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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010!!! jyeahhhh!
(get ready for my rants!im warning you first!)
ahahahah well since this IS my last post of 2009!
im gonna make it last.
FIRST UP,i wanna thank all of my friends who have been there
for me regardless of what situation i was in.
i've encountered alot this year!be it with my family or friends.
but alhamdullilah,everything is alright now.no hard feelings
whatsoever!& the good thing is dat this experience has made
our friendship/relationship stronger
& i thank Allah for making this happen.
it's just the certain obstacles that we have to face through in life.
i mean cmon!what would life be without these memories
that we have had so far? be it good or bad,
i will remember every single one of it!no doubt about that!HEHS ;D
i love u guys!!friends,families,cousins,bestfriends,juniors,seniors!
EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.OF.YOU! thankyou for making
this year a memorable one for me! I HEART U ALL! lovesss.

now, let me list down the things dat..u know!ahahah kay moving on!
for me this year, firstly,im an O lvl student!i was actually
afraid at the starting of the year thinking, how would i handle it?
can i take the stress?? well as the days go by, of course i was worried,
nervous,scared u name it! but at the same time,i was more mature
to think that i can actually do this if i work hard! & i went through all
the hardships & i managed to get through the exams without any regrets!
the results are coming soon!& i dun wanna set high hopes.
bcoz with high hopes comes great disappointment.
& i dun wanna regret something lyk,
"mann!i shud have studied harder/longer"
i will just accept whatever results i get.it doesnt have to be the best
but i must accept that it is MY best! & that's what counts.

now,secondly,i've graduated from Damai Secondary School!
yeshh..i've experienced four whole years of schooling there.
& i appreciate all the teachers who have thought
me throughout these years.i mean cmon!
i wudnt have been anywhere here without them ryte?
so thankyou!! ;D & to my dear band members, keep working hard!
there's no more seniors to guide you along so its time for u
guys to step up & take the lead. im very proud of you guys
no matter what! keep improving!there's always room for improvements
& show us seniors that u have got what it takes alright!
&& gd luck to the upcoming sec fours taking o lvls!GANBATTE! ^^
of course!im not forgetting my besties,darlings & dearest classmates!
be it sec one&two,three &four. some even spent four years
together with me. thankyou for the friendship!
i appreciate it loads! ill never forget u guys. hope to meet u guys
somewhere somehw in the future! when u guys are more mature..
HAHAHAH!just kiddin! im gonna miss those crazy times we had in class.
with our class joker!IDRIS! our class is never the same without him
i swear! ;D & gd luck for ur O lvl results guys! all de best yo!

thirdly,because of dearest nurul! i started supporting an awesome
duo called SleeQ this year! when they started being Classiq. ^^
these boys,Alif Abdullah & Ahmad Syarifullah!
I am really thankful for knowing them & supporting them as well.
they've really come very far & have started promoting their album
in malaysia!congrats guys..im reallyreally proud to be supporting
them. & they never fail to perk me up with their performances!
ITS ALWAYS AWESOME! who agrees with me?? ;P
& not forgetting,bcoz of them,i meet new friends
who are awesome by the way!
they're fun,sweet,lovable,hyped&just plain crazy!

& some have become very close to me & that i can share anything with them!
you guys know who you are. i cant mention all.coz im afraid dat ill miss
some & then BOOMZZ! die liao.. LOL!
i will always continue supporting the boys no matter what!
so good luck for ur future endeavours!u guys can go far no doubt! ^^

& NOW! My New Year Resolutions!
hell yeah u know this is comin'! xD
1.be more positive-thinking& learn to look at things in other's point of view
so that i dont always only think about myself!
learn to show more love than hate!
i learnt that from our SG IDOL,sezairi! *winkwink*
2.LOSE WEIGHT! yeshhh.. im determined to achieve dat this year!
& im glad i can do it with others who wants to achieve it too! ;D
3.GO TO TP! or at least the course i want!
4.make more friends through Sleeq & try to be more friendly! hehs
5.& last but not least! maintain all friendships dat i have tied with.
hope that i dont have to experience friendship endings coz i dont think
its necessary.there's always a way out.we must just find it.

