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Saturday, August 30, 2008


it took me ages!!lyk centuries!!to upload this sia..

haiz..well enjoy!!!recommended to see the 3rd n

4th video!!heheh..^-^

best teachers day performance ever!!

class 5a1!

class 4e6!

damai's top model!the best 3 teachers!

class 4e4!damn funny!

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5:49 AM

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

got my summary test back todae..
the whole class did ok..hahas..1 gt 16/25..=)
first time i passed my summary!yay me!hahas..
well im sad to say this bt its thanks to miss carol..lol!

so aniwaes..gt band todae..came late coz gt geog
remedial..quite a boring day..played warm up
until 4 plus lyk tat then went to sectionals..
combined again n played songs..
after band gt the teacher's day thingy..haiz..
no offence bt every yr we do the same thing..
kind of boring bt at least there's cake..lol!
very nice man...=p after eating the cake..
me amirah nad n fareha went to bbt shop for
a while to buy peach red tea then went straight
to the bus stop to w8 for dee's bus to come..
then kaibin told/taught me sumthin..haha!oni me..
him..amirah n nadiyah noe..it's a damn ultimate secret
larh..hahas..i'll be in big trouble if anyone noes abt tis..
so then after dee has taken her bus, the rest of us
went to the void deck near the bus stop dere n talk..talk..talk..
then guess wad..we saw hassan!lol!
i just came to know tat he lived ard there..hahas..
cool or wad..so when he came back frm 7-11 he joined us
n since he bought two ice creams..fareha took one
n shared with us..lol!he was damn funny sia..laughed my head off..XD
hmm..came to noe abt a lot of things
in our conversations..then it was getting late so amirah
went home first..then the rest of us finally decided
to go home when it was lyk...hmm..let me tink..
10 plus!!lyk whoa!quickly rushed home bt
luckily my mom nvr scold me..phew..
so tat's all for todae..tata!

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11:14 PM

so finally, ive taken some of the pics frm valerie n uploaded these pics..=)

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10:54 PM

Sunday, August 24, 2008

got section outing todae..we went to east coast..first met up at bedok inter at 11pm..
then took 169 and bus-ed to the marina parade the bus stop..
aiyo..the boys keep playing their psp..haishh..then val n weichyi
said tat psp is an anti-social game..which is so true!hahas
first we went to eat at mac..the boys n girls sat at diff tables
bt we were still close.hahas..then wei chyi n val influenced
qianhui n leanna to eat sugary stuff so tat they'll be hyper..lol!
after tat we went to play bowling..terence eoin n keith were at lane 18
while me val weichyi leanna n qianhui were at lane 17..
beside them..(duhh..-.-")we realli had fun n we took a
lot of pics at val's camera..sori i cant upload the pics todae..
try to get frm val asap..hahas..
the girls oni played one game bt the guys played a lot..
including when nicholas finally came..hahas..
so me n the other girls went to the arcade first..
when terence they all came up..we played time crisis2 and jurassi park..
then lastly..we,(excluding qianhui and leanna coz they dun wan play)
played this game where must press the button when the thing reach the line..
haish..dunno how to explain larh..hahas..then each of
us press one button..lol!!very funny..also kinda used our acs..hahas..
next..went to find clar sect. at their bbq pit then the fh sect.
bt couldn't find them anywhere.hanged out at mac since it's raining..
took a section photo n then went our separate ways..
it rained again!!so me n val took out our umbrellas
n qianhui n leanna decided to take taxi at the last min..
then oni left with me val terence n keith..we took 169 to go
to bedok inter..when we reached there..still sending stuff to
terence's hp so we decided to follow val to NTUC while otw..hahas
then val took 225 while me terence n keith bus-ed home
at 66..then keith gave me some tips on how to
prevent urself frm getting "injured" in the bus..lol!!
wow!!this is a damn long post mann..=S

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5:28 AM

Thursday, August 21, 2008

pic of roxane packing her cupboard..hardworking huh?heheh..
since todae cannot play at all..decided to pack/rearranged the cupboard!^-^
but then rearranged again since the double reed section needs more space..=)
got see the difference??
this is wad u call illegal gathering..lol!-.-"

got mie ss test back today..got 5/20..lol!haiz..its to be expected..
since we cannot play at the bandstore todae..me, ren hong n roxane
rearranged our cupboards to give our sections more space..hahas..
n thanks roxane!!for helping me with rearranging the cupboard!!


