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Saturday, January 30, 2010

FIESTA SURIA @ ECP ! alyph's OTP with liyana on mah phone! :D [credits to WAWA]

riffyyyyy :D
alyphhh yo :D

'em boys! ^^

whaddup fellow wonderful readers?!hope all's fineee!
i went to the Fiesta Suria event!
hawt hawt hawt!! &im not just talking abt the event but the weather itself -.-
fuhhhhhh~! i think i gt darker..sheeesh
but anw!went with wawa,nuruljannah & aai! cabbed ourselves alot today LOL
okayy mayb just to & fro bt ahh yknw wad i mean.
& nurul & aai cnt stop bullying me. im lyk totally innocent & defenseless
against them! *innocent face* AHAHAH buat lawak perr..
& WAWA sedare alyph ehk?! HAHAH btol ke tidak niii? 0.o?
so yeahh Sleeq's perf was AWEZZUUMM!! need i say more?
hehs & i love the part when syarif went to us during their perf. how coooool!
do dat more dudeee!hahah not dat he's reading this -_-
btw i noticed dat alyph looked supaaaa tired! hmmms..
& liyana couldnt come today.she became sick so suddenly!D;
wad perfect timing. -.- & soooo...i asked rif & alyph to talk to her OTP.
since she's been dying to knw what they think of her cover.
im sure dat cheered her up big time!hearing hw excited her voice was aft
talking to them otp!nyehehehx glad dat i made ur day n hope u recover soon beb!:D
then us girls cabbed to AMK & went separate ways.MRT-ed & BUS-ed home!
nearly wanted to faint coz i didnt eat all day :/ but i survived! :D
btw i cnt wait to start sch.BUT! nervous at d same time.
i mean cmonnn!design sch?? i hav no idea what to expect. sighh..
just hoping for ze best!

Farhana: HelloHello :D
heyheyyy (:

rushiqah: yah,im goin too..And if i saw u,i'll tegur u.Do e same if u saw me (;
awwhh babe!i didnt see u anywhere. D; but hope u had fun!hehs :D

FANNA!(:: geezzz yeahh! (: maybe casue we have smtgin common to talk about ehh? (:
hell yeahhhh!tell me bout it hehs (;

WAWA: Thanks so much for dropping by & giving me those encouraging words bbyg! They mean alot. Rlly do. Love you to bits! TC!
awwhhh..ur always welcome!continue to be strong!& thanks for mentioning me on ur blog.
goshh im soo touched! x3 n loveee youuu toooo! tc ;D ♥

Aryna: Thanks for understanding dearest !
no problemmmm bbygurl!will always be there fr youuu!♥ meet u soonest!hehs ;D

amirah(:: hey babe! let's have a girl's day out of the four of us aye? long time no hang out yo!!
amirah(:: yes yes yes! btw, u heard abt the 4e4 bbq?
OF COURSEEE!!*winkwink* cant wait yoo!
n yessss!i confirm alrdy.im going!ahahah cnt wait to see everyone.much misses!♥

azura outt!! xx


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11:55 PM

Friday, January 29, 2010

can i get a woop woop?! AHAHAH like finally :3

& so i went out with these two irritating buggers ytd!HAHAHAH ;P
well actually the plan was to head down to VIVO.
but somebody!well i dont wanna mention names.... *cough* nurul *cough*
woke up late. -_- see lahhh..online till late some more! TSK
okayy moving on..'hayley' aka kak ira..
[psst..she personally ask me to call her dat here xD & i knw ur readin dis :P]
she cancelled her plans in meeting her friend & decided to just meet us at tamp.
& then we had an impromptu decision to head down to changi airport!
niceeeee.. went T3 to eat at macD. im still waiting for my oreo cheesecake! *-*
shared my ghost story with the two & hayley freaked out!HAHAAH
& nurul cn still laugh abt it. -_- smack u then u knw!sheeeesh
then we walked ard..to T1 & T2 for fun. hanged out fr awhile at starbucks
the two keep talking RP language! riighhhttt... :P
& then we did this colouring at this A3 sized paper.
i think u knw what i mean right? yes? no? howells, it was fun LOL!
i know im weird.i miss colouring with crayons (:
one purple,one greennnnn! my two fave colours.wad cud be better? hehs! ;D
& i cnt believe what hayley & nurul wrote on their papers.you peopleeeee!
HAHAHAH & im the innocent one here ^^V
it's very annoying how these two buggers keep teaming up to go against me!-_-
sighhhh..the life of the innocent,decent teenager :3
& then we decided to continue hanging out at bedok reservoir's
floating platform.me n nurul went there 2 days straight!
we cam-whored. STANDARD PLEASEE! hahahah without fail
we will take tons of pictures.its just a standard routine LOL
then abg hadi joined us soon aftr at nite.he cnt stop talking!
talking about TP to be exact -.- well,i knw TP is awesome & everything
in terms of bonding or just mixing ard.bt he seriously didnt need to boast
that much. sighhh. no worries nurul!
u will still hav fun there okayy? keep looking forward..love youu! ♥

