothing in particular happened.
after sch,we had band practice..
me,amirah and dee had to come late
coz we had 2 take the sungei buloh test..
after tat we got maths remedial
bt we couldnt find the class so we
decided 2 go band
we didnt eat lunch..
we did a little diaphragm training
then score studied concerto d'amore..
we set up the music room..
then gt new songs to play..
one of the songs r blue ridge n
obladi oblada!
alwaes wanted to play this song..
very nice..lolx..
first we played mamma mia then
the other songs bt we didnt manage
to play all the new songs..haiz..after band..
sumthin made me realli happy..
i hope more of this can happen..
hahax..jus hoping for the best..(=

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9:22 PM

Monday, August 13, 2007

todae was very memorable..hahax..
bt first after TAF i was damn tired
then still need to go for pe..
play floorball as usual..haiz..
boring sia play floorball evey wk..
then after tat is our recess then dnt..
we need to start making our product
oredi bt i still haven tink of wad to
do yet..hahax..then after tat gt sci
practical test..me n my frenz went to the
staircase to the right n suddenly i
saw him going to the 4th floor..hehe..
todae mr ng nvr cum so mrs jackie chan
replaced him n took us..
she's quite nice actually..im the first badge
n we cannot finish in time bt she let us
sit at the opposite side of the table
n let our other frenz do the test..lolx..
after tat we went back to our class for
maths lesson..then miss sharifah nvr cum!!
lolx..two free periods!!wow..todae maths
n sci teacher on strike..hahax..
then after sch we went to the com lab..
dee had to leave n meet nad n riqa..then we
hang out at the canteen..i suggested tat we
take neoprint bt naqiyah had to go home
so oni me omi nurul n amirah can go..hehe

juz when we wanted to go..i saw him n his
frenz goin dwn the canteen staircase..
when we reach tm..we went to the toilet
for a while..it was the first time we cared
abt hw we look when taking neoprint..
then we went home..hehe..

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9:53 PM

Saturday, August 11, 2007

hey hey HEY!!

today,we had a performance at
Hougang Central Hub.I went to school with
Nadiyah and were almost late..hahax..
but still got time to set up our instruments.hehe..
after we assemble,we set up the music room and
warm-up.We played the commencement suite first.
Then Mr.Wong keep asking the trumpetors to play
the triplets with pulsing lar then play one hard,two soft..
Haiz..Quite frustrating but I understand what he's trying to do.^-^
After playing all the songs we got ready everything..

We boarded the bus.I sat with Roxane at the back of the
bus.Jieqi was our ic.Quite boring actually sitting at the
back of the bus.There was a carnival and we had to wait
for the other performance to finish before our turn...
When our turn came,some of the boys helped us to set
up the chairs for the third and fourth row.Our performance
was ok.Better than the last performance.The ministers
was very sporting sia.When we played the songs they waved
their flags..hahax..Then after one of the songs,one of the minister
shaked hands with Mr.Wong..Cool!!Hehe..

After the performance we waited at the bus for all the SL's to
bring food that they bought for us.After that we packed up
everything at school and some of us went to band dinner at
KFC.My section went to Mac,and me,omi,amirah,amalina and
dee went to eat at the banquet.Hahax..Me and Amalina was
"stressed" because of sumthin.Hehe..Situation not to be mentioned.

After we finished eating,we went to KFC cos Amalina wants to meet
Kia Hao.But then we saw Keith,Jonathan,Chia Chern and Kia Hao
outside the KFC buying sumthing.We talked a bit and Omi had to
go home.We went to look at other shops and met them at the hp
shop.We started hanging out with them.I had the best time ever.=)
It was quite fun..Hehe..Some situations really made me happy.
Only my frenz know about this..=)After that we went home.I went
home with dee and Amalina.

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5:25 AM

Thursday, August 02, 2007

wah..long time nvr blog seyy...haiz..
i miss mie internet soo much!!T.T
anw today we had history test..quite easy
actually..hehe..since im sure tat im gonna
fail mie geog test at least gt history
test to help me catch up..oh!n miss tay nvr cum today!!the whole happy sia..finally she nvr cum..hahax..then after sch went to com lab to doPW..finally we have mostly finished tracing n colouring our sketches..
DUE 2 WEEKS..bt nvm coz mr phoon gave
us another chance..hehe..then after tat at
3 plus i went to sectionals..
grace was at the hospital so i had to take the
we had sectionals on stand up for singapore
n sum other songs..then after that i went
to bubble tea shop with roxane,
omairah,elissa,grace,valerie n hui ping..
we sat at the bench there n talk2..about band
n other stuff..hehe..i realli had fun
just now..i hope we can do this more often..

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12:06 AM