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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just some random pictures taken when im at nurul's hse..lol!!xD

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5:00 PM

Friday, December 26, 2008

Pictures from recent events..ENJOYY!!(:

at west coast plaza with amanda,chia chern,jesmond n kelmond..

Omairah's belated birthdayy outing!!^^

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3:03 AM

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the trumpetors frm ent ridge n damai!!^^v
damaians illegal gathering..heheh..
in case u cant recognise..frm he top left is jesmond,amanda,nadiyah,riqa,ME!,
chia chern,kelmond,terence n keith..lol!xD
trombone section!woot!:)
percussion section..kent ridge plus damai..(:
the concert pictures!!enjoyy!!:D

kent ridge n damai throwing our hats!!:D
i got all these picturs frm izar..the ex-senio trumpetor frm kent ridge..thanks!!!:D

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11:16 PM

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

performance at kent ridge!parents nite to be exact..
must mit amanda they all at tanah merah

interchange at 6.30 am..
sumthin funny happened at the mrt dere..
i take mrt frm bedok inter..one stop to my destination..
when i go inside the mrt lyk ntn lyk dat..
then at the tanah merah mrt platform i saw jesmond..
just outside my door there..i was planning to
wave at him..then suddenly he was smiling to the nxt door..
then i was lyk 0.o?is he okayy??then i turn to the rite..
guess wad??i saw chia chern!-.-" totally nvr c him u noe!
then when we go out..chia chern was lyk.."ehh?!!hw i come
i nvr c u??lol!i realli nvr c u sia.." xD
then we left amanda at the opp. platform all alone!so sad..
hahahas..then when we sat at the bench there..
chia chern said we lyk power rangers..-.-"!
coz our jacket black,white n pink colour..haiz..
then the first mrt no service!it came..nvr open door..n left!
basket...make us so paiseh..lol!okayy!reached airport oredi..
ate at mac..me n amanda order big breakfast n hot pancakes..
n the guyys..ordered MEGA mcmuffin..lol!
then jesmond was complaining abt the size n evrything..
den we gt take one short vid..will post it another dayy..
den me n amanda purposely ate slowly to let the guyys
regret their order..lol!so evil..:p
quickly went to the mrt..when we went inside..amanda
wanted to sit at the priority seat..then she pushed jesmond
until he wanted to fall down..lol!veh veh funny..

at kent ridge..we were late..gt combined sectionals..
den mr wong take some more..bt luckily when we
went inside he nvr sayy anything..hmm..shall not elaborate
abt the band prac..at 5 plus lyk dat gt a long break..
gt choc cake frm valerie they all..THANKS SO MUCH GUYYS!!!
realli appreciate it mannzz!!hmmm..yummy!hahahs..
gave riqa,cc n amanda some..after dat..
took setion photos..n we rested a bit..
n the performance started..val n weiyi they all so evil!
go n show me their sweet drinks..-.-" totally bd.. :p hahahs
the performance was okayy2 i guess..
after the concert,took a pic with the kr trumpetors..
n with their whole band..will post the pics soon!
me n some other damaians sat in a circle table n
shared ghost stories..amanda shared ths one storyy
that relate to cc a lot!so nw he scared to do
wad he does at nite..(msg ppl in the dark larhh..wad u thinking??lol!)
then after dat jesmond told this story den gt one ex-senior
frm kent ridge said"who wans food??"
amanda started to scream lyk mad!!which made the rest
of us scream oso!-.-" veh loud sia all of us..haiz..
a the mrt..me,amanda,cc,jesmond n kelmond sat on
the floor cz there's no seat n we were desperate..lol!
reached bedok inter..took 228 with nad,keith n zoeyy..
went home n sleepp!!!!!!!!!!!ZZZzz..