ALRIGHT! im done! *wipes off sweat*
thankyou for those who have read till >> HERE! ahahah
muacks! love u guys. HAVE A GREAT YEAR AHEAD!!
& a happy advanced new yearrrrr!! hope u have
a blessed one ^^

azura out! xx

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Monday, December 28, 2009

heyheyy peepz!
& once again!i havent been updating!hahaha
sorry my readers. ;D i have other things to take care of before i think
about blogging.okayy lets move on!
i went to babysit my two lil' cuzzies at yishun.
my mom left me there for no apparent reason! goshhh
mommies nowadays! LOL so anw, had a last minute plan to go
esplanade for the hip hop gig. well since my cousin is free &
nurul is alrdy there with her family! hahahah how awesome.
we made our decision at 6.40PM & it starts at 7. -_-"
well better late than never. so anw!only get to catch FreakyZ!
AWESOME MUSIC! & not to mention he's funny! im a fan alrdy hehs.
love local music!u shud too! ;P
side track a lil bit.SleeQ is the first local artist dat i support.hehs!just sayin ;P
& we sat dwn at the first row,me,my cousin,nurul & her bro.
& in the middle of the perf,suddenly saw alyph running & sat beside us
there.no doubt it shocked me & nurul! HAHAH u shud hav seen nurul's reaction.
"ALYPHHHHH!" her reaction was a million bucks!
seriously im nt kiddin' (x & his cap was
d first thing i noticed! very obvious. but anw,i enjoyed the show veryy much!
& aft dat saw alyph at the marina sq entrance & approached him.
&when alyph asked nurul "hey!how r u?"
she answered, "uhhh..uhh.." *giggles* well actually i hav no idea
wad words r muttered out!hahah nurul2..mcm tk biase ajer.
well i cnt help but laugh.also when in the middle of taking picture she
suddenly took out her glasses last min which
was totally priceless i tell u! LOL
had a great nite!!aft separating with nurul & her family hanged out with
kak ira for a while b4 heading home!she cud not stop talking abt ____!!
ohmygeezz..step cool jer jer biler jumper.menyampah aku!LOL
& reached home at ard 12 when my curfew is 9. oops! :/

went with nuruldarling,amirah & nadiyah.
we actually sat at the 28th row which is VERY high up & the view wasnt
THAT great so! we decided to move at the bottom frnt even before
the show started.hahahah!ard the 10th row.the view was great & luckily
no one sat there. PHEWWW. .*wipes off sweat* hehs
&& the show was well,AWESOMELY FANTABULOUS!!!!!
wad more can i say?? the crowd was hyped,the muttons were funny
& we really enjoyed ourselves not to mention sezairi wonnnn!!!!
& thanks gurmit for the suspense when announcing the results.
i was sooooo tensed up! & when gurmit announced "SEZAIRII!!"
all of us stood up & clapped & cheered!wad a way to end a show!LOL?
ahahah im sure he didnt expect it. u knw nurulhuda?
one of the SI contestants?yeahh she's a close friend of my sis
& she said what sezairi said to her.
i was sooo touched & didnt expect him to think like dat.
well dude!the title is now yours..so no more doubts aye!;DDD
i've said this,sylvia started the show awesomely
but sezairi ended it with A BOMB!!!he was more convincing &
that made him won plus a lil finny side to him helped!hahah
so STOP the hate/racist comments alrdy!!hmm..y did he win?
oh yeah!coz he gt more votes -.- so pleaseeee..im sure
sylvia will go far no doubt!!she's d first female contestant to be in the finals!
spore will not leave dat aside im sure! hehs.congrats to both of them!
they sure gave a tough fight!!i can feel it. & sezairi deserved the title.
oh! & i saw this tweet,"SG president-indian,SG prime minister-chinese,
SG idol-MALAY!" sooo?wads so racism abt it?its all fair & square!
& CHARICEEEEE!!!she made my jaw drop!she's so small & cute
& her voice is oh-so-powerful & just WOWWW!!
i had goosebumps all the way!she received the loudest cheer frm d
stadium & yet she was louder & just omg wowww!!
even alyph & syarif is a fan i see! LOL i LOVE herrrr~
she had astanding ovation no doubt about dat!*CLAPPSS*
&aft d show talked to mirah fr awhile & saw joakim gomez
WOWW..he's so cute!! x3 & nurul's bro sent us home THANK YOUUU!! ^^
okayy this is sucha longggg post!it's been awhile!ahahah dats all folks!
azura out! xx

