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Monday, June 28, 2010

this week has pretty much been a killer for me.
went around town just to take pictures of retail shops!
can u imagine, going to ION, taking pictures of their retail shops
DISCRETELY i might add! bcoz the security is tight.
n they might give a letter to our sch if we were caught.
but phewww~ luckily we were stealthy enuffff~
but it felt weird!! HAHAHA howells, the experience was nothing
i have ever expected. & my whole week was packed! so i had no time to update
this space of mine. im thinking of creating a tumblr soon idk. hehehhh ;D

& i havent slept a wink for abt hmmm lemme see~
going to 40 hours to b exact. bcoz the night before, some of us RHD students
stayed up ALL night to finish our assignments due to submission!
we hanged out on twitter n MSN ! BUT.
it was TORTURE. goshhh~ too much to handle. since this is our first time
taking 2 modules in one go. & im telling you. we have no time for ourselves!=no life.
sighhh we just had presentation today. first grp!!! SWAYYYYY~
it was average i guess. sheeeshh kebab bombb! n even aft submission
we still have workloads to take care of frm the 2nd module (Y)
im working on Mickey Mouse as my design idea!!! hehe alrightyo better get bck to work.
i need my beauty sleep O.O -- panda eyes!TSKKK~

azura xx

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11:29 PM

Monday, June 21, 2010

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~!!! *cough cough*
I TOTALLY FORGOT ABT THIS SPACE OF MINE!!! dearest aryna reminded me. lol!
i promise im gonna take care of this baby frm now on yeah??? *pinkie swear* ^^
oh yeah the above pic is random! me n nurul wrote it fr the boys during our class BBQ XD
n today was the first day of sch aft 2 weeks break.
it wasnt dat bad since its just the starting of HELL. cheyy!! hahah bt seriously.
we gt two modules this time. nufffff~ said. ended early coz our awesome lecturer
ended it with just a subject brief which took only 20 mins. awesome or whuaats~!
we just knew him today bt he's just plain awesome. he cn like totally
relate to our craps above all CRAPS. NYAHAHAHH awesomeawesome.
bt this few weeks's gonna b a drag. 9-6 EVERY.SINGLE.DAY xP
i only got tonite off!! must infest myself with shinee vids!! coz i doubt i hav any time fr dat
in the near future. T-T
bt anw! this has been my short update! will try to post everyday alrightyo!
azura xx

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Friday, June 04, 2010

it was last saturday, i went to the studio first at late afternoon to finish my work before heading dwn to scape to meet the boysss with kak ira n nurul!! wheeeeee~
we were lateeee. luckily the boys gt another perf at 6.30pm!
if not, our trip thr will b wasted. i swear i will cry. cheyyyy!! xD
we went to buy some snacks before heading dwn to d place. walked ard n terserempak with aai,mai n wawa. went to the rooftop n danced! to yknw what? LOL
aft dat, went to c the boys perform. nurul rinduuuuuuu~! hahah alyph smiled at her fr quite a while when he was performing.. waduhhhh!! HAHAH n gt this one part alyph was right in frnt of me n looking at my cam bt i didnt zoom out so can only see his face HAHAH funny shitzzz!!
but wastedddddddd~ howells, thr's always a nxt time.
hanged out at rooftop fr awhile n nurul we gotta meet up to dance!~ hahah random.
thn aai,mai n wawa had to leave && me,nurul n kak ira cam-whored like alwaysss~ walked to 313! ate long johns. n took 65 homee!~
had the funniest conversation while in the bus! till my stomach cramp xDDDD
cakap sini habis sini. LOL here r the pics! MORE ON FB!! ;DD

xx azura

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