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Friday, May 29, 2009

currently at the com lab right now!
during UYHC..lol!xD
the gurls are updating facebook while the boys plus
hafsah are playing counter strike!lol..
stated by miss sharifah..okayy
update the pictures later todayy!tata!^^

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10:21 AM

lol!k obviously todayy's UYHC was fun!
4e4..wad can you expect??!
we just rawks!\m/(^~^)\m/

i was totally not prepared..LOL!xD

hmm..one word..RANDOM..(x

i totally had no idea nurul did dat!!:PPPPP
bt dis pic is kinda cool huh??credit goes to amirah!:D

now here's the original pic..^^

me,rabia and pan!(:
me n darlingg!!<3
me n naqi!:D

me n roxane!:D

me,john n amirah!^^

me n hafsah!:D

shawn woo n john!(:
(oops i forgot to rotate this pic..^^")


HAFSAH!cute much.. :3


LOL!he thought dat we were goin to show him the ball gazer thingy
so he looked up when we called him!xD

hahhh..havin trouble izzat??(x
woohoo!!he found a wayy to reach it!!-.-"

WOW..he's still at it..O.O


WOOHH!not bad arh karthik!^o^!

me,amirah n bestie!:D
now with naqi!xD

i personally like this picture..^^V

hafsah,idris n karthik!:D

do u realise dat this is the girls' toilet??!!!xD
hahh..for the sake of water u might sayy..(:

me n amirah!^^

me n arina!:D


john cleaning the what do you call it??projector?lol!
have you seen miss sharifah lyk dis??lmao!
izzat..izzat..enuff said..(x

wooh!sean lim modelling arh!!^o^

argh..chia chern turned his head b4 we gt to take the pic..:P

miss sharifah caught on camera!xD

idris was dancing n wiping the windows at the same time!
its called multi-tasking..haha!

CANDID!gosh i look stupid.. :/

stop it seyy iDris!xD
miss sharifah said it was vulgar..lol!
SUPERHEROES OF DAMAI!k dis is so lame..-.-"
you know what..i realised dat we took more pictures than cleaning!(x
hahh..gonna miss dis guyys soon!T.T
will treasure every mmt. i have with them...^^

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1:56 AM

Thursday, May 28, 2009

27 MAY!(;
hmm..let's c..
last performance for the year!!i guess..T.T
during the presentation..i was lyk "woohh!!"
when they showed keith's picture n then mr saiful looked
at me n smiled..lol!AWKWARD SITUATION..(x
when we stood up..mr saiful said"go girls!gd luckk!(:"
awwhhh..kind of sweet for one mmt. :3
arghh..gonna miss my trumtrum!xD
lol!well had fun aniwaes..n i cn c dat
when we were performing..every single one of those
out there in the hall were payin their fullest attention
to us..which gives me more pressure!
as well as the band of course..xD
bt they gt restless aft....haiya..i dun wan sayy..(:
aft the performance gt dat idk wad briefing thingy
with mr toh..then aft dat went to change
n me n amirah put our bags at the com lab n went
to the canteen to eat!saw john..n dang it
nw i owe him one..amirah oso..lol!
u know the ball gazer thingy..hahahs!i have no idea
hw to get bck at them coz they're nt easily tricked
you know..xP
went bck to the com lab n printed no boundaries lyrics
just when mdm soraya returned!luckily i was fast enuff to take it bck!
PHEWWW...xD!had fun in the com lab!^o^

received some comments!!
heard from huishan frm 4e5..she said dat
nicholas frm my class said dat why we all get silver??
coz we sounded veryy good!-squeals!-
n huishan herself also said dat we were veryy good..
at the hall for the briefing thingy..asked john
n he said dat we all sounded nice n dn i asked him
if he gt goosebumps n he said no..n he asked if they were supposed to feel
dat wayy..den i said yarhh!!xD okayy2..coz he sayy at the bck
cnnt really hear dat clearly..hmmm..
izzat said he cudnt see me..-.-" lyk i was standing!lol
bt nvm..if i c him,idris n zul i would be mre pressurised!
no nid sayy whyy..^^ he said dat our band played veryy
nice n asked if i gt flipped..of course i said no!xD
coz he sayy he didnt hear any mistakes whatsoever...
n zul n idris keep pestering me n amirah abt hw we played ytd..
goshh!they're exaggerating!!u gotta c it to believe it!(:
many ppl praised our performance bt said dat the others were okayy..
so great job damaiwindz!!!:DDDDDD
a lot of ppl had goosebumps when hearing we playy!
if i were to list them it would take all nite!so i shall not..xD

gahh!!bad news today!!!!!!DRASTIC!!!T.T!!
mrs tjan is leavin' damai!!!no!!!!!!!ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!
actually i nearly cried when she told the class the news
bt i tried to contain it coz i didnt want to get any
attention..): ahhh!!im gonna miss her sooo muchh!!
she made me better in humans n i really appreciate her
for dat!!our whole class was devastated..coz we cnt imagine
ourselves w/o her..SERIOUSLY..everybody starts sayin dat they r
gonna fail n everythin..haish..xP so aft class me,nurul,amirah,
naqi,arina n john stayed bck to accompany mrs tjan
n we asked for her email..arghh..seriously gonna get help
frm her if everythin doesnt go well..T.T
gd luck with ur new school!!we know u will do great there
coz they r already expecting u for a long tym..T.T
i will miss you!):

