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Thursday, July 31, 2008

as usual..pe was fun todae..hahas
our class played softball..dis is the last wk
we're gonna play tis sport though
we grouped ourselves into 4 grps..
my team was nurul arina john jeff yiting
rabia n yuyu..we played against idris team..
lol!very fun seh..at first we were fielding
bt then we changed to batting..gt a lot of
chances to try..hehe..at first kept missing bt
got a bit ok after tat..bt gotta give credit to
idris's team..they're quite good man!!
we didn't manage to get a lot of home run..
always out n out n out..lol
gt chem study hour after sch..
one comment..boring!!!!!!felt lyk sleeping
all the way sia..feels lyk forever u noe!
looking at the clock ticking..haiz..
after tat went to the bs..supposed to go home
early bt nid to w8 for amirah to settle her
welfare things..end up until 4 plus..=.="
still managed to polish mie trumpet a bit..
n help herda pack her file..haiz..
seeing her pack the file arh..realli
irritates me ya noe..haiz..nvm..at least
i was dere to teach her..=p
after tat went to send amirah at the opp bus stop
until sshe took her bus to go buy
the shoes n then went home..

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6:50 AM

Monday, July 28, 2008

got mie geog test todae!!!
did quite well man..18.5/25
if calculate in percentage would be 74%!!
one more mark to A1 u noe!!!argh...
so freaking pissed lar can..nid to get distinction
for geog since mie ss sux..bleah..=p
aniwaes..during maths lesson damn funny..
miss sharifah nvr cum so oni mrs wong
took us..the class lyk nvr listen to her one lorh..
lols..then idris n karthik go n take
the stick thingy frm the class deco n go poke2
at mie ear..stupid sia!itchy u noe!
then sum more cannot concentrate in
the lesson keep getting distracted..wad sia..
then after sch went to sectionals..
at first me n nad went to the music rm to
play the piano..then heard vanessa play..very nice!!
then went back to the bs to play postcard..
n sum other songs larh..
at 5.30pm lips damn pain so packed up n drew
things on the whiteboard with valerie..
then we use the markers to draw stuffs on ppl's
hands..we put r**** on keith's hand duh..
then stupid keith go n put his name
on mie arm..argh!!dun lyk him anymore larh!!!!
after tat we all went home together..

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8:21 AM

Friday, July 25, 2008

picture taken by me!!!!!!!=D

lol!still had time to take picture at chem lab!




contributed these two dolls for the racial harmony class deco..nice huh...

todae is the last day of racial harmony wk..gt some
prizes to give in the morning..our class won first
prize for racial harmony class decorations..our
class lyk got win a lot of things hor this yr..cool or wad..
lessons as per normal..for chemistry we went to the
lab..since we using goggles to test the bunsen burner
thingy..we decided to take a picture of ourselves with it..lolx!
last period was maths then after school those malays
who wore ethnic costumes wanted to take a picture(excluding me)
amirah n arina asked to take the pic with their hp...
then hafsah asked chia chern to take it with her "big" camera..
lolx..so we took the picture together..
the one on amirah's phone was kinda candid coz i took
the picture b4 chia chern finish saying 1..2..3..hahas..
silly me..
after sch gt band..until 8 pm sia!!T.T
were separated frm the sec ones the whole dayy..
had sectionals at the bomb shelter..fun sia!!!
lyk we can concentrate more on our sound..
during combine band we keep saying tat the time
was two hours b4 so its lyk the normal band prac..
this is called positive thinking..hehe..
at 5 plus..we ate dinner??dunno larh..
we ate mc chicken burger which we paid
for $2..then i accidentally touched bird shit!!!
quickly went to the toilet with riqa..washed with
soap umpteen times!!!still felt yucky after tat..bleah!!then at nite..
heard sumthing..all the trumpetors n horn players
heard it..actually i didn't hear it until terence
asked me to listen properly..
then when we played made in singapore..
he went breathless so he rested for a while..
kind of scary for me coz tats the first time it happened..
during packing up everyone talked abt what we all heard and
so on n were worried abt nxt wks practice..
after band..we all went out of sch together
then me n nadiyah saw yingsa alone at the opp site
so we called out to her..she was scary sia..walking
alone lyk tat..hahas..then me n nad sent dee n riqa
to the opp bus stop..hao han followed the people
going to the reservoir at first bt then halfway he saw his bus
then decided to run back..lolx..still managed to catch it..
lucky him..after tat we saw desmond n jesmond
going back so we waited for them then crossed the
road together then went home..

