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Friday, April 30, 2010

here is a brief summary of the weekkk!
monday lecture, assignments!
tuesday,models,models andddd.... yeps! moreee models! -.-
wednesday, PRESENTATION! i screwed up :/
hahah bt it's all good.... thanks to classmates! i made it through
with our silent communication. hahah thanks guys!!! ;D woopdeedoop
well u cnt blame me right? first time's the charm xD
thursday,REST DAYYY! seriously, came home straight aft sch n sleep LOL
no moree lecturess~ but heavy work is comin our wayyy. ;p
friday, i almost became a mad woman. like insane! my idea gt rejected
umpteen times i was at the verge of givin up. bt dats not the reason
y i joined design. like our director moses lim says, keep trying & dont give up.
if u've been to hell, everywhr else is heaven. heh. im ready! to work hard. (:
i gt an idea dat seems to b fine bt i'll try to develop it more. no resting during weekends.
the earlier i finish the better. OH PLUS! went shopping with aai & isk earlier today!
at marina sq. heh i made isk tempted to buy dat cap. >;D bt no kiddin it
looks nice on him. nyahahah! >;D & we also waled ard ion n cineleisure? isk saw this SHINee
poster! omggg i only caught a glimpse!! urghhhhh~
dinner with aai at simpang n home-ed! im BEAT OUT.
alrightyo till my nxt update! will promise to update mre ;D xx

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10:15 AM

OH...MYY....GODDDD!!! its been almost a month since i last updated...~
hahaha sincere apologies ppl. twitter DOMINATES!! NYAHAHAH
i tend to rant on twitter so yeahhh~ anw! starting with last sat.
SLEEQ'S RUN-THROUGH. what can i say?? awesome! n u knw ittt! hehh
had the utmost fun with the wonderful peepz who were present.
the atmosphere was hyped!! performances dope! had the utmost funnn im tellin u.
met up with aryna at bugis & when we reached, sat n hanged out with isk n nissa
b4 the interview thingy started. LOL
to tell u the truth, me n aryna had NO idea hw we managed to get in when alyph
& syarif were rehearsing. hahhaha exclusiveee yknw~ woopwooop.
&& i knew it! confirm plus chop these dudes will mess up when it comes to selamat malam!
hehh pardon me, i just love rubbing it in. TRACK 8 FTW WOKAY! lol ;p
also just found out dat nissa is liyana's cousin, who's also a sleeqer. heh
wad a small world. fuhhh~ btw, alyph looks tall n handsome when he walked in b4 the show.
to tell u the truth, i thought he was a mat salleh yknw!
with the dyed hair n shades n smart clothes. bt as he got closer.. totally alyph -.-
HAHAHAHAH no offense to alyphians out thr. lol ;p
ermmm what else ehh? just had tons of funn! special thanks to dearest aryna!~
who made it extra funnn hee. we even clicked with chippy & aziee! like instant "click"
hehh lovin ittt.. PICTURES BELOWWW.
darn fb! this is only a mini lot of pics dat i cn get a hold of at the mmt. -.-
the best of the best! hehhh ;p

we nvr fail to have fun dont we?? love u dearest! heh ;p

SHINee saranghaeyoooo! ;D

'THE LOST BROS' as quoted by aryna ! hahah paham2kan ajer eh korangs~ lol

i miss this bunch!! i will nvr forget our mmts okayy.. hehe ;p
azura xx

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8:27 AM

Thursday, April 08, 2010

okayy so yesterday chilled with aai,wawa & isk at bugis. helped wawa find her school shoes yawww! hehhh.. then we met up with isk. eat at uhhh.. tongseng?? is dat how u spell it??HAHAHAHH! im the only one who's nvr been there -.-" well at least i have noww ;p me & wawa cudnt stop talking abt SHINee every now & then!"PALDANG DAMNN..." "PALDANG DAMMIT!!" goshh ill nvr get tired of it seriously. & then aai & isk will be like no comments. lol? howells ;P all of them are great company really! OH YESS!! cinnamon melts!!! HEAVENLY~~~ *-* hav u tasted something better? I.THINK.NOT! hahah kay im overreacting. home-ed by MRT & bus.

&& BEFORE I FORGET!! (okay i don't think i will xD) HAPPY BIRTHDAYY KIM JONGHYUNN!! aka jjong blingbling/puppy jjong HEH!! ;D muchh loveee ayeeee~ he's my 2nd favee. ;D

look at the video of him close-up.showing off his vocals! i love his eyes btw. all sparkly & big & looks like a puppy. thus the name? LOL ;p NOW! if u still think SHINee is all looks & no talent, did i prove u wrong? coz seriously, they are much much more than that! tskkk. all of them ARE good-looking tho. every single one of them (; no question about it.

but anw! since today is jonghyun's bday,all fans from around the world came together & made him a TT!!umm yeahh,apparently he managed to make it to NUMBER 2! hell yeahh. & for once i didnt see justin bieber's name? LOL no comments. it's cool dat all the fans are coming together to wish him a happy birthday! i hope he had a good one. i saw a pic of what KEY gave him,one of the members from SHINee. so cute & sweet! i swear. i'll share it with u guys next time kayy. but for now, happy birthdayy kim jonghyun!! wheee~ psssstt..finally nurul is updating her blog after like uhhh..centuries?? hahah just for this day! ELEHHHH ;p alright i guess thatsss itttt..!

azura xx

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8:28 AM

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I LOVE THIS! like serious shit. nyahahah

hellohello!finally a proper update aye? heh. & yes this was last wednesday? if im not wrong.had an awesome time!will never fail to have fun when it comes to hanging out with these two. my bestie n closest cousin. what could be better? nyehehehx. btw we just decided to have a random meet-up.since school is starting soon& i just want to get my butt out of the house! Whenever,wherever. so anyone wanna hang out? im just a call awayyy~ before 13 april! hahah if possible i do not wanna stay at home. okayy teeettttt! side-tracked. anyway,we went to eat lunch at T3. mine was 7 bucks!! holy mother of pearl! HAHAH not worth it i tell you. -_-" but the ice jelly cocktail was the bomb. niceee (; we practically walked everywhere. & i mean everywhere. LOL cam-whored randomly at some places. more pictures up on fb!! stopped for ice cream. it was too tempting for me to give it a miss. *glares at 'potentialhayleywilliams'* nyahahah me & nurul was resisting so much NOT to talk about SHINee. yeah we survived. we're not that fanatic yknw. (; just sayin lol. eh nurul ehh? *winkwink* ^^ at the end of the day we drained so much of our energy by laughing & just crapping around. i was totally beat out. i cudnt even laugh when i wanted to. HAHAH okayy i'll stop here. don't want to rant so much in the middle of the night.good night !! P.S i love my editing this time. *pats myself on the back (LOL!)

azura xx

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11:33 PM