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Friday, July 09, 2010

HEYOOOOOO~! yeah i knw i havent been updating again.
dats coz i seriously have no time >.< im trying my best to cope with everthing
right now! n i knw it gets some getting used to n i am gettin used to it. ;D
N SOOOOOO~ recently, me nurul n amirah went to ignite @RP!
we were kinda late. hahah so only caught the last band. but overall it was fun tho.
just having their company is enuffff for me! hee
n now currently im onto my last assignment for the module. a few more days left!
CHIONG-IN. I SWEAR. lol. && yesss i went for DSC interview!
for funn~ im not expecting to get it but at least its better to knw dat i tried thn
to regret nt even going fr it. (:

eeeeeeeeeeep!! cant wait. i have a feeling that they'll b unique n doing something
dat NONE othr boy bands in korea r doing right nw.
how cool n awesome is dat??! heh n below rr the teaser pictures!
MINHO & TAEMIN. i have no idea wad concept it is.
but i seriously hope dat they dont go topless in the MV. *PRAYS HARD*
coz i dont want them to b using their bodies. NONONO~ lol!
n later onn onew's teaser pic will be released! heh.
n yeahhh minho got injured so their comeback will be delayed.
THE FUNNY THING IS.... this happened before with their 2nd mini album
when onew got injured jusssttt before their comeback n it had to b delayed.
so dare i say, history is repeating itself? HOWELLS! us fans are waiting patiently for their
awesome comeback. its gonn be BOOMZ!!! heh. loveloveeee!! till here k. ;D

azura xx

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