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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

todae after sch i went to naqi's
hse alone coz nurul n amirah dun
want to follow..at her hse..i played
with her cat as usual..awWw..
so cute!!!!!=3
then we look at the magazine fresh mode
which is full of anime stuff..then
we called amirah..naqi got two hse
phone so we each use one phone..
lolx..then we can hear each others voice
across the hse..hahax..then we oso plan
do class blog soon..after exams..hehe..

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11:26 PM

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

todae we went to the com lab
during CME lesson..at first,naqi and
amirah sat in front of me and nurul..
then got two empty seats beside so
mdm dini asked two ppl to volunteer
to sit there..so naqi went to sit there..
then amirah didn't want to move..n i gave
amirah tat face..lolx!!!
so she move then he n ding jie move
to the seats in front of me n nurul..
hehehehehehehe...i was quite happy the whole
lesson bt i tried not to show it coz
he oredi noe tat i lyk him..lol..
since we were in front of each other,i can c
him clearly n keep looking at him..
best CME lesson eva!!!!!!!!!yeah....


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11:10 PM

Friday, April 25, 2008

todae after sch me,nurul,amirah n naqi
plan to go swimming at safra..lolx..
we had a great "adventure" while going
there..hahax..first we went to the opp
bus stop then dunno where to go coz
amirah don't hav a swimming costume..
so they go mie hse go n find mie costume
coz i dun wan swim..then cannot find..
so nurul called her mom then gt extra
swiming costume..so we went to nurul's
hse after tat..then off we go to the safra..
hahax..when we reach there..we found
out tat we cannot go in without a
cashcard..haiz!!so naqi go to the counter
n bought a cashcard..lolx..then after tat..
we realised tat we can oni buy 3
tickets..haiz..so sum1 must not go in lar..
then we decide until lyk wad..
until the lifeguard juz let us all in..lolx..
tat's very nice of him..hahax..then
everyone except me change to their swimming
costume..then at abt 5 lyk tat..we change back to our
sch uni then went home..heheh..

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12:13 AM

Thursday, April 24, 2008

today is a very rainy day..woohoo!!
very windy...wooohhh...hahax..
then after recess our f&n teacher nvr
cum..woohoo!!three free periods!!lol!
then the first period me,nurul,amirah n naqi
hang out at outside 3e5 classrm
coz they oso gt free period..fun sia..
we hang out with nad,riqa,dee n
sum other 3e5 ppl..lolx
then we enjoyed the wind..hahax..
very cold sia..cool.....^-^
then i sent themes frm riqa's phone
coz i lost mie other memory card..
then the second period 3e5 gt eng lesson
then the teacher gt cum..so we all
went back to the classrm..our class very
quiet sia..even gt relief teacher oni..
we all doing our own things..hahax..
kinda boring bt luckily nurul gt earpiece
so i lent frm her..then when i plug it into mie
phone i play the song lar..then i realized tat
i didn't plug it in properly..lol!!very
embarrassing sia..everybody suddenly look at me..
hahax..haiz..then after tat gt normal lessons..

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11:59 PM

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

todae pe very sian siia..
i run the 2.4km retest then nt
even halfway through the first round
then i fall dwn!!walao..sway sia..
very wad leh..i wanna run with mie frenz..
haish!!unluckly me..=(

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11:49 PM

Thursday, April 17, 2008

hey..it's been a long time since i last post
mie blog..lolx!!
hmm..let's c..tuesday gt napha after sch..
ok lar..oni fail mie standing broad jump..lolx..
then the next day gt 2.4km..
walao i sprained mie ankle then failed by 1 min..
haiz..so sian...=(
then today eng period we went to
the com lab to do the blog for the
old folk's home thingy..hahax..

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8:18 PM