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Friday, June 26, 2009

went to sch with BESTIE SWEETIE todayy!!(x
gahhh!!had so much fun with her in the com lab..
lmao!bt it was so silent dat it was friggin' hard to laugh!!
hahah!n we gave each other hearts in facebooks lol!
we're supposed to do fnn bt nooo..
btw sleeq vid was 'THE BOMB!' love their music..hahah!
n they r so cute!x3 wheee~~~
okayy movin on! :p(dis is still cuter nurul!:p :p :p! hahah!)
had tons of craps n laughs n soon it was over..
boohoo..*nudge nudge nurul*xD

went dwn to the canteen with bestie and roxane
n the dnt boys of our class were lyk sittin tgether doin idk wad..
lol!then nicholas suddenly sayy "EHH..AZURA.."
then all of them starts sayin "cheyyy!!!" -.-
suuppp with dat?? O.-?? hahah!hmmm...
ohh well..so then at the corridor saw mr wong's car(he changed it!xD)
n he started to wave!lmao!AWKWARD...XD
so yeahh went to mama shop n parted wayys with bestie!!T.T
lol den met grace coincidentally n we ate at mama shop
n band-ed!wow nvr thought i'd say dat again..lmao!
so yeahh went to music rm to greet mr wong n
we ended up discussing sumthin with him..-.-
hahah then blahblahblahh heard the ensemble at the end..
ok larhh..(; bt what impresses me was kaibin's solo!
lyk woahh..1st tym i heard a damaian play n move lyk dat.
hahah!woot woot!;DDD
yeahh took a pic of nigay..xD will post it soon !(x
n home-ed with roxane!teehee..

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

went swimming with bestie and amirah on tuesday at sengkang!;DD
it was freakin' fun..hahah!
the water was veryy cold lol!but somehw i
prefer the warm one...hahah!idk?im weird i guess :S
hahah n the bucket..xD n nurul!didnt want to go on
the slide!grrr..hahah!
ok so after swimming..changed!i said dat i was gonnah
take my time and i ended up being the
first to be readyy.. -.- how lame is dat??hahah :p
soo..when we were walking outside the
swimming complex,decided to walk to compass point mall
hahah!bt then nurul realised dat she lost her hp!
went bck to the SC n phew...found it at where
we put our bags..so yeahh lucky her!bt then
when we reached banquet at the mall nurul again
realised dat she lost her wallet..so i accompanied her
back to the fields..we searched and searched..walked back n forth
the field which is lyk the size of about 4 football fields btw!
or more..xP so yeahh..didnt find it!T.T
hahh....sorry nurul!! goshh!!I was sooo tired!
n btw..sooo not the kind of dayy u would want to be wearing
a jacket!!xP wrong day wrong day wrong dayy!(x
went bck to find amirah n we made
a police report near there..n there was this
auntie who made a report abt her husband..
so damn funny..hahah!!nvm i shall not elaborate..^^
soo yeahh then nurul's father fetched us and when i reached
home i thought i lost my phone!!O.O bt when i called,amirah picked up so yeahh
i left it in the car..hahah! xD
i hereby declare today 'lose ur valuables dayy!' -.-
aye nurul??* nudge nudge* hahah!

congrats kelly on successfully finding guity pleasure!!!
woot woot!lyk finally right??xD
soo yeahh..ashley 4ever!^^

i suddenly felt something of..
of some kind of sadness n i.. -sighs-
dun wanna talk about it.. i think i'm gonnah be a lot quieter frm
now on.. bye

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Monday, June 22, 2009

LMAO!!i saw this freakishly funny pic at amalina's blog!
amirah showed it to me..hahah!dats chia chern n beside
him is shawn woo..lol!n if u cn c clearly at the shelter there
is john who's a bit behind them..hahah!cool seyy!!CHEHH!
amalina took this pic coz she was inside the car..lmfao!!!xD
hahhh..there goes our fast runners!(x

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

di di da di di do do!!!xD
maths thingy..again!hahah!k then during break we went outside
sch..then john called n i totally forgot dat im supposed to meet him..lol!^^"
soo..me n amirah went bck to sch n passed him the
food..hahah!den otw..called qh!bt she nvr hear..lol!
too busy teaching huh?lmao!:PPP
then john said dat band poor thing aft syf oso
hav tons of band prac..cheh!!aww..sho shweet..x3 lol
k so passed him the food n blah blah blah ss lesson!
suddenly felt feverish lol!n aft dat ok alrdy..lmao!
PARTEY TYM!woot woot!;DD
popped the poppers upon mrs tjan's arrival!!hahah!
she cut the cake n aft all of us received it we ate it tgether!
hahah thanks john for the carrot cake!;DDD
lol i hav to wake up early n prepare the foods too..pfft!hahah
no larhh..it was worth it..lol!ehh nurul n amirah?
*nudge nudge!* mrs tjan said dat i'll be a zombie soon
if i dun go hme n rest!hahah!xD hmm..we were friggin' persistent as to not
let mrs tjan leave for her pet grooming thing!hahah!
c for urself in the pics below..^^ before dat each of us must read out
what we wrote in the card for her..paiseh u know!xD
the best day of my life yet!amirah n nurul bestie shud knw huh?
mmm then at the bus stop..lol!now we describe john as
"hello mom." hahah!longgg storyy..lol!then we ask him to
choose his mom's daughter-in-law aft the phone call
between yahh..then he was lyk speechless..lol!then amirah!!!!!!
amirah just had to!!pfft!!i still hate u for dat!!tsk!!CHEHHHH tk larh..rite..xD
lalalalala~ gawd!the song just dance by lady gaga is stuck in my head!!;DD

loL!on the left side is actually cc n pan bt they gt cut off somehw..lmao!


