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Sunday, December 23, 2007

the photos i took at the hk trip..lolx..sori it took
so long for me to post it..lolx..no time to post
coz un hab internet..hahax..

the hk trip was fun n enjoyable!!lolx..get to meet the
wan fut nam ppl..then the band exchange performance
was great!the best performance we ever performed!lolx
n i oso had fun at disneyland..my grp joined with amalina n
naufal's grp..hahax..coolness!then rode the space mountain 3
times!omg!!hahax..k lar..lazy to write other stuff..hehe..

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2:15 PM

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

todae we had band prac..
as usual the singapore band was separted from the hong kong band..
then we set up th music room n had warm ups..
after tat we had sectionals until 11.35 am..
bt me,terence,elissa and grace had to go to the music room..
coz mr wong wanted to take our solos..
first syad and amalina tried out their santa solo then mr wong pressured them abit..
hahax..after tat it's terence,vanessa,muen's turn to play their solo..
very funny leh when terence is having trouble with the triplets in his solo..
me,elissa,grace,jyngle n qien were lyk giggling..
hehe..then when mr wong asked them to play their solo out loud..
i was suffering!lolx!coz terence was on my left..
vanessa was on my right..
n aisyah n muen was directly behind me..hahax..
then after i finished playing my solo,we all went back for sectionals..
me n terence had to work on our solo..ws also..
n grace n elissa oso practice our solo in case we cant play or sumthin..
then val emo coz she had to teach the two sec ones..haiz..
i would feel the same way if i were in her place..
then me n terence they all tink tat we had enough practice on our solo..
then after tat i accidentally play terence's trumpet!!!
it's lykk wad the hell!!
bleah..walao..lyke wad sia..omg..
then i quickly went to the canteen to wash the mouthpiece..lolx..

After tat we went through christmas festival then we went to music room..
blah blah blah..then go lunch..
we ate at kopitiam..then i accompany nicholas to the bread shop to buy cheese bread for grace..
when we returned to school..then we met up with the trombone section..
hahax..me,riqa n aisyah had a chat while we were walking..hahax..
after lunch we had combine sectional until 3.30pm..
then combine with the whole band..
at 5 plus lyk tat i was feeling unwell..
coz i over exert myself while playing the trumpet..haiz..
then i rested at the band store..
i heard the hk band play very nice!!lolx..
after tat we all assemble then blah blah blah..
then me n riqa n fareha went home..hehe..

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8:22 AM

Monday, December 03, 2007

todae,i went out with amirah and nurul to the mac..
they went to mediacorp to get tickets for the concert 'rhapsodi 2007' in Suria..
then they asked me if i wanted to go to mac to eat there n i said yes..
hehe..i took the same 228 bus with them..
then we saw mr.ng..lolx..
he wore a pink t-shirt..
we wanted to confront him but he oredi took a taxi or sumthin..
lolx..we hang out at mac for quite awhile..
nurul n amirah ate filet o fish student meal..
but i only ate hot fudge sundae..lolx..
after we finish eating..
we went to the toilet n took some pictures..hahax..
i dunno how long we were inside there..lolx!
after tat we went to buy battery at i dunno where..hahax..
then we walked outside eunos cc there n walked one big round to get to nurul's bustop..
hahax..then me n amirah took 228 n went home..=)

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8:44 AM

Sunday, December 02, 2007

today nothing interesting happen..
can't believe i haven't got my internet yet..
so now i'm at Amirah's house blogging..

haiz..sian..Hong Kong trip is in 12 days..
and there's alot of practices coming up..haiz..
dunnoe if i can handle my solo well..lolx..
also got alot of songs to play at the same time..
and i dunnoe if my lips can handle..haiz..
part of me wants the hong kong trip to be over soon..
but the other part of me doesn't..
got alot of ryhthms..why?!..hahax..
ok lah..gtg..bye bye!=)

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7:38 AM

Saturday, December 01, 2007

it's been a long time since i've posted abt smth..
reli miss blogging..

today,i'm abit depress about smth..

i keep telling myself that it's worth it to like him..
but i can't seem to forget about him..
i know yesterday i couldn't make it to the movies..
'cos i'm working..
but you didn't have to brag about what happen between u and him..
because i seriously don't want to know..
don't try to make me jealous because i don't give a damn!
i'm sick and tired of all of this..
i'm done lying to this certain someone...
it's not worth it tolerating this..
i tried to forget him but it's harder than i though..
i guess there's nothing more that i could do..

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7:09 AM