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6:11 AM

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

nice pics huh??hehe..taken by yours truly..hahas..mdm dini didn't
come today so we had two free periods during CME..
so idris,john,amirah,izzat n sherman played monopoly.i was just
there as their banker n still gt time to snap some pics!!hahas..
realli funny seing them play u noe..lol!!

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1:04 AM

Sunday, August 17, 2008

hahas..the match was realli intense man..
cn feel the pressure on our players..
especially Li Jia Wei..cos she was competing
against her childhood fren..can u imagine????
fighting against ur long term fren at the olympics?
n u're actually fighting for the other country..
how ironic is tat??lyk whoa..hahas

n michael phelps is so cool!
winning eight medals in eight days
in the eight-letter word(olympics-.-")
durin the eigth month n in the year '08!hahas..
wow..this olympic is sure to be remembered..
well tat's all i hav to say..watched olympic the
whole day..

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9:22 PM

Saturday, August 16, 2008


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7:37 PM

Friday, August 15, 2008

got back another two of mie test todae..
chem and e maths..got 7.5/25 for chem..
improve by half mark from the first test..-.-"
then i got 13/25 for maths..PHEW...
pass by half mark mann..yeah!

after sch gt band..sectional on english folk song
suite-2nd movement n smokey joe's cafe..
sec ones..a day at disneyland and variants..
after tat brasses combine at bs.
suddenly mr wong asked terence n valerie
to take out the cornets and play..
haiz..now then tell us..aiyo..
then after tat gt combine..blah..blah..blah..

band dismissed gt section meeting..
lazy to post abt it larh..okok
long story cut short.asked our juniors
how they feel abt the band n the section
then we the seniors also gt share abt it..
trying to bond the section u c..
then went to bbt shop with omairah
amirah liza wanxin n herda..
realli had fun..lol!then herda keep picking
on me..=p it shud be the other way ard u noe!!
then when the 3 juniors went home..
chihin n erwin joined us..chihin let us listen
to some band songs..very nice lehh..
n oso very the very the hard..hahas
harder than wiltern??can say lehh..hahas
then they all keep saying trumpet extra
bcoz always gt some kind of soli in the song..
then erwin keep saying.."eeee"
very irritating u noe!!haish...at 8.30pm lyk
tat went our separate ways n went home!

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7:41 AM

Thursday, August 14, 2008

todae had our ss test..oni given one
period sio..n we lyk gt no time to write...-.-"
argh!!stupid miss jumilia..hate her man...
expect us to noe anything abt everything
she teach oso lyk wad....give us work then
lyk nvr teach us how to do or sumthin
lyk tat..then sum more gt mr tan..
lyk dun wan to teach us poa anymore..
haiz..y r we sooo "lucky" to get these kind
of teachers arh??seriously..=p


hahas..dunno how many times i
have wished u oredi..
lost count..lol!!all the best in everything
u do n hope tat u have enjoyed ur day todae..

azura signing off!!!-.-"

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6:02 AM

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


shall post abt yesterday first..so excited
abt changing mie blogskin until i forget to post..-.-"
got mie f&n test back..26/30!!!yeah mann...^-^
gt chem retest..dunno if it's beta than
the previous test which many ppl failed
bt it makes no difference to me..lol!
gonna fail anw..haiz..
the assembly programme was ok larh..
quite funny at some parts..bt the actress who
wore glasses hor..realli disturbs me.. -.-

after sch nurul and amirah went to mie
hse to watch some vid on youtube..
funny ones..ghost ones..a lot..hahas..
especially the vid frm japan..damn funny i tell u!!!!!
we laugh until lyk wad sia....aiyo....
then video-ed ourselves coz we gt ntn to do..
7pm they went home..

gt eng test..aiya..wateva larh..
then physics we went to the com lab
in the 2nd period to do the online quiz thingy..
set by mr phoa..lol!bt oni sum ppl did it..
coz we nvr c the slides at home..hahas...
then mrs chan say cn do at home or
sumthin lyk tat..then amirah n naqi finished late
so we hav to w8..then me n nurul talked to
mrs chan while waitin..=)

studu hr was sexuality education!hahas..
ok larh..funny bcoz our class was making jokes
abt the things..then we watched one music vid
called "runaway love".two vids abt the
relationship bet. two couples..forgot their names..^-^"
all this was abt the consequences of having sex
and all..then went to the canteen for a while..
then proceed to band..set up then sectionals..take the sec 1s one to one..
...............................then combine..played
peterloo n postcard.pack up went to bbt shop then
home sweet home!!!

