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Saturday, September 27, 2008

todae finally i went to buy my hari raya clothes!
tgether with mie mom,sis,and mie cousin..heheh..
totally last min mann..bought 3 of them..2 blue
and 1 purple..lol!also helped mie cousin find her
hari raya costume..very hard to find sehh..
bt i had fun aniwaes..heheh..also bought a new watch..costs $98
u noe!=p hahahs..
n i wanna say special thanks to mie cousin!!!
coz u realli made mie day!hahahs..
i noe u'll be reading this..=p
sorry it had to be so short..dah mlm tau..nk tdo!!Zzzz..
hahahs..so thanksthanksthanksthanks!!!!!!!<3>

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11:36 PM


sori i havent been blogging much..
let's see..on monday..
during maths lesson..idris and miss sharifah
had a debate!lol!it's abt the difference
bet. dont put too much effort and
dont put effort in some of the maths exam q.
it was hilarious mannzz..
then!when we nid to do our wksheet..
i was framed!!lol..the boys larh..stupid sia..
keep teasing me abt this stupid thing..
then suddenly miss sharifah asked me to do the
wksht in frnt of herr!!!alersmak!paiseh u noe!tsk!

on tuesday..gt our f&n ca marks..ok larh..
not bad..hahahs..cme gt the principal talk..
one word..BORING!except the part where he asked
the students to go in frnt..

on thursday..geog n EL paper 1 exam..
dammit!!geog was damn hard cn!!shud have focused
on coast!coz forest the q. was lyk damn hard larh..
felt lyk crying when i c the qns.u noe!
coz i memorized n memorized n wad do i get????tsk!

on friday..had the easiest papers..EL paper2
and MT paper 1..i sat beside izzat during
the malay paper..then gt one time when his
paper fell off then i laughed at him..lol!
then he suddenly said "OOH!" (inside joke)
made me laugh then the invigilator glared at me..-.-"
luckily she nvr do anything..phew..
totally make me distracted the whole time..
luckily i still managed to finish in time..hahahs!
well tat's all for this wk..

oh ya..one more thing..

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10:03 AM

Thursday, September 18, 2008

fractured mie finger during pe todae..T.T
damn pain mannn..haiz2..bt didn't tell mr cho dunno
y..cried a bit bt i tink nobody saw it..
only went to the g.o after malay lesson
which is after pe..then went home after tat.
went to the doctor n still dunno if mie
injury is serious anot..gt 2 days mc n
i dunno is i shud go to sch tmr...haiz2..
which one shud i worry abt??
this or mie EOY exams?? ;(

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6:54 AM

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

todae is amirah's bdae!!lol!
happy bdae gurl!!!finally u r fifteen!!heheh..
n u gt ur laptop oredi rite??CHEERS!!
hope u lyk the present me n nurul bought u..^^

so during maths lesson..miss sharifah damn sarcastic
in a funny way..hahahs..
n in physics lesson..played peiyan's PSP the
whole lesson..-.-" haish..promised tat will
be the last tym i slack in class!! =S
bt then idris started throwing the acrylic
deco in our class..which gt tape behind then he
threw it especially at amirah..lol!and it STICKS!
XD n amirah doesn't noe abt it until i told her..
bt there was one orange acrylic tat she coudn't reach
then when she bend dwn to get the other acrylics,
the back half of the class all laughed!damn funny i tell u..
hahx!so..have studied geog oni~!!geez..shud
seriously speed up mann.. T.T

n once again..
hope u had fun todae..^^

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3:02 AM

Friday, September 12, 2008

Todae is the last day of band prac..
im kinda sad n happy at the same time..
oh well..wateva it is..
must focus on EOY!nid to work on my
combined science n maths~
haiz2..will nt be blogging much..
unless it's realli necessary..lol!
k tat's all for now!

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6:52 AM

Thursday, September 11, 2008

first period was pe..very fun as usual!hahs..
we played handball..quite ok larh the sport..
the concept is kinda lyk captain's ball..
bt then we oni used the basketball court since
mr ng's class nid to use the other court...-.-"
then we gt into grps of 5..2 boys 3 girls..
my grp was me,amirah,arina,john n jeff..
we call ourselves the triple AJ sq. hahas..
coz the girls names all start with A n the boys
names start with J..awesome..^-^
we were the first grp to play against the other team.
oni given one chance to score..if not..ure out..
at first we keep winning then when we
vs roxane,huiyim,gim chen,shawn woo
n chia chern,we lost then they keep winning..
lol!our side was kinda frustrated bt in a joking
way..seriously hard to beat them..shawn woo keep
defending the ball n chia chern keep scoring..
hahas..then once when amirah was the goalkeeper,
when chia chern wanted to score,he hit amirah's
right knee twice!how ironic is tat??XD

after tat was MT,then recess..stayed in class
n wrote things on the whiteboard..
in ss period..somehow we were talking abt
miss carol to miss jumilia..then she said
"i wonder hw u guys would imitate me?" :)
then some ppl imitate mr tan cher chong..mrs
jackie chan n ESPECIALLY miss carol..lol!

after sch gt physics study hr then went to sectionals
coz gt audition..eoin auditioned the sec ones..
they were ok i guess..then i auditioned valerie
n weichyi..heheh..after tat, went to bs to practice
with ren hong,haohan,terence n omairah..thought gt audition
bt then it was late so terence didn't get to audition
me..wanted omairah to bt in the end..
no mood to audition so will do so tmr..T.T
then went back at abt 6 plus tgether with omairah,nad,
roxane,stephani,haohan n rh..