we separated at 8 plus.accompanied hayley at the bus stop n then home-ed.
what a tiring dayyyy!but its a good tired. cnt wait fr tmr!
see all of u there whoever's gg to ECP kayy?
alright now for tag replies!THANK YOUUU SOOO MUCH for the
overwhelming tags!im not kiddin when i said dat i miss everyone of you.yes YOU.(;

★Nurul: HAHAHAHA. *everyone's like, "omg! she's coming!!" HAHA. sunami datang sume dtg! lmao! haha. and omg, u wanna maen with alep? OMG! HAHAHA. kay2 peace!
MEREPEK UHH KAUUUU!!*hyakdush masok goal!* kau salah bace ehk?
aku ckp aku tk maen alep or sape2 dongggg!sheeesh :P

nurul: yo bestie!!! awww!! im so loving ur recent post!!! the memories put together. wahhhhh. and nice pic edits!
"yoyo!yeahh i said it twice u gt a prob with dat?" ahah gd times2..& me toooo!!i knw right? & thankyouuuu dear me wurpp youuu! :3 ♥

amirah(:: hey yo! haha kk, gna update like..NOW! *zoomz* btw, u gng fnn outing?
HAHAH like finallyyyyyy!! yupyup!we'll discuss dat when u cme bck frm bandung aites :P

FANNA!(:: heyyy Im in my school band too!! ((:
hello!oh really? HOW COOL! hehs :DDD

amirah(:: yay whoots u miss meh! hahahah swensens jelak man! haha
of courseee!u knw i always do. :P! HAHAHAH for u maybe! sheeeeshhh..

DEE!: haha love you! SEE YOU TOMORROOO!
SAW U!YES..love u too! ♥

Mimi: ZOMG! I saw me? HAHAHA. I love you too, darling (: Sweet of you.
HAHAH! yesss u didd! awwhhh love you too. & thankyouuu! :D ♥

PAN: i see my awesome face there --->
HAHAHAH!shaddup youuuu! :P! n yesyes LOL u knw u love me xD

[val]: ohhhhhhh!!! Thanks so much, AZURA! I love you too!
ur welcome valerieee!! love you too ♥ (:

★Nurul: *pity face* omg, azuraangelique da jd azurafierce uh. uh oh! k la k la, kill me when u see me ok? (:
kauu diammm uhhh!! yesyes fo sho! tmr ehh? okay? okyy SET! >;D

Sherrynaah: Awgh I see Mimi & I. Thanks dear, I miss you too. :]
nyehehehx ur always welcome sherrynaah!see you soon aites :D

ctshahira: AZURAHAHA!
ohh heyy hayley!xD ahhh shuushhh youuu! :P

Aryna: WHOOP! My picture babe Hehe. I miss you so much too! Sorry for not replying ur text. I'm appealing I'll tell you then. Hope you understand xoxo
HAHAHAH!of courseeeee!!wudnt miss u fr anything ^^ n yesyesss!ohh icic
okayy then update me soonest bbygurl! :D love u & much misses! ♥

rushiqah: hey,umm..U'll be goin to ECP tmrw?.
hello,yesyes im gg. you? (:

once again thankyouu fr spreading so much love in this blog!keep dropping by! (: ♥ azura out xx