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8:53 AM

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

finally i have changed my blogskin!!
hah..it's a good feeling realli..
anw..havent updated the birthdays column fully..
so im sorry if ur name isn't there..
do tell me if ur name is not there..
i'll gladly update it for u..
so PLEASE tell me if i have not written ur birthday..
hahas.plz and thank u!!!^-^

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6:30 AM

Saturday, August 09, 2008


went to grandma's hse to celebrate my cousins
bdae which falls on ndp..lol
played my cousins psp all day..lazy
to interact with ppl.. :p
forgot to watch gundam seed!!!!damn!!
argh!!miss 4 episodes oredi. T.T
nvm..shall watch at www.movie6.net..
lol!!alwaes watch any missed anime episodes there..

went home at 5 plus..then watched the ndp show
wanted to play com bt my sister beat me
to it..so have to wait for her to finish
playing.. :p

oh yar..gt one more thing to say..
hope u have enjoyed ur day todae
since the whole spore is celebrating
ur bdae..lol.. ;)

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11:00 PM

Thursday, August 07, 2008

okae..first things first..
we had pe todae..mr cho said we had to do
light warm up..then he asked us to go
to the field..-.- so we kinda begged him
to let us juz run in the parade sq.
at first oni nid to run 2 rounds bt then some ppl
cut the line as in the four corners..
of the parade sq. then in the end nid to run
4 rounds..haiz..after tat all the girls including
john,jeff n shawn woo played badminton..
okok..fast forward to eng 2nd last period..
idris grp did their blog presentation..
very funny sio...idris go n talk abt his experiences
with the old folks then the way he explained
it was very funny..lol..
then...it was poa..gt mie test back..19/25..=p!
could have done better sia..expected to get
20 n above marks..bt nvm.at least i was close..

after sch no study hour coz mdm dini had to attend
some stuff..then the chinese oso dun have..dunno y..
the 3e5 n 3e6 all oso dun have..
except for the chinese ppl frm 3e6..they gt..
bt for a while oni..lyk very free hor todae..
then brought home the file to pack..since dunno
if terence wanna pack anot..lol
then at the canteen we asked izzat to sit with
us n we asked him abt a some things..heheh..

blah..blah..blah..hanged out at the void deck for
a while..with nadiyah..amirah..nurul..n naqi
videoed ourselves abt imitating sum1..hahas
then told ghost stories n shared our ghost
encounters..n when we started..it rained!!got damn
cold!!so covered ourselves with our uniform..
then when telling these storiesnadiyah became freaked out n
was shocked everytime sumbody passed by..lol!!
very funny..hahas..

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5:02 AM

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

hello ppl!!=D

gt two free periods of mt..miss wong
our math teacher took us..-.-"
hahas..but she was ok larh..amirah n arina
still had the time to ask her abt maths stuff..
actually we were supposed to
do this compre larh..
but naqiyah went up to the board n
did puzzles..somethin lyk the wheel of fortune
tat kind..where we hav to guess the word..
kinda fun..hahas..we became crazy n wild
trying to figure out the word..lol..
went to the com lab for our 3 period f&n
to do our decision-making..
then gt mie chem test back..7/25..lol
as expected..many ppl in the class failed..
the chapter is lyk damn hard cn..=p
next we oso gt our ss test back..gt 10/20..
PHEW...damn relieved..first time i passed
mie ss test..seriously!applause plz..applause..-.-
gt combined assembly after tat..dot..dot..dot...

after our taf programme..something funny happened!
well to me its funny..hahas
firdaus..(tuba junior) gave nadiyah this
piece of cupcake n he said tat it was frm sufi..
actually i suspected tat sumthin was wrong oredi
but i juz kept quiet..nadiyah was hesitant
to eat it so she shared it with amirah..
but when then moment she swallowed
her piece of the cupcake..hidayah called out
to me and said tat the cupcake contained
sufi's saliva!!!!!eeeewww..........L.O.L!
i felt nadiyah n amirah's pain!!!hahas

at home..supposed to study for geog test tmr
bt just couldn't resist onlining until late at nite..
just finished watching nodame cantabile
at crunchyroll.com!lol!!it's a total recommended
show to watch!!not the anime one..
the reality series one..damn funny i tell u..

