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Monday, October 01, 2007

todae is riqa's bdae!!hahas..
me n diyana plan to wish her
a hapi bdae when she reach school.
then diyana saw her n called
chia chern to ask him to wish
her oso..nurul came with us..
then sumthin funny happened!!
i ran to riqa in the canteen
n tripped!i ended up hugging her..
lols..diyana n nurul saw it!
n i dunno whether he saw it or nt..
i hope not!!
omg!!tat was the most embarrasing
moment of my entire life!
wish i could rewind the moment..T.T

then after tat lessons were normal
bt i gt my science test back..
i gt 15/20..haiz..nvm..
nvr did really studied for the test..

then after sch me n nurul went
to naqiyah's hse..we went there by taxi
then gt traffic jam..all the driver's
fault..for going another route..
at naqi's hse we watched
barbie as the island princess..
then i played the keyboard..
realli had fun juz nw..hehe
omg!geo exam is in 2 days..
nid to study hard..keep failing tis
gd luck to everybody out the hu's having

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