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12:54 AM

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

be it classmates,besties,bandmates,trumpetors,sleeqers & em boys sleeq (;

really i love this whole bunch of people alot!
some of those who have went thru thick & thin with me.. (;
im thankful to have every single one of you guys here in my life!
yesss..love you all! hehs. <(^~^<)
this is a very random post.since like usual i have NOTHING to update abt
in my life coz still at this point of time im rotting at home!pfft :P
so im dedicating this post to the ones i love ;D
hoping to meet u guys soon somewhere,anywhere,anytime yo! hahah
oh wait,on 30th jan! uknowiknowsomeofusknow (;
&THIS IS A HUGEEE ONE FR KAK IRA ALSO!xD (dnt tink i frget u TBFP :P!)
& another thing,tomorrow is the day us o lvl students get to know
which route we will be walking through in our future.
*prays hard* i hope no matter what,everybody will be content with
wateva path god has chosen for us aites! okayy dats about it.
TAG REPLIESSS!! thanks for the love!! hehehehe :3 ♥♥

FANNA!(:: tagged babe! (; nice blog!! Haha!
FANNA!(:: link me yeahh
thanks for tagging fanna! thank youuu! & ur linked (:

★Nurul: seriously, i dont und wat u talking. haahahahaa. peace. diam uh azura. MBKKKKKKKKKKKK
★Nurul: HAHHA. SIAO TINGTONG. oh psl ade si AaAaAa tu. hahaha. n dhe nye muke vain abes. lol
EHH DIAMM UHHHHH!!! *hyakdushhh masok goal* HAHAHAHAH!
woiiiii..tk lahhh..syarif pn!syarif pn!!ishhhhh.. ahahh tau tk perr.. tapi tetap cute x3

eleena: heyl0 akak...thx fer da tagg..u r tagged,,+)
hello adek! no problem,thanks fr tagging! (:

rushiqah(:: hii! Ur welcum.. & i wanna say tankQ fr the advice..U rox! (;
heyy you! ur always welcome.cheer up okay? awwhh thankyouu! ;D

FANNA!(:: okayy will link you soon! ((; HAHA!

Andrea: Tagged :D
thanks fr tagging andrea! :P

★Nurul: HAHAHAHHA. Diam uh aku tau la. eleh, tkp2 aku phm. hahahahhaa. AaAaAaAaAa.
HAHAHAHAH!!kau tk serik2 ehkk.. *smacks you* SsSsSsSsSs ^^ amek kau! :P

Keith.: Well, Someone's too desperate for my tag, so here goes. HAHA!
-___________- shaddup lahh youuuu!ill kill you one day! muahahah >;D

azura out! xx
psst..keep the love flowing in ^^


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7:28 PM

Saturday, January 23, 2010

yes this is just a random picture which i love soo much!♥
i can just about go crazy everytime i hang out with these two (;

ummm..okayyy!well this is awkward ^^"
coz i have NO idea what to update. seriously.
im just updating for the sake of updating? HAHAHA!
hmmms....uknowwad? i shall rant. bare with me okay?
u know i love youuu!whoever you are who's reading this (x
okayyyy!firstly i wanna say thanks to nuruljannah ehk
for what she wrote in her blog. -_-
ahahah & ur welcome im glad i was able to help yo!fuhhh~ but aiyahhhh..
paham2kan ajer eh kau nurul biler kau bace ni..sheeesh!;P!MBK2 ._.
just u wait!HAHAHAH. so anws, i miss the two dudes alrdy.
Mr Alif Abdullah & Mr Ahmad Syarifullah. (;
im so proud to be supporting them coz they seem to be progressing
very fast.both here & malaysia!woopwooop! & i cant wait for their
official music video of Cun Saja.. waduhhhhhh!mesti cun! x3
not to mention their all english album.. ^^
& i cant wait to share my o lvl results with them. ;D
& no its not dat im proud of it but since the first day o lvls
was done i promised to tell them my results yo! so yeahhhh..
since i choose mostly design courses i really need a talk with alyph.
actually he alrdy advised me to not choose design school but what to do?
i have no other choice(: & i seem to have some inspiration of designers
like iskandar (; aka my MSN night buddy!LOL okayy nw for tag replies!!!
goshh i love chuu all thanks for tagging! <(^~^<) ♥♥♥

fareh: tek, relink.
relink-ed tekkk! ^^

★Nurul: HAHAHAHA. your dream ehhhhh. LOL. and m daud kilau org yg dangdut tu la. go google fo it. HAHAHA
★Nurul: HAHAH. okay. lol. and buy for me one Mac eh. HAHAHAHHAA
HAHAHAHAH!ribooootzzz lah youuuuu! i cnt believe i searched MDK out of curiosity xD
sheeesh! n please ehk jangannn kau perasaaannnn~ jangannnn~ amaciamm?feeling2 kan?