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6:54 PM

Thursday, July 24, 2008

wah..todae pe lesseon damn fun sia..
after the cross country tat is..stupid..
we r supposed to play softball..bt then
mr cho changed it to cross country n
we had to run one round ard the school
bt a bit more coz we started at the parade sq.
after the run..most of the boys wanted
to play soccer..bt john,shawn woo,sean lim
n nicholas joined the girls for captains ball..
i was in john n shawn woo's team..
together with pan,nurul,arina,naqi,amirah n
amalina..at first our grp was winning all the
time bt then nicholas started to guard me
as i was the captain..then it was harder for me
to get the ball..so mr cho came n stood beside me
on the bench n then he holded the softball
bat at nicholas' head so tat he would be
distracted when guarding me..lol!!
he was damn funny sia..
then gt this one part when mr cho helped me
catch the ball n passed it to me..hahax..
we all argued n argued..bt it was not counted..haha
best pe lesson ever..
todae oso gt ss test..ok lar..structured essay
was ok bt didn't had time to do source based!!!!!!
one period oni sia...lyk wad the ****!
oni get to write half page..
then after tat gt poa..we supposed to hav
the bank recon test todae bt mr tan cc
postponed it to next wk..

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5:59 PM

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

first things first..todae dun hav study hour!!!!!!!!
then geog gt free period coz miss jumijumi..
hahax..tat's wad we call her..she nvr cum..
during maths lesson..amirah nvr cum todae so i went
to sit with arina..bt my maths textbk n notebook
is under my table over there..
cannot stand up n take coz later miss
sharifah will noe tat im not sitting at
my place..soi asked idris to pass me the books
bt then he go n use it for himself instead..
stupid sia..then im the one hu gt kena by miss
the last two periods was at physics lab..
went to do some experiment abt checking temperature..
then after sch gt band..blah..blah..blah..

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11:50 PM

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the first two peiods have been exchanged
to assembly..thenthe last two periods will be mother
tongue for our class..
the assembly ok lar..sumtimes funny..sumtimes
not..n then they gt sing when u will
come back again..teow..=.="
then during f&n the three period lesson
we had theory instead of practical..stupid sia..tat
is our last practical then teacher postponed
bcoz of the stupid decision-making larh..
n then after tat gt chemistry test..
it was terrible!!!!!!!i nvr study anything
then during the test i was damn blur n
dunno wad its toking abt..the test is abt
acids,alkalis n salts..walao..i tink i will
fail with a one-digit number sia..haiz..
this wk gt a lot of test!!must study study study!!!

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10:54 PM

Thursday, July 17, 2008

todae gt audition for the upcoming performance..
not feeling nervous at all n i oso dunno y..
hehe..we went to the canteen to do the audition..
while waiting for my turn i took Herda for
a while..ok lar..she can play friendship a bit..
n summore she play first..can reach
all the high notes..quite a capable sec one..
then i went up to the bandstore for a while
to c all the passport photos..then me n amirah did
a trumpet section family tree..lolx..
wei chyi was there also..
n then i went down n sat beside val during her
audition.after tat was mie turn..O.o
hahax..first was stand up then dunno y
bt i keep playing wrong notes sia..
nvr play c sharp lar c natural lar..stupid sia..
mie mistakes were wrong notes??haiz..sian..
then the other songs were ok i guess..after
the audition i waited for riqa to finish
with her section then we packed up..
after tat me n riqa went to buy stuff at 7-11
n hanged out at the void deck..talked abt stuffs..hehe..
then went home at 6 plus..

