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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the dayy we've been working so hard for..
gt silver..silver..silver..silver..............
when they announced our results..there was silence..):
kinda disappointing bt...wateva we do..we cant fight
with the judges..wads done cannt be undone..just
accept it n move on..even though im still
crying when im posting dis..T.T
my eyes lyk damn swollen mannzsxs..
so painful..haish..cannt stop tinking dat our
band cud achieve better..gahhh!!!wateva larhh
i dun care wad the judges tink..dat's their problem..
rizal said dat our aria..(trumpet duet of me n val)
was the best among all the bands n dat was gd enuff for
me..in the bus..total silence..cn c dat every one was in no mood..
n dat band came by us n suddenly waved..lyk seriously..
do u realli tink u r worth dat award?we were nt feeling okayy
n dun be so hapi just bcoz u were the oni band to get dat award..
n miss lee arh.......grrrrrrrrr..wad she said is seriously nt
helping u noe!lyk...argh!
n when we reached sch..once she started saying her speech..
me n val started crying oredi..cant help it..T.T
n wad omairah said triggered more tears for all
of us.."u will alwayys be a gold band in my heart.."
T.T!!!!!its true..no matter wad the judges tink or rate us..
we will alwayys be a gold band in our hearts!
together as one..we've been through thick n thin..
we must accept dis n move on..even though many ppl
tink dat the judges r biase dis yr..hack care them larh..
tsk..sme bands lyk ang mo kio deserve better n
others..seriously dun bt..wad cn i sayy..judges' decision..
hahh..n last bt not least..thank u for everythin dat
u've done for the band!!we realli appreciate it n
we cn nvr make it without u..THANK U SO MUCH..MR WONG.. :D

the award is seriously ntn!the journey was rough bt it was fun at the same time!
dun let dis bring dwn our cheerful spirits!
we r still a gd band n dats wad counts..
the experience dat we had is the most impt thing..woohoo!!
damaiwindz rawks!\m/(^~^)\m/

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8:06 AM

Sunday, March 29, 2009

LOL!!random pictures..some were in the bus..some were in the mrt..
n in most of the pics amalina was in her own world..LOL!
sry if sme of the pics r blur..in the bus u noe!(:

k i noe dat u dun understand dis picsture bt its supposed to be showing dat we hav a botak head..xD!

wads up with the ppl behind all reading newsapapers??!!xD!

went to jacob de haan's concert todayy..
ok larh..not bad..bt i expected more frm ross roy lehh!
they play so half-heartedly sia!tsk.. :p i was lyk 0.o
all the wayy u noe!hahahs..
btw..i slept for the whole song of miss saigon..
first time i slept for the concert..the song was dat boring..
other than dat..the band nt bad larhh..gotta giv them some credit..
n the soprano song is lyk..........loonngg..
i wonder hw many pgs dere r..hahahs..
during the interval..siangying n leanna showed me
dis paper human cutted by herda..-.-"!!
no comments..den they still keep it!-.-"!!
den chia chern called me n said..
"azura..u gt hear the trumpet??wahh..my heart melt
sia..." (touching his chest..xD!)wahh!so deep arh??woohh
den amanda said sumthin..den i said sumthin den chia chern
added on..lol!conver confidential..^^
hahahs..den i sayy the trombones
oso..they move their slide lyk trilling lyk dat
den he sayy..aiya dat one ntn larh..-.-"
lol!veryy bad..hahahs.