Aryna: AZURA! Great minds think alike. I so wanted to tell you which school I'll be posted to. Hehe ILY!
YESYESSS!! woopwoop *hi five* see you soon gurlll! eeep cnt wait!lets hope fr d best! ;D
& ILYT! *hugs*

rushiqah: im hopping by & tag! ♥
heyy youuu!thx fr dropping by & tagging :D ♥

raikha: read my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AITE!!! im on my way thereeeee! ;D

azura out! xx


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4:51 AM

Thursday, January 21, 2010

went to gym with kak ira todayyy!
goshhh how much fun i had LOL
this crazy cousin of mine nvr fail to make me laugh
every minute..im not kiddin i tell u!hohoho
bt sadly we only managed to gym fr awhile..
HAHAHAH! coz right, something effin embarrassing
happened to kak ira.. goshh i shall not elaborate here..
AHAHAHH!im still laughing abt it..i guess
she has a phobia of gym-ing now xD
yeahh its DAT bad lmao!okay so aft gym,we took a long
shower..ahhhhh refreshinngggg! & then we headed dwn to food culture
for our late lunch. shared our meals (;
mmmmhhmm yummayeee! boom boom bakkk! (x
& we walked around tm and T1 yo!
so anws,saw alot of things dat i wanna buy -.-
nvm my mom's getting her pay soon HAH! :X
well,since she doesnt allow me to work,this is her price to pay! >;D
walked alot just now xP just to make up for our lost of gym time!
*nudge nudge kak ira* :P
i have alot to sayyyyy!but i shall just stop here coz i dun wanna
rant & rant n bore u readers out there. :D
BASICALLY i had tons of fun! enough said. till the next post!
now for tag replies.thanks fr tagginggggg!! mwahss ❤

nurul: awwww. such a touching post about idris. alahh i miss him laa. i want class outing again soon! lol!
AHAHAH i know right?! well he deserve it lahhhh. ;D i miss him too mannn!❤
cant wait for our swensens treat!! ;DDD

★Nurul: HAHAHAHA. ALAAA MANE ADE TK PERLU. tentu da shortform. ok la tu. MDK! :p
AHAHAHAH!oiiii!kau tk jawab soalan aku!MDK SIAPE DONGGG?? xD

rushiqah: ohk..will approach u if i see u (: shld stare & remember ur face..hehes u take care too.. ❤
hahah yes thankyouuu :D ahahah you better!! o.o lol im just kiddin see u ard. (:

Aryna: Ahh yes. Classmates ! Hehe. Well, people do always say my sis & me look alike. Huhu. I MISS YOU SO MUCH !!
woww i can see that! hahah utter cooolnessss!haha u got me there fo a lil while xD
awwwhh I MISS U TOOOOO!! update me on ur results on 27th jan ok? ;D


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1:06 AM

Monday, January 18, 2010

yesyes this guy above..has just turned 17 yo!!
his birthday falls on 16th january 2010 ;D
he will forever be our class joker.
the light that shines up our class anytime anywhere.
without him,our class will be like moody and such. im not kiddin!
HAHAHAH i remember how that time he sniffed up too much chlorine..
yes!chlorine..from chem lab. ohh dont ask..its a long story..(:
our class was devastated & we were happy to find out that he's okay.
hahahah that was one situation that our class will never forget!
i miss him truckloads!!we had an emotional time together with amirah & zul
during our last few days before school ended for us.
dat really meant alot for me knowing how he said that he will miss
teasing me the most..LOL & i miss him teasing me xD
& the time when i cried in class & he said "smile even though ur heart is aching"
that really touched me to the bottom of my heart. such a sweet guy! :3
ofc not forgetting my other dearest classmates that comforted me as well.
woww this post really made me miss my classmates even more.
but heyyy,its okay,we all have to move on sometime.meeting new people
& making new friends.that's what life's all about.(well,partly.LOL )
cant wait to meet him & some others when mdm soraya treats us to swensens!
for our not-so-bad F&N O lvl results! woopwoop! ;DDDD
hehs im pretty much done here now for tag replies!!
once again THANKYOUUU for the overwhelming tags!! love u guys!