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6:06 AM

Monday, August 04, 2008

got oral presentation of our english blogs
during eng lesson..our grp was the third
to present..consist of me..nurul..roxane..
huiyim n katherine..ok larh..
went through it as fast as possible..
next was poa..damn boring i tell u!!!!!
i dunno wad the hell mr tan cc was
talking abt!!!keep babbling on n on n on....
went so fast i cant even catch up..aiyo!!
no use paying attention larh.....ask other
students taking poa to teach me oso
gt more benefit..=p
anw i discovered sumthin todae..
if u feel lyk sleeping in class n is trying ur
best to still pay attention to ur teacher..
take out a tissue n pour some water on it n
rub it on your eyes...suddenly u will
feel fresh u noe!!!100% guaranteed
plus chop u will be awake!hahas..
last period was maths..didn't pay attention coz
as usual..idris keep being funny until
i get so distracted..XD amirah oso..

after sch went to buy bbt n 7-11 n
hanged out at the void deck near the bus stop there..
with nurul amirah n nadiyah..
we talked abt a lot of stuffs..abt this particular
person tat i hate of course.. **b**
can guess who???lol
haiz..i just feel tat she's pathetic..
after tat incident..trying to be nice
to everyone n me oso..lyk i will be taken in..
aiyo..stop trying larh..wads the point..just wasting
ur effort u noe! -.-
then saw desmond nigel terence n keith..
waved at them then continued our
conversation..also talked abt
how sum ppl dun desrve their post coz
they nvr make effort in doin it..
u shud realize urself hu u r..
seriously cannot do anything abt it..haiz..

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6:09 AM

Saturday, August 02, 2008

got ndp performance!!
but it's at school though..hahas..
went to the bubble tea shop with nad
n riqa at 12.25 lyk tat..bought hairband
n nadiyah bought a mini fan..lol!
saw zoey edna n peiyi..then went to sch
coz cumin to 12.45 oredi..
set up the music rm n practiced..blah..blah..
at 4 o'clock set up the band at the parade sq..
prepared everything..banners..stands wateva..
then ate "dinner" 4.50 lyk tat..lol..
very funny..while eating our section talked
abt stuff.."sensored"..XD

forwarded to performance time..
waited for the vip to come..saw the sec ones at the
d&t block second floor looking at us..
lol..very cute!hahas
then mr wong sat behind us..talk..talk..talk..
after tat he got bored so we played
some songs..then got giddy..n lips damn pain
so rested for a few songs..
played the fanfare n majulah when the vip came..
not bad arh..the band play..=)
packed up..put everything in the d&t
room as quietly as possible..
then assembled at the atrium..

blah..blah..blah..then when band dismissed
we were supposed to walk in
two straight rows..=.="
after tat went to the ntuc n then guardian to find
stuff..hahas..saw the sec ones..so i said hi..
then when on the way home..
nadiyah said.."who wants riqa??10 cents
per hour.."lol something lyk tat i guess..hahas
funny to the max..we were lyk disturbing
her all the way..
then when we separated we asked
her to pray hard coz she walking through
the park n the bridge..scary.. =S
went straight home after tat..
so tat's all im posting for todae..TTFN!

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5:05 AM

Friday, August 01, 2008

first period was physics..gt mie test back..
15/25..heheh..gt the same marks as izzat..
after tat was two periods of f&n..
mdm soraya asked us to do the
decision-making for our coursework..bt me..
amirah..izzat n idris went to play scrabble.
heheh..we gt the game frm when we won first
prize for the class deco thingy..lol
very funny..izzat n idris go n put the word
tit..gt such english word meh??hahas..XD
when we nearly finished our game..
mdm soraya found out we were playing then
confiscated it..=p
after recess was eng..argh!!stupid miss carol..
i forgot to ask my test paper frm her then
she dun wan give me when she asked for
the marks..walao..lyk tat i will get zero sia..
stupid miss carol!!sux man..=p!!!!
went to the the chem lab todae..mdm yani
showed us wad experiments we were supposed
to do..then gt this one time she put some
grey stuff into the test tube with another
solution..then it lyk quickly rise up
lyk a "volcano"? hahas..
then we all say eeee........then mdm yani
say we all cute..lol last period was maths
dunno y bt suddenly john was in a bad mood
when miss wong asked to write dwn
this one equation on the board he voluntered bt
teacher wanted hafsah to do it..which made him
feel worse!haiz..so me n idris n sum other
ppl asked him to relax..hahas..dunno y he's in
such a bad mood todae..

gt band prac until 8 pm..one day before the
performance..went combine band all the way..no
time for sectionals..at 5 plus set up at the parade
sq to test the sound..then went to eat mc chicken
at the canteen..then suddenly mr wong asked
jieqi they all to join the performance!=.="!!!!!!
they no nid to practice meh??so perfect arh??
bullshit sia...we all practice until lyk wad then
suddenly they come in n play last min..
unfair sia..
haiz..tat's all im posting abt todae..

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7:18 PM