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5:22 AM

Monday, September 08, 2008

lol!!guess who's feets r those..ahahas!
the grey slipper is nadiyah..the pink one is riqa while
the one wearing the school shoe is me!=D
hahas..after going for sectionals we went to
fareha's house..nadiyah n riqa is breaking their
fast there while i just go there for a while since nt allowed
to break fast anywhere else..T.T
so when i went home..nad n riqa sent me to the bus stop
n wore those slippers!look lyk japanese girls huh??
hahaha!they said they looked lyk lunatics..
then we took a pic of it to commemorate this day..-.-"
anw..i remembered a joke idris made during maths
lesson..ahahas..miss sharifah asked karthik to move
in frnt since he's noisy at the back..
then john helped karthik carry his table n
miss sharifah said tat karthik is weak!lol!then
idris called karthik mr softee chocolate flavour
with a cherry on top!!lmao!!DAMN FUNNY..
dunno if u get it anot..hahs..
n then at the end of the lesson idris made this funny
noise..then miss sharifah asked..
"who's phone is tat??"then we all were lyk huh??
lol!then she paiseh..........wakakaka!the sound
effect realli lyk a ringtone lyk tat..hahas!
haiz2..okok gtg!
shud study for EOY exams!!in 2-3 wks time??omigosh!
k ttfn!!^^

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7:55 AM

Thursday, September 04, 2008

another typical band holiday practice...
been busy this whole wk..have to go to sch
every single day..haiz2..
so then today..didn.t go to the bandstore
the 1st half of the day..coz gt exams..the
leaders gave us straws n we nid to buzz on it
or sumthin..at first i cant do then terence
taught me how to do it..so thanks..hehe..
then we went on to the av theatre..
wah..listen to a lot of songs until lyk wad..
made a very important decision todae..
must choose a song tat is suitable for syf
and the band..well nt realli A song..bt cn be
a couple of songs n i chose eaglebend n 1st suite!
wanted to choose ross roy bt nah..very tiring to play
the song!!realli!=p
so the pending songs r ross roy..eaglebend n 1st suite!

then it was lunch..went out of sch for a while
with nad,fareha n amirul then went back to the av theatre
had sectionals..took the sec ones..
they're improving each band prac..i'd say..
so anw..i tot eaglebend was ok bt after i tried it..
it was.....lyk damn hard cn!!!!T.T
this teaches me a lesson not to judge a song by its
cover..lol!so had combine..then mr wong recorded
us playing ross roy n eaglebend..heard
frm omairah tat we were too loud..n rough..n violent!
haiz2..no comments..

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10:27 PM

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

gt chem remedial todae..until 11 plus..
quite a no. of ppl went..then brian n his fren
joined us..hahas..n finally!!i now know wads the
difference between a cation and an anion
n also between ionic and covalent bonding..
n this is the basics u noe!haiz2..well tmr is
another day of this remedial n it's kinda fun..
mdm yani is a lot funnier than her usual class.lol!
tat motivated me to study!heheh..ganbatte!!!
then at the the bus stop john asked us if
we wanna go lunch..-.-" stupid sia..nvm2..
shall get at him back somehow..wakakakaka!

then at 1pm me,nurul n amirah were supposed
to meet idris,zul n izzat at the bedok library bt
me n nurul were 1 hour late!!hahas..for various
reasons..we were planning to study together..
amirah would teach us poa while idris will teach
us maths.."it's a win-win situation" loL!
courtesy of 4e4! hahah..
then idris n izzat keep teasing me abt this
stupid thing larh..damn hilarious..then when studying
poa,we were talking abt prepaid expense..
then coincidentally..im the oni one using prepaid
among all of them..so idris said tat i was poor
n lives beside the dustbin near our table!!-.-"!!!!!!!
totally bad u noe!!haiz2..
n idris oso said this to nurul..[translated]
idris:eh just now i saw u somewhere..
idris:at the coffeshop eating!!*laugh3*
lyk hello!!fasting here!!no comments..
hahas..very hard to
study in a LIBRARY with them sehh..
we were very noisy larh..laugh here laugh there..
tsk..tsk..tsk.. also studying tgether tmr..
try not to study at the library plz..no freedom at all!

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