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7:21 AM

Saturday, March 28, 2009


if u tink my cat is cute..CHECK DIS OUT!:3!
n dis is my phone's current wallpaper!lol!
n they're just irresistable!awww.. :3

LOL!no comments..dis is when the whole sch was dark..hahahs..


the guyy who's so proud to be a facilitator..
the strap match with ur pe shirt huh...*grins

frm friday's band prac..xD!
hmm..overall todayy is......no comments..hahahs
first we gt a shophouse!so cannt go any houses
n instead nid to go to the public..
in the end me n roxane separated frm the grp for a while
go to the new carpark beside the field n slot the flyers
at the car windows dere..talked n talked abt..stuffs..^^
went back to sch n had free pizza n starbucks!
n our class gt 2nd for the best ideas for the nxt yr's earth hour..
cool or whuattss..lol!when the media came to our class
idris act as if he's contributing bt he's actually tokin crap!:p
took pics n home-ed at 10 plus!hahahs..
SAVE THE EARTH PPL..every little effort to save the
electricity counts..for the better future!!
2 DAYYS TO SYF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dun waste all the effort...(:
GAHHH!!im so pissed off do u know dat?!
i cant believe our 4 yrs of friendship is all dis is worth..
u chose dis over our friendship..FINE..
get all the attention u nid..
im realli disappointed n i giv up..
it's up to u to do wad u want..I GIVE UP..

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8:42 AM

Friday, March 27, 2009

had an eng oral test todayy..
managed to write quite a lot!:D
during pe..ran 1 round..den practised pull-ups
n shuttle run..robin did the most pull ups
for guyys..22 mann!!woot2!hahahs..
so close..coz mr cho said dat he will be impressed
oni at 24..lol!k den the shuttle run veryy funny..
our class veryy veryy blur..in a cute wayy..xD
shall nt explain..hmmm..

during band..sectionals almost the whole dayy..
quite fun larh..den gt dis one time chia chern n kelmond
passed by our class den said the seniors were slackers..
coz all of us took the reserves..:p chia chern go n fling the
bottle cap inside our class n when he came bck..nicholas
go n fling it back n hit his chest..xD nice one..
k during dinner..mr wong asked me n val to stay back
to do the aria thingy..soon after..went dwn to join the
others..chia chern was teaching riqa to do this
straw thing thingy..xD veryy funny riqa was damn blur cn..
hahahs..den she go n put tomato sauce at my hand..xP
veryy smelly..washed my hands n den omairah
suddenly go to me n said "good friend.." n touching my back..
i was lyk huh??den realised dat she printed a wet hand
print on my back!-.-" hahahs..k i noe i damn slow..
so i wanted to rinse my mouth...chia chern was otw to
the last water cooler..den i quickly rushed n drank it first..xD
veryy bad..den he go n topple the full cup of plain water
at my head dat was at the corner of the water cooler..
-_______________-" :p!
totally bad u noe!so i took a handful of water n splashed
it on his face..muahahahahhahah!!!*evil face..
den go n put 2 wet hand prints on his back
n one at riqa's..hohoho!^O^!

As the days go nearer..im starting to scare myself..
for the aria..i hear my tone lyk crack bt ppl
say dat it was ok..T.T geez...wad is wrong with me??
after band.. HOME-ED with riqa,amalina n nadiyah..
we were carrying our cases n i was acting as if my case was
so heavy n nadiyah n amalina gave me the (-_-) look!xD
k TATA!!

some ppl are feeling the heat..gd luck guyys
we cn get through this!:D

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9:01 PM

Thursday, March 26, 2009

our section photo with mr. jacob de haan!:D
im so honoured to be sittin beside him..^o^!
once in a lifetime opportunity situation..


hmmm..met jacob de haan todayy!
n im sooo honoured to be the one designing the
card dat stephani gave to him frm damaiwindz!
i was oredi excited at our last lesson..lol!
den when me,amirah rabia n raihanah saw him
at outside the harmony rm..we were lyk 0.o!
omg!jacob de haan!!hahahs..den we were lyk just standing
dere..looking ard n talking abt the infrastructure of damai blah3..
lol!coz we dunno hw to react when we c him!
hahahs..n suddenly i saw nurul running dwn
the spiral staircase n i quickly ran to her n
told her dat jacob de haan is in the harmony rm!hahahs..
nurul oso noe him coz she gt play ross roy n concerto
when she's still in damaiwindz in sec 1!:D
she was oso excited to c him den i tink mr wong saw
us bein excited n all..xD so paiseh larh..
n she gt put ross roy n concerto band vids in her blog..
awww...sho shweet.. ^^