rushiqah: ur welcum & see u ard.. ;)
see you around too aites.dont be afraid to approach me anytime u see me (:

YESYESYESS!!dont let the teacher catch u sms-ing horrrr!!i'll not be responsible!HAHAH& thanks for tagging! ;D

Aryna: Oh-so-close to who ? Lol, sorry blur. YAY ! ONE BIG FAMILY ;D
hahah to your classmates silly! LOL its okayy im more blur than you!(x
& YESYESS much loveee! ♥

aai: Wow!~!!! yo read my blog everyday?! 0.o
HAHAH!skrg baru kau tauuuuu?!! ishhhh! ahahah asl?tk leh ke? ;P

★Nurul: hahahaha. I LIKE! MBK! AZURA! SUKE MBK! EH! slmt tk MDK. m daud kilau! HAHAHAHAHHA
OIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!TK PERLU UHH TAG PSL NIII!!! *runs & hide* & sape m daud kilau? -.-
HAHAHAH nanti kauuu nurullll!! siap kau! ;P HAHAHA

nurul: HAHA! nurul jannah tag tk perlu sehh!! MBK!! xD
tau tk perrr!!Like i know right?! -.- kau pn jgn nk start! k shoooo~ LOL

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1:24 AM

Thursday, January 14, 2010

HEYOOO!! wazzup my lovely readers!i love you all so friggin much!
yesyes very much indeed!thanks fr dropping by & showing some love on my tagboard!*hugs* <(^~^<) cmon hug the screen now with meh!hahahah AHH CRAPP. xD well it's currently 12.47 in the morning so pardon me.huhuhu hmmms,i actually have NO idea on what to update here. & NO im not gonna update abt my O lvl results no thankyouuu. not that im sad or not happy with it,it's just that i dont want to publicise it. If you wanna know, ask me personally aites. ;D btw i just submitted my JAE choices awhile ago. Well,just hoping for the best nowwwww!! *prays hard* & good luck to youknowwho's with your choices aites! I know that a handful of you wanna head down to TP & it'll be so cool if we could all make it! yes we're gonna be a BIG familyyyy!! ^^ hahah what the crap!im saying as if im alrdy accepted in TP. LOL well a girl can dream cant she? ;P okay im rambling too much! time to reply tags yo!! ;D

rushiqah: heyy beautifull!U're linked & tankQQ fer linking(: ♥
heyy prettaye lady!no problem & thankyou for linking too aites ;)

ctshahira: address me as hayley mayneee. kak ira sound so auntie or too malay. hahaha
HAHAHAH!jangan nk merepek ehk kat sini..serious shit!xD insyaallah..no promises tho ^^


★Nurul: HAHAHAHA. ya right. lol. alepppppp. lol.
★Nurul: and oh tks! you too! hope you get into e course that you want.
ehh mampossss!!syarif pn lahhhh..kau ni ponnnn..aku tk biased okayy psssh!kesian rif tsktsktsk.HEHS!thankyouuu! (;

Syafieka: Hello! Linked u already! Sorryyyy coz it took a long time to link u. Just had the mood to update my template. Heh.
heyheyy!HAHAH!like finally!xD *looks at the time* haha jkjk its okayy thanks fr linking! ;D

qh: YOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! very long never tag you already!! so.. im here to tag!! :DDDDDDDDDDD
HEYYYYY YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! tell me bout ittt!!like what took u so long?! HAHAHAH thanks for tagginggg!! ;DDDDD

