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Monday, June 11, 2007

todae i went out wit my frenz to celebrate
mie bdae!!(me..dee..amirah..nurul..n naqi..)lolx
i realli had fun todae..first i went to meet
them at the food culture level 4 at cs..
hahax..then they gave me their pressies!hahax..
after tat..naqi wanted to buy a present for me
n we went to tm..we went to tis shop
called "seventh street" i tink..hahax..i forgot..
then she bought me a butterfly shaped
necklace..very nice!!!!kawaii des!
thank u naqiyah!!<3
while doing tat..dee amirah n nurul went to buy
tickets to a movie..we planned to watch
pirates of the caribbean:at worlds end..
quite funny n nice..although i dun quite
understand the story...hahax..
my fave character is captain jack sparrow!!
he's very funny..tat's y i lyk him..
but oni as his character!nt like him like him tat kind..
so dun tink otherwise hor..lolx..
wow..the movie damn long sia..abt 2 hrs 45 mins..
i was soo cold even i was wearing a jacket..
after the movie all of us rushed to the toilet!!
hahax..so funny..then naqi went home
n we went to "ayies" to buy necklace..
then took neoprint..lols..after tat we went to
buy a wallet..for me..hahax..yay!!i gt so many things
n it's all thanks to my frenz..hu celebrated it wit me..
thanks guys..i wouldn't have had a fun time
lyk tis without u guys!!thanks a lot!!=)

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5:24 AM

Sunday, June 10, 2007

yesterday i went out with my section..
i came late bcoz i had to attend my family wedding..
hahax..by the time i reached there..
they we eating at the cs food junction..
then yong liang brought us to the ntuc n we bought
snacks..wan shi bought the most snacks..hahax..
yong liang was treating us mah..
then we went to golden village to watch movie..
we watched men in white..walao..damn funny lor..
the show..we laughed lyk hell..!
then we went somewhere n they sang me a
bdae song..n gave me the present..
i love the present soo much!!
thank euu so much guys!!the present was cute..
then me wan shi roxane n grace took
the bus stop near cs there..then at the bus stop
grace told me tat wei chyi n yong liang will
be alone later..then i remembered tat i left them alone!!
wahahaha!!!im so evil..hahax..

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5:55 PM

hey!!todae im gonna post abt
wad happened on saturday..
hehe..we had a performance at near
mu en's house there..we were supposed to
cum at 1.15 to discuss the gimmicks..but i came
late bcoz i couldn't find my cloak shoe..lolz..
then jyngle told us abt the gimmicks..
n there's one part when the trumpetors
nid to wear sunglasses n stand up
to do our gimmicks..hahax..tat was so cool!!
we had to stand at the chair..double chair summore!
hahax..was so nervous coz he was
looking at us when doing the gimmicks
lolz..i keep forgetting the gimmicks sia..seriously..
after rehearsing all the songs..
we only had 15 mis to change n get ready everythin!
can u imagine??n we were late by 5 mins as usual..

hehe..we went up the bus..me roxane n elissa
shared two seats..n he sat beside us..hehe..
we reached there n quickly set up..
some ex-seniors n sec ones came..lolx..
the performance started..we played all the
chinese songs first..we saved all the best songs
for last..but in the end we didn't get to play
my heart will go on n eighties flashback!!damn!
two of mie fave songs!!stupid ministers!
nvr let us play..=p
i realli had fun playing sock hop!with the gimmicks
and all..at first my solo was loud..but then
i "died" at the end coz running out of air..lolx..
but still ok lar...hahax..the performance was horrible..
not our syf standard at all..

at school..we packed everything up n sat
downstairs..all sl's take the food for their sect.
but i didn't eat it coz we're planning to eat
at KFC..at the bus stop..me roxane dee n omi
did the mass dance..hahax..then at the bus
he stood directly beside me..i was so nervous!
hahax..then i bumped into him once..yay!!!
thank euu bus driver!!!!!!!lolx..
when lesser ppl was in the bus..he sat wit desmond
n i sat wit omi..we r so fated!lolx..k jkjk..
i had a realli fun time tat dae!!yippee!

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5:13 PM

Monday, June 04, 2007

yesterday we had maintenace frm 9 o'clock..
we had to maintain EVERY instrument we have..
n they have to be in top knotch condition..
haiz..sianz..the qm(quarter master) is realli strict
this time..many ppl failed when they have
their instruments checked..including me..lolx.
very tired ler..i have to handle the section myself..
grace didn't come bcoz she's sick..
then it's the first time that he talked to me..
this maintenance actually gave me a chance to talk to
i think that he thinks that i lyk sum1 else..which i dun!
damn..a misunderstanding has occured...

after lunch..they will check even more strictly
then before..if we fail two times..gonna do punishment..
hahax..i failed two times..asl some more..
so must do double..duh..haiz..
then we had spring cleaning..but jieqi n qien
wanna meet all sl or asl..so i no nid to do..haha..yay!!!
the meeting was about the sock hop gimmicks..
we all contributed ideas on wad we're gonna do
in each section..i sat behind him..hehe..
after tat..we have 15 mins to teach the sect.
on the gimmicks plus the drills..
i had yong liang's help..so lucky me!!hahax..
then we did a long drill..but he changed place
n became the right marker..=( hahax..but nvm..
wow..yesterday i was damn tired...teaching n
handling the section by myself..haiz..must realli
help grace next time so she wouldn't be so stress..
i think..that this maintence is realli tiring
but rewarding!!hahax..

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5:31 PM

Saturday, June 02, 2007

yesterday we had band prac..
in the morning..very BOORRIINNGG........
we had diaphragm training n then score
studied on our score plus teaching
the sec ones..for i dunno how long..haish!!sianz...
then we had one hour sectional..
after tat go lunch..we ate at the mama shop...
we had funny conversations..hahax..
after luch..me roxane valerie n weichyi went
to our classrms to watch our
wall paintings!!!!!(since we had 15 mins left.)
every class had nice designs..yupz..
then i saw him..my heart pounded so hard..
n i acted as normal as usual..hehe..i was so happy
tat i get to c him..!i tot tat he wouldnt go
for sum stupid reason but he actually went
to his class to do the painting!!lolx..
whenever i c him..i will be very HYPER!!!!

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2:57 AM