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Sunday, January 27, 2008

All of us assembled at the at 7.25 am and
the do the morning assembly as per normal.
Then after the trainers took our attendance,
we waited for the bus and arrived at
sarimbun.After tat the cam chief mac,
introduced all the trainer's grp to us.And he
described them in funny ways..lolx!After tat,
they assigned us to our tents.In my tent,
there's me,nurul,naqiyah,amirah,arina,raeesah,
hafsah n yahgee.In our tents,we set up the
wooden board so we cn sleep on it.Then we
changed to our long pants inside the tent.lolx..
quite awkward bt nvm..hahax..After we assembled
back,we went into one corner n sat in a circle
as a whole class.Our trainer Radzi n sharon
asked us to introduced ourselves.After tat,
we went to do outdoor cooking.Cooked maggi
n hotdog using the big pot so its faster..hehe
it urned out ok n we had leftoversso sum of the
boys had second servings.Then we went to try
out rock climbing.Hafway,it rained so we went
to the shelter nearby n then to the building near it
We sat in a circle to discuss our camp prep.
At tat time,i sat beside him.hehe..I felt kinda
nervous bt it was ok.Radzi then told us
hw idris fell when cleaning up the campsite.
LOL!!!it was so damn funny the whole class
laughed!!hahax..when the rain stopped,
we tried out the high elements.My grp gt the highest one..
lucky meThe trainer for tat element damn funny
we had fun interacting with him.At nite we had
song session.The trainers tot us sum of the cheers...
bt we r the oni class hu haven bathe!!!we felt
awkward bt after tat,they gave us time to bath
n we quickly chose our sleeping positions.
In out tent,we had the best view of the full moon
n the trees n everything.it was so cool!!!!me n
nurul slept at the side n we enjoyed the view so
much we cant even sleep!lolx!

We quickly woke up so the toilet wont be so
crowded.Ate breakfast n the we gt ready for
the sarimbun challenge.oni classes frm 3e4 to 3e6.
Grp 7 went first.5 mins later,our grp left.At one of
the checkpoint,we nid to make up the word 'synergy'
withour body.Then at the bonus checkpoint,we rested
over there for a while n then we sat in a circle n
played "chop,chilli,chop,chilli chop,chop,chop"lolx
somehow i ended up sitting beside him again.lolx!!
After tat,we walked to the place where gt frogs.
on the way there,we bombed each other.hahax.
When we arrived,other classes have already
arrived.We went to look at frogs n then bought sum
drinks.After tat,we ate lunch.Everybody was so
tired frm walking n seemed to be in a bad mood.
haiz..Bt when it's time for the challenge valley,
everyone seems to be hyper again.Firstly,we went
through the tire.Then Radzi asked us to crawl
through the mud. Most of my clothes were
covered in mud.After tat we went to the slide
thingy.It was so damn fun!!!Bt we oni get to
to go through it once.=( Oni idris n chia chern
get to try again.After tat we went to raft building
We separate into our grps n oni had 15 mins to
build the raft.Bt i tink they give us more time
than tat.lolx.He gave us an idea on hw to build
the raft n it turned out ok.^-^ At first grp 7
didn't manage to build the raft.Bt suddenly
they managed to at the last min.lolx.And when
we tested the raft,theirs were more successful!!
lolx.n ours couldn't even go straight!hahax.so
funny!!bt what cn u expect??all the uniformed
grps ppl were in grp 7 sia..so they noe hw to tie
knots.kind of unfair bt nvm..we had fun building
the raft aniwae..hehe..after tat,Radzi gave us time
to change frm our muddy clothes n then we went
somewhere to prepare our camp prep.We oso
took our sec 3 camp shirt.i tink it looks quite nice.
Mr Toh,Mr Leoe n sum of the form teachers
were there.Each class showed wad they have
prepared for the camp.I tink everyone did well bt
our class cud have done beta..Coz we oni ran through
it rite after dinner so all of us were lyk confused
of wad we're supposed to do.
n other than tat,the fire was so cool!sumtimes
gt different colours cum out.n when i look
at the sky,gt a lot of stars!hehe..after the campfire,
we packed our bags coz tmr no time to pack oredi.
Todae we were nearly late bt luckily the
trainers didn't notice.We gathered outside the
canteen there.Had breakfast n then gather all
the wooden boards frm the tent n then they told us
hw to take dwn the tent.At last all the tents have
been folded bt me,naqi,john n sum other ppl
helped to take dwn the last tent at the boy's side.
After tat we joined the others at the usual place
n we went to the gift shop class by class.Then they
announced the best grp n we were dismissed frm
the camp.B4 we board the bus,we took a class
photo.We waved goodbye to Radzi n
returned to sch.After tat i straightaway went
home n slept the whole day!!lolx..too tired i guess

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