Aryna: Hey Gorgeous ! & yes, I mean it Tagged! Haha. Just kidding. Btw, can't wait for school to start. mAYBE WE'LL BE IN ONE SCHOOL
awwhhh thanks!! ur effin sweeet cannnn! x3 ur tagged! ;P jyeahhhhhh!TP babeyyyy!! hope we'll be one BIG familyyyy! hehs ^^

azura out! xx

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8:33 AM

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Me & Mr Magic Alyph!
Me & Mr. Syariffff!
thanks for taking the picture for us. ahahh he had to bend down ALOT! xD
cnnt see right? nvm (: [psst..more pics up on fb]

on friday,went to NYP with none other than nurul!xD
i was late for 30 minutes!! ahahah sorry my dearrr... ^^
when we reached,walked ard the school just to check out the space & such
but didnt check out the booths & whatnots.
searched for aai like what!LOL i went to the other end of NYP
then i found out she was alrdy at outside the auditorium where
the jam was held -.- HAHAHH! wth. so yeahhh
NYP jam was okayy..hanged out with nurul,aai & nurulj.
syarif,alyph & haizad imran were the judges.
we walked ard & then went to sit with iskandar & desmond.
crazy & funny guys lahh they two.LOL
took a picture with the boys. alyphians & syarifians! :X
oops!aahahahh no lahhh.. for once & for all,im neutral!!! peace^^V
i mean the two dudes have two very different personalities
& their own style.so it's a matter of preference. & i prefer both!HAHAHA ;P
& i only love them as an aritst.nothing more.no crushes whatsoever!
okay? okay BEST! now moving on.
sent nurulj to toa payoh & nurul at bedok. it's actually a shorter
distance to take bus at toa payoh dn to take mrt all the way frm NYP.. ;DD
reached home at 11 plus. (;
TP! jyeahhhhhh! the place to be. hahah
i love the spirit & hyperness of the school. really2 AWESOMEEEE!!
like awhhhhh!sommeeee! they were really friendly &
instead of us gg to them,they went to us. hahah thanks for sparing us
the effort. we even "clicked" with some of them
when talking for even the first time. utter coolness!
hanged out at business school with nurul,aai,nurulj,mirah & her friends.
iskandar came soon after & joined us. (;
met aryna & her frens too! we joined when the jam & hop is about to start.
fetched my cousin at d brigde & all of us started chatting& just hangin out.
&& as usual, SLEEQ was THE BOMB!! like boomz boomz boomz!!
to the bang bang bang! the two dudes really got the crowd gg.
& me & nurul saw our school mates. woww!didnt expect to see
them there.they were like screaming & shouting for SLEEQ!
ahahah seem like bigger fans than me xD
so anw aft their perf went to the back to meet them.
got a hi-five frm alyph & rif. & nurul gave them a piece of tissue
coz they were sweating like mad :O
had a nice time talking to them. really. & again thanks alyph
for the well wishes for my O lvl results!really means alot. ;D
my cousin kak ira was so smittened by alyph!xD OOPS. :X
until when alyph wanted to shake hands with her she just stood there
speechless.. haiyooo tsktsktsk *shakes head*
& nurul had to help!! yeshhhh..that bad LOL.
& best uhh serang aai dat nite ehh nurulj??! we told rif............ (:
i was so hyped lahh dat nite!but not coz of what u think i tell u first -.-
so anw aft separating with them & the other sleeqers,
me,nurul & kak ira went to the back & cam-whored.shocker huh?!!
ahahahah standard lahh peepz.saw alyph walking by & said hi.
btw these two girls just love teasing me. like nothing better to do right?
pfft! we sang along to the music.every song was DOPE!
i love it! hahah we left TP at ard 10.nurul went home 1st.
then me & kak ira suddenly decided to sleep over at rumah cik mah
since it's a walking distance away frm TP. such an impromptu decision!
so yeahhhhh went home the next day at 3 PM.
alright dats it! *wipes off sweat* im done!
azura out!! xx