settled inside the music rm n warm up 2 times!
hw tiring cn dat be..went through overture n
jacob de haan took our band..our sound improved
tremendously the mmt. he conducted our band..
haish..i realli pity mr wong..we shud giv him some credit
u noe!hmmm..i tink we benefited quite a lot frm
dis master class..unlike the last 2 yrs one..tsk!:p
cant believe hw lucky we r to experience dis..
lyk the world's famous conductor..takin our band!!eeepp!
lol..after takin the pics miss lee lectured us..in a gd wayy larh..
cannt alwayys insult her u noe!den mr wong said
dat he wanted to take the trumpetors out n beat us up..xD!
funny story..we seem to be the most evil ones
coz when mr wong ask us to play lyk dat..we nvr play
bt den when jacob de haan asked to play lyk dat..
we automatically transformed!hahahs.. so mr wong said dat he wanted to cut botak in the middle lyk him so dat we will listen to him..xD!!!
n nadiyah said dat we played nicely at the bar 30 dere..
hope we cn keep the standard coz we havent won yet!!
dis is just the 1st step to our improvement! we talked to mr wong personally just nw n he was worried dat our band will be swell headed bcoz of all the praises n everythin.. hope dis doesn't affect our confidence lvl..please3..
dun get big headed coz anythin cn happen on the dayy
itself..ntn's for sure..just hope dat we cn keep dis in mind..(:

soo..took a pic with jacob dee haan!woohoo!
cant believe hw lucky we were mannnxzxz..
n omairah told me dat keith was mesmerized just to
hold his bottle..lol!hahh..
went bbt n home-ed!!

ganbatte damaiwindz!(:

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

RANDOM PICTURES!:D me n darlingg..<3



hahahs..totally acting cute u noe!:p

look at hw tired our whole class were..total silence..
n dis was at the end of chem lesson..hahahs..(:

u c dis is wad happens when u dun feed ur cat!-.-"
wan do hmwk oso cannt u noe!tsk..

n he's still here even when i've moved place..haish..


the sky was in two colours..lol
GEEZ!!i shud seriously start on my f&n coursework mannn!!
GAHH!dunno when cn finish u noe!T.T

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9:42 PM

during maths lesson..i was one of the "lucky"
ppl to mit miss sharifah for the meet-the-parents
session..wowww!!!-.- tsk!
den she sarcastically teased chia chern's hair..lol!
totally bad u noe!tsktsktsk..
i cried during starting of assembly..
dunask me y..dun feel lyk toking abt it..
thanks for those hu comforted me!(:
bt i was ok after a while..just needed
time alone i guess..n the talentime dis yr
sucks lyk hell!nt the performances larh..
bt the MC!especially..so boring n totally
bringing our mood dwn..n she was damn monotonous cn??!!
tsk..n the music sometimes loud sometimes soft..
blahblahblah..the AV oso sucks..
dats all i cn sayy..n it was so short..gahh!
damn boring larh..n i expected more frm the dance..
:p! so yeahh..went to tm with nurul,nadiyah,amanda,fareh n dee..
we went to mac n chatted..damn funny sia..xD
shall nt elaborate..^^
n im so sorry nurul!u noe i noe situation once again..hahahs
nadiyah was teaching amanda to be more girlish..xD
coz ppl say dat she's a tomboy even mr wong!hahahs..
k so den after dat we went to art serve
coz i nid take the band tee for the teachers,xuanya n vanessa..
saw haohan!!n weiyi n dionne..lol!
haohan was doin our dance crew shirt..
so cool can!hahahs..(
went to popular..helped nurul decide
on her new earpiece n it was good aye nurul??!!
thanks to hu????lol!k larh2.............
hmm..nad asked amanda nt to shake her butt when
took 22 home-ed!!


