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Friday, May 25, 2007

yesterdae we had a performance at the hall..
syf concert where all the participants frm syf
perform their syf songs for the school..
we had to reach school by 6.30..
then we went to the hall n practiced our syf songs..
plus eighties flashback..got three solos..
saxophone..eupho n trumpet..
all of the soloist had to stand up..hahax..

the performance started..
gu zheng played first..n then us..
first..mr wong asked us to play our tuning note..
then they all claped..purposely one lor..
it's not even a song..hahx..then they all laughed..
we oso laughed..quite funny actually..
first we played sunrise..then symphonic..
very fast ler the tempo for symphonic..almost cannot catch up..
then the choir..n then us agaen..we played one extra song..
eighties flachback..realli had fun playin tat song..
i tink tat we did our best for the performance..
although i tink tat we can still do better..hehe..
after tat..we wnet for recess..came back at 10.30 for our results slip...
haiz..i got 9/35 in class n mie percentage is 58.7%^-^
ok lar..but nid to work harder for end of yr exams..

after school still got band..haiz..sianz..
we score studied on two new songs..satchmo n mama mia..
then we went for sectionals on the songs..onli managed to finish mama mia..
n then after band we celebrated valerie..
wei chyi..terrance..eoin n nicholas's bdae..
we sang hapi bdae song to them..then we cut the cake..
i dunno who started it but we started to sabo all of them
wit the cake..we all ran here ran there lyk nobody's business

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5:21 PM

Monday, May 21, 2007

todae we had post exams activities..
at first we bought tickets to a movie..only cost 50 cents..lolx
we watched step up..it's very nice..funny..sad..
n i lyk their dance..
lolx..after tat we went to the canteen n eat..[duh..]
then we walk2..go to clas n then amirah took pictures
of us as a group..they were nice..hahax..
then we got our cca points results..i got 11 points..hahax..
after tat..we watched I NOT STUPID TOO...
hahax..the movie oso very nice..very funny sia..
but it's oredi 1.40pm..n we nid to go home..
mrs ng said those hu nid to go home first can go..
hahax..realli had fun todae..hah..^-^

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4:08 AM

Thursday, May 17, 2007

haiz..sianzzz....my mid-year exam results..sigh..
no hope to go to mie dream class larr...
fail three subjects..15% of the common test is mie
only hope sia..i hope i didn't manage to fail mie overall..
i wanna be the same class as him..
damn..muz study maths more..history oso..
keep failing this subjects...

anw..had band prac yesterday..
promotion day sia...get to noe our new commitee members..
i became asl of trumpet section..
im content wit it..i guess..hahax..
must work hard to lead the trumpetors!!
lolx..our new band major is qi en
and drum major is jieqi..concert mistress vanessa
head of qm..fairul..
head of welfare..amalina..
head of library..grace..
almost all of the section leaders are sec3s..
except for chia chern n syairah..
and almost all the asl are sec 2s..lolx..
realli gonna miss the sec 4s when they graduate..
i will always rmb the good and bad times we had together..
especially during the syf period..the feeling will always be in me..forever..

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4:09 AM

Saturday, May 12, 2007

~*~a poem to show u how i feel~*~

do you know that i love him??
i guess it's never meant to be..
you say i'm betraying you
but that's not how i see..

you cant stop the way i feel
i just happen to like him
if you think i'm betraying you..get real..

this was supposed to be a secret
you were not supposed to know
it's because of one person
that would stoop so low..

i cant forget him so easily
it was hard enough to give you credit
how i wish i could love him happily
but i guess it was never meant to be..

i liked him after you did
but it just happen to be my feeling..
i know that it's hard to beat..
but he just happen to be appealing..

you are my bestfriend
and i have to sacrifice him for you
but i know that this is not the end
because if i do,then i would feel blue..


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2:41 AM

Thursday, May 10, 2007

todae is the last dae of our exams!!
to kind of celebrate..we went to went to watch
a movie at tampines mall.

.we watched 200 pounds beauty..
a must watch movie..lolx..both funny and sad..
wish i cud see it agaen..
after tat..we went to take neoprint at cs..hahax..
nvr fail to take neoprint everytime i go to cs..lolx..
we realli had fun todae..

especially at neoprint..hahax..>.<

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3:42 AM

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

~*~a msg to a certain sum1~*~

havent u had enough??
we've already forgiven u but i dunno wad happen
n then suddenly u go telling ppl
bad things abt us..
bad things tat aren't true!!
do u hav pleasure in poisoning the minds of ur frenz??
one advice gurl..
stop being an attension seeker coz ppl hate tat..
dun cry over minor things coz ppl will get tired of it..
n dun go tellin ppl abt us
coz u noe we've forgiven u
n now it's up to u to choose wad path u're gonna take..


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2:12 AM

:.:friends are angels tat follow u through life..:.:
:.:friends helps you go through the bad times n lets u enjoy the good times:.:
:.:friendship is lyk glass..once broken..it is very hard to fix:.:
:.:friends are lyk water..sumthing you realli nid in life:.:
:.:friends will alwaes be there for u..no matter wad happens..:.:
:.:friendship is lyk a treasure u nid to keep for the rest of ur lives..:.:
:.:if a friendship is capable of ending..it is bcoz it nvr existed..:.:
without frenz..u will be alone..so dun take ur frenz for granted..
coz u will regret it for the rest of ur life..
a msg frm me to you..=)

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12:50 AM

todae we had our literature n mother tongue paper..
quite easy actually..hahax..anw..

one more paper to go!!
yay..cant wait to start band..
hehe..realli..realli miss playin my trumpet..

i wonder hu's gonna be our new
drum major..band major..n concert mistress..

hehe.. realli gonna miss idy jyngle n clarable..
at least si wei is still gonna be here nxt yr..=)
haiz..tmr is maths!!nightmare!!beta go study..

if i dun wanna fail..^.^"

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12:02 AM