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10:04 AM

Thursday, January 07, 2010

went to SP & NP todayy with nurulbestieee!
goshh i had fun! crapping with her as always
love u lahh beb!
thanks for always making me laugh & all.
even tho it's bcoz ur teasing me all the time!
goshhh youuuu!dat mind of yours! soo ............!!! xD
ahahah anw!before i start,just wanna say dat nurul is starting
to notice chinese boys!yeahh u heard me!like finallyyyy...
i've been saying that they are cute but noooo..she insisted!
ahahah but okay lahhhh..sometimes its either way.(i mean malay boys)
okayy side track-ed alot. so anw, SP was fun!very welcoming.
we walked around & even stalked...or i dun even wanna go there hahahah.
nurul's idea yo! not me. ;P got free coke!
hahah & i didnt know dat the popcorn & cotton candy were free too. -.-
oh well,moving on..went to this tour bus to business school.
so DOPE!seems nice..& then we decided to head down to NP.
took MRT & went wrong direction -.- luckily!
i realised if not...! sheeesh nurul confident much! ;P
& to think that dover was just one stop away frm clementi. double -.-
we took the shuttle bus to NP.save bus fare! & NP was okayy..
& nurul finally knew what her desired course was all about.
good luck babeeee!think positive!sure u cn make it okay? ;D
hehs && every school has a different design/structure what u call it.
like it's different buildings compressed together to make up one school.
like wth? xD me & nurul overheard someone saying
"dat doesnt even look like a sch" AGREED!
after everything,rested at the area near the bus stop.
chit chatted & i actually slept for a while. sorry nurul to hav just
left u like that.exhausted much.HAH! she had the magazines to kill off the time.
took 154 to paya lebar!when it's supposed to be eunos. the bus ride was too long.
shud have taken MRT. & then home-ed.
so much travelling todayy!
but im all excited for tmr!!NYP JAM YOO!!
going to meet the boys..goshh i miss them!& hope to meet sleeqers too!

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

i went out the whole day of yesterday!!hahahah
okayy first i met my cousin kak ira.
supposed to meet at 12 but i woke up at ard 11! xD
OMG MUCH! hahahh howells, we decided to meet at 12.15
at tamp. i lost 50 bucks!! *POOF!* just like that!
ohmygoodness!if you know how i lost it u will be laughing
& rolling on the floor like literally!!im not kiddin. :/
hahahah now kak ira cant stop teasing me about it!
goshhhhh..& then head off to clarke quay!
kak ira filled the application form to get a job at this place
(i forgot the name) LOL & then headed to mac to eat.
thanks for the treat kak!! fuhhhh~ hahahah
kayy now i.... $50....damnn!kay stop it! its gonna
haunt me for the rest of my life tho. -.-
so anw!we went to sengkang & sighh nvm. sseparated along the way.
& i headed back to tamp.waited for my sis for an hour much!!!
& my hp batt just had to die on me! i was literally stoning over there.
& so we missed the 6 plus movie & caught the 9 plus one.
my sis had an extra tix so we called kak ira to come bck LOL!
what a day huh? & the movie finished at ard 12.15? the whole place was alrdy
close.how cool!its the first tym i experienced dat. ;D
& we sat at behind the tampines mall area there
& ofc,cam-whore!!! ahahahah STANDARD lorrhhh.
pictures up on fb soon i guess!hehs
HOME-ED at 1 plus! woww..tiring dayyyy!

azura out! xx

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Friday, January 01, 2010

sighhhh..i dont know what to feel,what to say,
im just...goshhh..
i've never felt like this before.
well maybe i have well i dont know!
thank you.thank you sooo much.
after all we've been through it has all come to this.
but!i do not want to say much & complain blahblahblah.
coz there's no point.it wont change a thing am i right?
so i just wanna say thank you friend.
this year,i wanna show more love than hate.
my feelings doesnt matter.i can just hold back my tears &
still smile.hiding the sorrow i feel inside.
im good at that in case u dont know.i shall just keep quiet.
not say anything & just go with the flow.
thankyou sezairi for saying that we should show more love than hate.
so i guess he changed my perception of life somehow.
i thank him for that. (;
i will ALWAYS remember this phrase,"smile even though ur heart is aching"
& now i thank idris for showing me that phrase.i shall continue smiling.
no matter what. so i just wanna say sometimes,behind my smile
lies a deep sorrow that i keep inside.but you don't have to worry.
everything's alright.i want it to feel that way.i dont want people to pity me,
coz i hate that.so let's just enjoy life & most importantly,SMILE. (;

xoxo azura (;

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& i wanna wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one special lady!
FANA FARHANA!! we've known each other for months now.hehs!
stay who you are & hope u have a blessed year ahead!
happy birthday gurl!! woots~ ;D

azura out! ;D

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