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8:31 PM

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


mr wong is in a ridiculously gd mood todayy..
hahahs..actually it has been so
for the past few practices..lyk woah rite??!xD
hmmm..felt dat our sound has improved..
Bt still has rm for improvement..:D
jiayou band!!heheh..
miss lee came in n lyk watevs larh..
tsk..some more still wanna act cute.. *rolling eyes
home-ed with riqa,nadiyah n amalina.

we have been the same class with each other
since primary 5..i tink???or maybe earlier..lol!


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Monday, March 23, 2009

first lucky teacher??miss carol..wow!
k stop it with the sarcasticness..haizz..
just found out dat we hav our oral next mon
which is the last band prac b4 SYF!-.-
so yeahhh..told her dat n c hw it goes den..
den we gt into grps of 4..just turn ard our tables..
so my grp mmbs were me,nurul,amirah n chia chern..(:
gt the oral picture discussion,reading aloud blahblahblah..
one set per grp..lol!dn i alwayys be the judge..^o^!
dn we took turns to read larh of course..
bt we took half the time to decide hu goes 1st!hahahs..
lyk the youngest(chia chern)..the only boy..xD
n even the only one hu's nt in band!(nurul)hahahs..
the 2nd set gt this dialogue
"There's someone behind you!!"lol..
den oni amirah said it with enthusiasm..
until banging on the table..lol!whereas me,nurul n
chia chern just read it monotonously..hahahs..
fast forward------------>

miss sharifah nvr come today!wahh so gd arh??lol
k den geog i so sway cn!mrs tjan was giving out
the markers to do the wkbk qn..den she was walking
at our row there..in front of me was roxane..
den she was looking at roxane oredi bt
instead continued walking n gave the marker to me!:p
no comments..hahahs..
went sectionals n home-ed!(:



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Sunday, March 22, 2009


im so frus todayy larh..
couldn't take it anymore okayy??
expect us to giv in to u all..
totally takin advantage of it u noe?tsk!
cried my heart out in the toilet coz i couldn't
take it anymore..
n comforted me as alwayys..i realli needed dat..
forever be my darlingg.. ^^


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2:32 AM

Friday, March 20, 2009

here's the pictures for todayy!:D

KONNICHIWA MINA!!so here's the other half of my dayy!
hahahs..soo..met nurul at the 228 bus n went to buy sushi
after meetin amirah at bedok inter..WALK3
den met naqi,izzat n idris at
KFC n off we go to bedok library!
me,nurul n amirah went to do maths while
naqi,izzat n idris did chem..hmm..
me??do chemistry??lyk real!:p
lol!den gt dis cute little toddler came to us..
n izzat suddenly wave to him lyk veryy excitedly..
lol!hahahs..den he was drawing on idris's
foolscap paper..xD
den idris was doin dis "magic trick" to the little boy..
he go n take his eraser n do the eraser suddenly
appearing behind ur ear trick to the boy..
lol!the boy so innocent!awww.. :3
den he do the trick where the eraser is actually
at the right hand then he turn n turn his hand n
smehw dropped it to the left hand..
den act as if it's disappeared..bt den the boy go n take
his left hand n show him dat it's dere..
cute or wadddd???!!!:3 n so smart cn!hahahs..
okayy so continuing doing our hmwk..
managed to get internet frm naqi's
laptop n were surprised to c the vid of them
singing n playin the guitar in class at youtube..xD
k so den we went to eat at LJS while idris n izzat head
off to somewhere..when we met up outside..
idris said dat nurul,amirah n naqi is the charlie's angels
n im the villain..
we separated again n the gurls went to mac
n waited for them again..talked3..naqi went home 1st..n
when we were otw to the bus stop..bus 228 oredi came!!
den we were lyk..haizz..no nid take larhh..66 will be our next opt.
den the ppl were damn slow in goin up the bus n the traffic
light suddenly turn green sooo!!we dashed up to the bus!
hohoho!^o^ n surprisingly naqi was still dere!hahahs..
at the bus chatted with nurul..u noe i noe!!xD
N home-ed!!
gahh!!irritaing lyk shit!!
im so freakin' pissed..

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