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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

todae gt lunchtime concert..hahax..then i gt solo..lolx..
i was very nervous bt everything turned out ok..hehe..
then after tat still gt band leh..then mr wong aske us to
sit in the music rm n he gave us a
lot of feedbacks sum gd sum bad..haiz..
todae was quite tiring bt still ok..heheh..^-^

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10:02 PM

Monday, February 18, 2008

After sch we gt hse meeting.
I went with Pan cause she oso achievers.
i selected tug-of-war for sports day n
badminton for inter-cca.After the meeting,
rabia met us at outside the performance
theatre then we went to the canteen.me n
rabia were searching for nurul n amirah
bt it turned out they have reached class..
lolx..we quickly went up n saw nicholas..
then during the ss remedial didn't even
pay attention.i was looking at pan's
phone n sending stuff..heheh..then after
class me,nurul,amirah,rabia,izzat n nicholas
went down together n we talked abt
talentime.our class seriously gt a lot of
ppl join seh..it's lyk so cool!!hope all of them
go to the finals so gt a lot of ppl frm 3e4..
hahax..then when on the way to the bus stop,
we saw terence,keith,qien n vanessa
terence go n show me the mr phoa
'nod'.lolx..so funny sia..after we took the bus,
at the ntuc bus stop we saw izzat again!
hahax..then he sudenly went up the bus
n sat in front opposite of me,nurul n rabia
we suddenly talk3..hahax..then gt one bwps
gal sit behin him then he sudenly tok to her..
lol.he lyk gt ntn else to do..hahax..
then me n nurul met dee they all at mac.
we realli,realli had fun in mac.laugh here,
laugh there..lolx..too lazy to write abt all
of it..hehe..then whenwe went to nurul's
bus stop,i realised tat i lost mie wallet!!
haiz..i oso tot i lost mie ez-link then i
panicked..lolx!!then when walking
to mie block with nad,i checked mie pocket
then gt my ez-link!then i juz rmb tat i took
out my ez-link to buy cheeseburger
with my pts. at mac..lolx!!i was damn lucky!!
n mie wallet was empty too..
hahax..wad an 'aventure' we today was..^-^

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1:49 AM

Friday, February 15, 2008

Todae after sch gt band prac..
then the sec ones came in..First the TO's
must choose their grps.Then we introuce
ourselves n everything.We sat at the music
rm for a while for diaphragm training
then the seniors go sectionals n prepare
for auditions.We have to take our grps to
each section n audition them.First i went to
trumpet then trombone.hehe..It was so cool!!
get to talk to him a bit..heheh..every sect.
ask if they're interested in the instrument
n most ppl in mie grp is interested in
trumpet..yay!!hehe..k then after tat we
played concentration in the music rm.
After we dismissed the sec ones,the
whole band went into the hall n do the
circle of sound.Vanessa asked different
ppl to go out n listened to the band.
then when we wan to play fairytale,
Terence went out n i had to play alone..
well actually with eoin bt he cant even play
properly lor..In the middle of the song
during the muted part,i was the oni one
playing the high note.Then Vanessa n
Terence looked at me then i waved to
terenceThen he laughed!!lolx..
very funny sia..still got time to wave at
him when playing.then when he cum back,
he said tat we were very loud.Then i lyk
cannot believe coz i was the oni one
playing..So after tat we started to play
soft..=) The circle of sound todae
was fun sia..still gt time to communicate
with val,ws n grace uring the song
or sumthin..hahax..

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