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Saturday, February 28, 2009

PICTURES OF RECENT EVENTS!:D LOL!yankit wearing nicholas's specs..notice dat there's oni one lens??xD


lol!cant believe we had time to take pics!:D

discussing the debate at com lab with amirah,john,izzat,idris n zul!:D
TSKTSKTSK..playin PSP.. :P

idris was actually dancing..lol!xD

guess who??!!LOL.me n amirah..can u tell which is which??(:

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8:10 PM

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

reached sch at exactly 8..^^
had poa..den phy bt mr sng nvr come..T.T
so mr khairul..again!relieved us..
then amirah on her laptop at john's table n
we all look at michael jackson's videos..
his dancing is damn flexible mannn!lyk whoa..
im totally awestrucked..hehe..
lol..n we gt distracted n didn't search anythin..
after dat is geog then recess..me n amirah
bought light stuffs n went to the atrium to meet
izzat,idris n john at the bench there..as usual..playing laptop..
n izzat go n search pics abt......umm..stuffs..yeahh..
then suddenly gt one pop-up n chia chern go n accept..
then when they see the pic..they lyk totally regret wad they did!xD
serves them rite..wan to c so much rite??lol!
then we went to av theatre for the debate against 4e6..hahahs..
no comments..we did our best..can oredi..^^

maths period..argh!miss sharifah asked me abt
a "multiple" qn. n i totally went blank..T.T
she realli can caught u off guard u noe!lol..
then idris they all gave me stupid ans to so called help me.. :p!
seriously not helping!then cme we watched this rhd vid..
at first no sound bt miss sharifah just play the vid..
then idris go n sayy pretend words at the character's gestures..
the whole class laughed..xD

after sch..went to mac with nurul,amirah n naqi..
saw teck wun..hahahs..home-ed at 4 plus..
saw naufal,amirul n muzakkir at the kfc there..(:
at the traffic light sumthin funny happened..lazy to elaborate..xD
hah..amirahamirah.."why so serious??!" xD

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10:19 PM

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ss common test!!
okayy larh..just hope dat i pass n cover up my
bozorific geog marks..xP
hmm..had band..blahblahblah..ate dinner..
cannot taste anythin bcoz of my ulcer!T.T
changed..took pictures with amirah,riqa,dee n aisyah..(:

went to SCH..waited n waited then finally go in..
dun0 if me n terence still too loud coz we
oredi playy soft until lyk wad oredi!grrr... :p
still dun0 the reason y our sch nids to wear the band uni..
haiz..so reached sch..went home with amirah,riqa n nadiyah..
amirah followed me home coz her mom fetching
her last min..hehe..then at my hse..we called idris to
conference with john n zul..discussing abt the debate thing..
lol!nw idris is totally addicted to michael jackson..xD
so funny..i wonder hw he cn be funny in everything he do..lol!

after dat sent amirah to the bus stop n watched
tv until........^^

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1:02 AM

Monday, February 23, 2009

heyy guys!!

i am currently in the com lab now..lol!
together with amirah,john,izzat,idris and zul..(:
we are surfing the net tgether to find info abt cosmetics surgery..
found out todayy dat our class won against 4e3
in the debate last wk!^^v!
yeah mannn..\m/(^~^)\m/
am having so much fun now..lol!veryy funny sia the wayy
they do things..xD!
then john n idris showed us this women who undergo
plastic surgery..she looked wayyyy prettier before
than after she went for the surgery!
our reaction was the same!xD
when showing the before pic.."wahh.."
when john scrolled down..all of us was lyk.."GASPS!!eeee!!"
hahahs..then we saw other celebs lyk hilary duff etc..
at the top of the pg i suddenly saw miley cyrus..xP!!
then we all lyk go against her coz she's such a toooot!!!:p
then when we all saw selena gomez me,amirah n idris was lyk..
"NOOOO!!!Y???she went for plastic surgery??!!"
lol!coz all of us are fans of selena gomez..^^
she's sooo wayy cuter than miley cyrus..lol!okayy!
getting distracted here!!gotta go..shud write out all
the points that we've gotten so far!bye!*wave.. :D
a quote stated by izzat todae!which made me sayy "cehh!!!!!"
making all of them laugh at me..-.-"

hope u enjoyed ur dayy todae!hehe..(:
work hard for syf hor...don't let anythin get in ur wayy..(:

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4:33 PM

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

more pictures frm nurul's bdae partyy!credits frm nurul!(:

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2:52 AM


our two bonus pictures for the dayy!!lol..cant believe izzat would smile for the pic..xD

LOL!!!!dis is our bozo moments in the toilet!hahahs..veryy random!!xD

at the chem lab again todayy!with mr khairul ard..u cn take a much pictures as u wan!^^v

our chemical reacton for the dayy!(:

on nurul's sweet sixteen partayy!!!:D

birthdayy gurl with the bdae cake..mmm...oishiii!!!!!

LOL!this is actually their candid picture!they were waitin for me when i took the shot w/o them knowing it!xD

went to swensens to celebrate nurul's bdae!

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2:10 AM