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4:34 PM

Monday, December 15, 2008

nid to go kent ridge todae..
met at the bedok inter phone booth at 8.30 am..
then off we go to clementi!-.-"
veh far u noe..hahah..when we reached..combined sectionals..
one thing arh..all their songs easy lyk mad!
all minims,crochets n quavers one..lol!veh bad u noe!
hahahs..bt gd larh..veh easy to sightread..
hmm..at lunch ate mc chicken burger oni!no water
n such!-.-" totally lame u noe..everybody wasn't felling full at all!
then me,riqa chia chern,roxane n kelmond were discussing
n plannin to ask mr wong if cn go outside eat..hahahs..
discuss3..in the end scared to ask!^^"
so ask vanessa to ask for us..
then cn!bt oni 20 mins..we asked a few more ppl to come with us..
then we run frm the sch to west coast plaza lyk
2.4km run lyk dat..lol!in the end we still end up bein late..

-.-" lame i noe..coz duno where to eat larh..
after lunch still combined sect. then sect..

after band..which is lyk 5 plus oni!tsk..then they all just
pack n leave lehh..no nid assemble etc..wow rite?!hahahs
me,chia chern,amanda,jesmond n kelmond went
to west coast plaza tgether..looked at the candy shop..
all the prizes veh reasonable sia!bt oni amanda end up buyin..
then we bought sushi frm cold storage..then some more
amanda treat us lehh..lol!then chia chern sayy
her money lyk grow on trees lyk dat..coz she lyk everything wan
to buyy one..lol!veh funny sia they all..xD
went back at 8 plus..at the bus..we all plan to eat at the
airport tmr morning b4 goin to kent ridge..
chia chern so excited lyk mad..hahahs!
coz the atmosphere larh blah blah blah..
okayy..shall end it here!^^
shall post the pic abt todayy soon!!

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11:13 PM

Thursday, December 11, 2008

3rd dayy of band prac..everyone was damn tired
by then..sian..bt it was fun..coz the whole morning
was brasses sectionals..in the morning trumpets had no
problem at all..bt after lunch......haish..-.-"
couldn't play bar 59 well that time..when nid to play
one by one..coz see mr wong's face oni arh...sigh..
terence oso felt the same wayy..we find it hard to
play in frnt of him u noe.. :p
recorded the chords the bombardans(how to spell arh?^^")
with riqa's hp..then the first time i accidentally
played sumthin..so paisehh!:S
at 3 plus gt sectionals..during assembling chia chern veh
funny..he was pulling his socks..den i sayy it's no pt.
den he said sumthin abt sum1..shall nt elaborate..
coz dat person too sensitive larh..lol!den gt a harsh
punishment by the welfare..stupid james..keep
putting his knee dwn..tsk!!then chia chern
took out a coin frm his wallet n threw it at james..xD
as if he cn feel lyk dat..if u noe wad i mean..lol!nvm..
chia chern n kelmond veh pitiful lehh..they were sweating
lyk hell n their whole face was red..haiz..
after sch straightawayy went home with riqa.. (:

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11:34 PM

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2nd dayy of band prac!!!still gt two
more dayys to go..T.T
4 dayys of consecutive band..oh woopie!
hw tiring will dat be..i dunno which one is worse..
this or the wk which gt band camp..
haish!sigh........aniwaes..todae..worked on celebrate
let's swing n hot!hot!hot!-.-" come to tink of it..
celebrate is more tiring than ross roy!coz gt a lot
of high notes!!n some more it's a slow part n the
melody!if it's fanfare still manageable larh..tsk!
thinking twice abt dat song mannzz..even though it's
nice.. :p gt recording todae..of overture no.1
n ross roy..hope mr wong will let us hear
tmr..*clamping hands together! -.-"

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7:57 PM

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

gt band prac..wasn't feeling well bt still came..
c i so gd rite??lol!xD no larh........
coz i will be SUPER bored at home!!ZZzz..
aniwaes..in the morning had diaphragm training..
warm-up then sectionals..rizal n yl came to help us..so
thanks guyys!!:D had lunch..bt oni ate 1/4 of my dish!
coz no appetite larh..i eat oso no use..can taste ntn!xP
after lunch...hmmm..i forgot!-.-" i noe gt circle
of sound at the hall then combine band..lol!
vomited two times!!xP tried to hold it back bt couldn't..T.T
felt extremely dizzy larh...wanted to rest at the band store
bt scared coz gt mr yi..^^" haiyo...
straight away went home after band with riqa..