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Thursday, December 24, 2009


wawa,me & nurul! ♥MR. ALYPH ! ♥
MR. SYARIFFF! ♥& there goes the power duo! taken by wawa ♥someone said we're lyk twins! x3 ♥i like this picture. ALOT! taken by yours truly! ^^V
alif abdullah's reaction when nurulJ showed him a lizard! xD

SO UNGLAM! *hides*me & sherrynaah ♥

& finally.. tadaaa!the grp photo! wawa's cam yo . ;D

alright!!its about time i update about this day xD so anyways, i went to Viva Muzik Singapura on tuesday! with dearest nurul! hehs. we reached there too early so we decided to eat first at macD. its been awhile right nurul? ;D & reahed dhoby ghaut green & saw 3 of the awesomists. Wawa,Aai & Nurul jannah together with her brother ;D Mirah came soon after! with her friend syasya & then we just hanged out &waited for the show to start! with some other sleeqers too (; i cant name all there's too much LOL! but love u guys! ♥ we finally came in to sit down at ard 7.30PM & hear the host go blahblahblah.... xD ahahahah well actually he's pretty funny. lucky us! LOL & finally the show started at 8 with rancour! even tho i hate loud music like dat *nudge nudge nurul* but nonetheless i still enjoyed it. & up next hyrul anuar. he looked oh-so-fine! hehs ;D & then us sleeqers kept shouting "SLEEQ!" ahahahah i simply love the crowd dat nite & finally the boys performed! we sang along & shouted out for them. as usual they were AWESOMEEE!! wad more can i say?? hehs. go to www.youtube.com/NurulCherrydoll to view their performances on dat nite! pardon the crowd xD & then we waited for the boys outside & started to cam-whore. didnt knw it cud be so fun! LOL & i saw sherrynaah from afar so i wanted to take a picture with her. hehs so sorry i didnt talk much. :/ ill try to talk more next time girl! azura's honour! x3 ahahahah alright. & when the boys came out, we took a grp photo. nurul is so busted! LOL no comments. peace. ^^V okay i shall stop here! PICTURE CREDITS! WAWA & NURUL! awesome photography skills they have there! well some were taken by me too! xD okayy toodles! azura out xx ♥

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

i had tons of fun!
an awesome day spent with my awesome gurls!
nurul,amirah,naqi,riqa,hafsah & arina.
the food was off da hook!the prawns were so big n niceeee..ohmygeez!;D
& the desert!just wowww.. hahahah
&& when i saw naqiyah's sister.. i was like WOWWW! O.O
she looked so effin gorgeous!like a doll! seriously!im not kidding ;P
there were some entertainment. & after we ate. cam-whored!
wheeeeeeeeee~ i had fun & home-ed at about 4 plus.
hehs. short post huh? xD
okayy azura out! xx