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5:33 AM

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

hmm..todayy MT lesson was veryy productive!:DDDDD
career dayy!!!-.-"
goin TP officially nw!!xD
still tinkin of wad course to take!tsk..hahhh..
k den band prac!hmm..went late coz gt fnn thingy..
den me,bestie,amirah,naqi,dee n rabia
went to eat lunch b4 goin sectionals..
sectional-ed for the last tym!T.T
lol!k den combine band..xPPPPP
lost everything..if u know wad i mean..haishh..
best of luck for performance tmr!!^^
when the band doin idk wad..me,riqa,diyana,chia chern n kelmond
slack!!xD veryy fun ehh haha..me n riqa played the vampire game..
when u clap ur hands tgether dat one..n sayy copycat or
slap each other's face..lol!den chia chern go n aim
n throw the bee at desmond n missed!!
actually he missed alot of ppl too!lol..no skill..xD
rizal gave us a present frm egypt!egypt u noe!!
n he sayy he made it himself..awwhhhh...thanks!!:DDD
n den chia chern n kelmond had to spoil it
n sayy the material is to make wad hokkien mee thing..
lyk wad the..lol!hmm..talk3..blah3..
assembling..wahh damn fun!!since sec 4s all move to the
bck..wahh..kena caught by chelsea by nt cuttin my nails!!
grr..lol!n cc n kelmond gt away with nt checking!!-.-"
totally wad u know!!go n hide behind the trumpet dere..
then finally they move beside me n riqa dere..
tsk!n riqa suddenly pinched desmond's nipple!!
for idk wad reason..bt i get to see it!!lol!xD
dats the reason y the ppl at the bck laughed at dat tym..xD
most fun assembling experience!hahah..
walked hme with riqa,nadiyah,dee n amalina..
separated with riqa at the gate n walked with chia chern n desmond..
lol!discussed abt the gala night thingy..n i tink desmond
is the oni one who doesnt know abt it..lol!
so blur..xD!HAHHHH..
had fun todayy!^^

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1:45 AM

Sunday, May 24, 2009

KRIS ALLEN WON!!rawk on!!\m/(^~^)]m/
okayy i know im slow!bt im glad dat he won..
bt at the same tym i wish he was 2nd..^^"
wad am i thinking??!i myself have no idea..xD
ohh i dun know..i support both kris n adam..
they're both great!:D bt the reason i support kris more
is dat im more into ballad n kris is in dat genre
so i prefer him!!(x hahhh..(not mentionin dat he's cute n hot!x3)
but i just wish dat they're both equally popular
n the same thing doesn't happen to David C. n David A.
LOL!hahs..n nw im currently watching vids in YT

abt ppl's reaction on kris winning american idol..
one word..HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xD
okayy dats all for this post!!toodles!^^

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5:04 AM

Friday, May 22, 2009

lazy to blog nowadayys much!xP
k i shall make this quick..
had fun!heheh..my grp called 'undies red watches'
(dont ask why) won!!woohoo!!:D
awesome...............kk i shall try to summarise wad happened..
during breaks gt ppl dance n sometimes the trainers
dance with us..totally cool!!n irene balanced
herself with her hands n pauline danced ballet..
veryy niceee.. :D
bt the games part was lyk LOL!no comments!hahahs..
idris totally made fun of thaddeus!which is the botak head guyy..
lol!he is just plain funny n happy-go-lucky
kind of guyy n its fun makin fun of him..lol!
hmmm..irene n pauline's the best!!
graduating classes shud know wad i mean..lol!
they're so funny..n oh oh!!the highlight of the workshop to me
was when during this game..We had to cross frm 1 pt. to the other
in teams n with two legs each time..so at the last mmt.
dingjie carried chia chern on his butt!!oh mann..
u've got to see it..it was hilarious!!xD
n the last presentation of pictures..argghh..
my face appeared alot!!xPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
totally paisehh u noe!tsk..k larh..bye!(:

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10:23 AM

Sunday, May 17, 2009


i was actually washing my hands with soap n still had tym to take the pic!xD

no comments..xD

hahahs..went to E!hub to play bowling!
gt third place..-.-"
lol!aft the 1st few tries nadiyah said
dat eh plz larh someone get a strike!
n it was my turn so she asked me to get a strike!
n nurul called me 'Azura Strike!' lol!
dats wad junyi call me..uptill now!-.-"
tsk..n guess wad??I STRIKE-ED!!*jumping for joy!*
lol..kk yadayadayadaaaaa....
aft bowling we went to eat at mac..
when i bought the hot fudge sundae the person
gave a hell lot of chocolate on the sundae!
lol!dunnoe if dats a gd thing or a bad thing..hahahs!
kk den hmmmm...decided to go to t1 to
look at clothes n other stuffs..lol!
the disney shop..awwww...gt cute cuddly bear of chip 'n' dale!
:3!!wanna buy it!it's soooo affordable i forgot the price..^^"
den gt dis board where u cn lyk write on it
n erase it when u slide the behind thing something lyk
dat larhh..lol!
den i wrote zac efron with hearts!awwhhh... :3
n nurul wrote sleeq with hearts!n amirah wrote adam lambert..
HOHOHO!!n i saw sum1 wrote "chester is a gay!" xD
transported to tm..lol!n i bought clothes!!thanks girls!u all helped me
a lot!heheh..realli realli appreciate it!<3
hmm..den home-ed!hahahs..

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