so called the twins in our class..lol!xD

gd luck in everything u do!n be happy alwayys!
lyk u hav always been!lol!xD

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10:45 PM

Friday, December 05, 2008

im bored..bored..bored!!
yesterdayy gt band bt i oni went until
lunch coz i goin malaysia after dat..then
most of my section mmbs ESPECIALLY
terence:p plus weiyi keep teasing me abt goin to
malaysia..-.-" totalyy bad u noe!!hahahs..
during sectionals spent a long time to put slide
grease at my tuning slide...lol!n still it
is nt dat smooth!:p tsk! after dat played at the hall
coz cnnt go inside the music rm then
combine band..played ross roy n overture no.1..
realli hoped to play celebrate instead of ross roy
despite the difficulties in rhythms n everything..
hahahs..lyk yilin said.."must play an unknown song
dat other bands have not played b4.." lol!veh funny sia she..
keep repeating her wants when hanging out
at the bbt shop..xD okayy..dats all!ttfn!:D

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Random Videos!


Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Play on High School Musical 3

Japanese Pranks in Huge Group


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Monday, December 01, 2008

todayy is suchh a bozorific dayy!!xD
u will noe abt it when u read this post..hahahs..
okayy..todae..went to watch "wild child"
at orchard cineleisure with nurul n amirah..
heee..met them at bedok inter n took the mrt..
after we switched to the city hall mrt..
i almost wanted to go off at dhoby ghaut..^^"
well i was talking to nurul n didn't noe wad i was tinking!tsk..
then we were supposed to alight at somerset
which is the nxt stop..actually me n nurul didn't
noe then amirah went out of the mrt n me n
nurul was lyk "wad??is she kidding us??"
coz she's the PRANKSTER of the grp..hahahs..
then after amirah turned back n signalled us
to go out then we quickly ran out of the mrt..
lol!paisehpaiseh!totally loserific!hahahs..
then we bought the tickets at the basement
n amirah had to pay $7.50 coz she didnt bring
her ez-link card!muahahaha!totally bad..heee..
then we hav to go to th 4th floor...tsk!veh troublesome
u noe!then for the FIRST time i wanted to buy
nachos n they said.."sorry..we are out of nachos
at this moment.." PFFT! oh woopie!!lucky me :p
then we rushed to the movie theatre coz we were late..

the movie was funny n nice!hahahs.."who are we??"
lol!u'll noe when u watch the movie!^^ okayy..then
when we walked n walked..we stopped for a veh long time
where there was this flat screen tv hanging on the wall
just to c zac efron at mtv trl..lol!(actually oni i wanted to c)^^"
soon after..otw to the escalator..amirah accidentally headed for
the one dat goes up when we wanted to come dwn!xD
n the funny thing is nurul followed her!hahahs..
the uncle in frnt of them gave a priceless expression!
lyk wad the hell r this gurls doin??hahahs..
k then outside when we wanted to cross the traffic light..
halfwayy amirah told us tat we were goin the wrong
wayy!!so halfway across the traffic light we walked back!
argh!soo paiseh u noe..T.T hahahs..n u noe..there's
a lot of cute american guyys in orchard!hahahs..okayokay..
after dat we went to tm to buy sushi at ramen ten.
n i went to amirah's hse..when we reached the bus stop..
at the traffic light i rested my back at the fence..
then amirah told me there's a "wet paint" sign on it!
of course i panicked larh..0.o luckily it has oredi dried!
n the person beside us was lyk smiling n laughing at me..-.-"
once again..a bozo moment..haiz.. lol.then nw im at
amirah's hse eatin campbells soup while
watchin F.R.I.E.N.D.S..one word..HILARIOUS!hehe
wow!is this a long post or wad??? k bye!!*wave

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