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8:28 PM

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

todae im not feeling well..during study
hour i oredi cannot take it oredi..
feeling very giddy then i slept almost the
whole lesson..lolx..nice..bt i still managed
to finish the wksheet in time..copied
amirah's work..heheh..^-^
then when came to band didn't
feel lyk playing so i rested at bandstore..
afetr tat..muen..beeyong n rizal came..
we talk2 a bit then i went to sleep..hehe..
at abt 5 o'clock lyk tat i went
into the music rm for a while to listen
to the band play..ummm...no comments..
i tink they played beta without the sec
ones..yup..then i gt record the band playing
semoga..hahax..ntn to do lar..very bored
sitting behind doin ntn..bt i pity
the percussionists leh..
mr wong alwaes pick on them..i c oso i very
pity them..lolx..jiayou amanda!

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9:17 PM

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

todae we released early!!yeah!!hahax..
then summore no afternoon taf..
at home econ lesson we baked chelsea
bun..(is tat hw u spell it??)hahas..
after sch we straightaway went to tm
to buy sumthinme,omi.amirah,huipng n
peiyi..lolx..cannot tell..
meant to be a secret..better to be
safe than sori..hee...then me n amirah
wanted to buy new sim card bt nid
my ic..=.=!!stupid sia..5 more days then
cn get ic frm sch..bleahs..
then summore must change number..
troublesome leh!!!!!!!!i dunno hw
many times i change no. oredi sia..T.T

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3:04 AM

Friday, July 11, 2008

during band prac i very sian sia..
suddenly no form..means i cant
reach my top notes lyk usual larh..
dunno y sia..everytime try to play high notes
i become giddy..sorry terence..
i wasn't able to assist u tat day..haiz..
hope next practice become back to
sorry this has to be such a short post
no mood to write abt everything..

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8:04 PM

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

todae is our first study hour..sian!!!!!
poa summore..then tat stupid mr tan cc
nvr even teach us one lorh...he just
gave us worksheet to be done as so
called a test..stupid sia..he teach us lyk wad
nvr even teach properly then expect us to
noe everything..=p!! bleahs!!
after study hour went to bandstore coz
gt band..duh..=.=
we wait for everybody to arrive at
the bandstore then we went into
the music rm together..but me..terence..val..
cc..kelmond n desmond went in by the
back door..bt mr wong lyk wad sia..
he asked everyone to to play their
chromatic scale one by one then make
us wait..nvr even ask us to sit
first or sumthin..haiz..then the whole day
we nvr even play songs..juz warm up or
sumthin lyk tat..
after tat went to bubble tea shop then went home..

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10:04 PM

Monday, July 07, 2008

yesterday we went to ACJC concert at sch..
i went with nad..riqa..amalina..syad..n
aisyah..we went separately frm the band
n we reached there b4 them..at abt 4.45pm lyk
tat..lolx..the concert was nice n i so
didn't regret goin to the concert coz
they played very nicely n it was kinda fun oso..
the conductor very funny sia..better
than mr wong..=p
every song gt a solo..mostly frm clarinets
n oboe..obviously its nice..then gt this soprano
solo where he played in frnt of the band..
very nice sia..those jazzy solos..hahax..
first time i hear a soprano sia..cool or wad...
yeah..then after the 25 min interval
the conductor forgot his scores!!!!!!!teow..=.="
then when he opened the dooe its locked..
lolx..embarrassing n funny at the same time..hehe
then gt this clarinet guy hu started a song
with a solo n then when he stand in frnt of
the band..we lyk kind of cheered him on
then the conductor say.."sshh..dun
make him nervous.." lolx..funny sia..
bt the best song was the encore!!
very nice lehh..gt trombone..trumpet..saxophone
n horn soli..then we clapped to the song..
then gt sum ppl at the back stand up n dance
hahax..quite fun arh the concert..at the end..gt this
saxophone girl hu gave flowers to the
conductor then they hug..after tat he
pointed to the clarinet guy hu played the solo..
which means tat both of them are a couple..
lolx!cool or wad..hahax..after the concert we
went to eat at long john silver n went home
at 9 plus lyk tat..hehe..

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