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Monday, December 14, 2009


ahahah sorry my fellow wonderful readers!
i had to stay over at my cousin's house for a few dayys
& i hd tons of fun!!! we watched taped clips of suria shows
which has sleeq & other artists too! wheeee~
i just influenced my cousins to love sleeq!every single one of them..
lol!& now they cant stop talking abt them boys! especially kak ira
who seems to love alyph now! xD as an idol lahh duhh lol!
nyahahah & me & my cousin recorded rapsodi.
ill upload it on yt soonest! ;P
hehs but not clear ehh i warn u first!LOL
& kak ira is so kuh-rayy-zeeee i tell youu!!
ahahah she made me go crazy! xD in a gd wayyy~ LOL
it wudnt be the same without her :P LOVE HER LOADS LAHHH!!
tgether with my other cousins too.. i realise how much
im having a hell of a fun time spending my few days here
with them! ;D
anyways, i had a huge fight with my mom & sis..
only amirah knows coz i just feel lyk letting it out to someone
so thanks for being there for me when im at my weakest! ;D
sighh i dun feel like ranting about it here coz i feel dat its too personal.
so yeahh im now staying at my cousin's house till further notice.
& i guess i really need to go & find a job at this point of time!
so thanks amirah! hehs. love u lahh babe! ♥
&& i have to go now coz my monster cousin aka kak ira xD
wans me to off the lappy! ahaahh
&& im cutting short the post coz im lazy to say every single detail here ;P
PLUS i wudnt want u to get bored in reading my lonnggg post! :)
k till the next post!! azura out! xoxo

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Friday, December 04, 2009

it was THE BOMB! oh yeahhhh..
before dat me,nurul,nurul...jannah!(x her bro,aai& fana got seated
then me & Fana fetched Aryna
at the carpark. wooh~ MISS U LAHHH! ;D
& the show was smokin' awesomeeee!!
well actually only the part where gt sleeq lahh LOL!kk peace.
p.s i love fauzielaily's hosting.so funny (x
even when he messed up he covered it up with a joke.lol!smooth move dudeee.
&&alot of purple lighting & clothes!! I LOIKEEEEE~
wheee~ BEST! ;D
ahahah anw i shouted lyk crazy when sleeq appeared.
tgether with d other sleeqfans. hehs! ;D
*sccreeaaaaaaaaaammmmm!~* ahahah k i had enuff. lol
i was looking at the bigbig screen more than the stage itself!
stupid or whuaaatttsss??!! goddamnit..wads the pt. of being there
if i was lyk watching the TV one -.-
anw saw nurulj & aai alot on the screeen! AHAHAHAH ! ;p
oh n malaque was there too!as beautiful as always!
& THIS NURULL!! rawwwwrrrrrr~ >;D
she saw this guy dat we saw before frm tamp mac.fated ehhk? -.-
ok lahhh he's hot & cute & handsome. & she kept staring at him!!
tk leh angsxsx youuu ;P
ahahahah he's her crush for TONITE. yes. tonite. LOL!

after d show.waited for the boys.
until 11 plus when they're finally out! LOL
I LOVE ALYPH'S SNEAKERSS!! reallyreally! aaaaaaahhhhhhh~ >.<
aft dat it was alrdy late. & me & aryna separated at the bustop
& i managed to catch the last bus!pheww~
THANKS NURUL! for d accompaniment OTP.hehs! ;D
me lovelove youuu <3
i gt lost coz i missed my bus stop. lol!
shall not elaborate. but got home safely. phewww~
&& im glad aryna got home safely too! we're both rushing for the last bus or train. :O
alrights. time check! 4 AM. hahah & im stil not sleepy!
okay im done here..pictures will be uploaded here soonest!
if i gt a hold of 'em! ^^

azura out! xoxo

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11:26 AM

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

i know i said i wud upload the pictures here but.
go look them up on my fb okay?? lazy uhhh.. ;P
&& i have no idea wad to update hereeee..
im updating for d sake of updating.. lol!hmm
i need to grab a job soon but i hav no idea wheree..
anw SI tonite! no offense bt i want airi,tabby & sylsyl to go in
*winkwink* get it? ok? okayy peace ^^V
AHAHAHAH! cant wait for her to cme bck to singapore!
then its movies,shopping,IDOLS & many more here we comeee!!
ahahah this week is pretty much a bore for me..

OH WAIT!NOOO..on fridayy i'll be seeing the boys at rapsodi.
cant wait! hope Nurul cn tag alonggg..!
anw, i made some videos on d idols
go to www.youtube.com/itzazuraangelique to see 'em!
i also got another yt acc..but nahhh ahahah ! ;P
go & comment or rate if u hav an account aites..please & thank you! ;D
okayy im pretty much done here. toodles!

azura out! xoxo

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