what on earth is he doin??xD

woot woot!izzat seyy!(x

my phone has cool effects huh??cheh!!

lol!the two hotties of our class!cheh!!dun they look lyk bros??

what twist twist ehh nurul!hahah!

dua2 tk perlu ehk!!pfft

rampaging mrs tjan's carr!!xD


lol!dats john n shawn woo..hahah!persistent much!

oi!giv up alrdy larh!!xD

bye bye mrs tjan!(x


the boys running towards mrs tjan's car!hahah!
we've been treating her lyk a celebrithy these two dayys..xD

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8:07 PM

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

woot woot!!
had maths remedial todayy..(:
hmm but let me just sayy dat it was VERYY productive??hahah
well its true:PP
OKAYY!then ss lesson!when mrs tjan was going out to take somethin..
huiyim n company lol!idk wad they do larhh they just go n blindfold mrs tjan
n prevent her frm goin in for a while n john brief us on wad to do..
lol!then finally she came inside n we made her wear this n wear dat..
lol!u'll c for urself in the pics below!!xD
we went paparazzi on her!^^
then during her lesson john msged n asked us to
delayy her lesson n BOMB! her with qns whether its relevant or
nt relevant to ss..hahah!she started to get suspicious n
oh well we will be be havin ss tmr!hahah..it was for her farewell partyy
btw..^^ then some of us went to behind the sci block n
poured jojo with water!!hahah!xD

okayy!!aft dat me,bestie n amirah went to c HM movie!!
bt b4 dat we gt "lectured" by this 2 ppl abt sumthin
crappy!!!!lyk %!$#%^#$!^#&%$#@&!!!!
u just wasted our friggin' tym!!u tooottt!!arghh
made us miss our movie by THAT MUCH!!
LET ME REPEAT EHH..THAT MUCH!!!godd..seriously..
arghh!!cant u c i was lyk "uhhhh stop this alrdy!!"
we hav our own religion that we believe in n we respect urs too
bt we wont go as far as dat!:PPP
u believe in urs n we believe in ours!so just butt off!!pfft!
so yeahh!missed the movie at GV anddd...waited for the next one!
at 6 plus..lol!we were so pissed at dat tym dat
we decided we needed a movie!!!T.T hahah!
ate beef soup noodle at food culture..mmm
the movie was friggin' nice cn!!i cried lyk A LOT OF TYMS!
hahah!!nurul cried!!lalalalala~u know.......
i am still pissed u cried here bt didnt cry at 17 again!!tsk!-GLARES-
had goosebumps for most of the songs!
hmm..i'll rate it 4/5 starzz!!hahah..
oops!i forgot to rate 17 again which is 5/5 starz!!xD
coz zac efron is in it duhhh..xD
nurul's bro sent us home..had tons of laughs!!
"knock knock on glass!" lmao!!dat was priceless!!!!xDDDDD
hahhhh..nudge nudge nurul..lol!inside joke..(x


keep calling me malay!-.-

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Pictures of 11 june outing!^^

okayy!shall post abt the outing recently..heheh
was late so decided to take a taxi..saw peiyi,zoey n eoin otw outside
sch..(: then i saw sufian waitin for someone then i was lyk
okayy ntn to do with me..hahah!hmm..
then saw izzat!!in home clothes goin out of sch..
he met up with sufian ok yadayadayadaaaaa...then
three of us took a taxi n they paid for me..lol!thanks guyys..
so then met up with nurul,amirah,arina,hafsah n naqi n changed at
mac..off we go to east coast!sat at the bbq place there which needs to be reserved..
bt we didnt..lol
then guess what..forgot water,fork n spoons n knife!!-.-
we tried to cut the cake with the paper plates..-.-
guess hw dat went!so me n hafsah quickly decided to sacrifice ourselves..xD
n off we go to the ntuc aft the underpass..
searched n searched..[p.s we went grocery shopping!(x]
ok then we bought ourselves a treat!hahah!our prize for doin
this when it's our eh-hem2!:PP
went bck..amirah went mising..O.O!hahah!
NO LARH..she went to look for us..awwhhh.. ;D
kk then i met up with her at no.25 there to change bck to the band tee
coz i wanna swim!ran ._.
n instead of goin to the toilet i changed there n then!!
lol u do not wanna know the rest..^^
so swam in the seawater with izzat n sufian..
took all of my energyy for the dayy!coz the current of the waves
is so friggin' strong!xP went bck..talked3..went bowling!hmm..
doot da doo!!hahah random singin'..den bus stop-ed with nurul,naqi n arina..
hahah!!went bck with nurul n home-ed!(;
the outin was great!thanks guyys..

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