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Thursday, April 30, 2009

MT PAPERS!when its over..its over..hahahs!crap!
lol..gt soooo distracted by idris u noe!
during the 1st paper miss sharifah was behind
me by 2 tables n idris keep turning
back n smiling at me..-.-"
totally wan to make me laugh until lyk wad seyy!xD
was trying to contain my laugh lyk mad!0.o
den during the paper..izzat was throwing
small pieces of paper at idris..xD!
n idris threw at me n i threw back small pieces
of erasers..muahahah!den i was lyk smilin to myself..
making the chinese relief teacher taught i was a mad woman!xP
seriously i keep smiling to myself coz they distract me so much!hahahs!
n when miss sharifah read idris' compo n such..
she was practically smiling all the way..n idris
gave me the "ohh..she's smiling.." look..-.-"
n showed me the thumbs up..lol!
n i keep makin silly faces to him to make him laugh..:D
cant believe we did this during exams u noe!haish..
n paper 2 was worse..when miss carol invigilated us..
they keep making me laugh until i wanted to
bang the table coz i cant contain it..lol!
n idris pestered me sayin dat i distract him so much
by sittin near me..-.-"
hello!look hu's talking man!tsk

HOME-ED!with bestie!amirah,arina n naqi..
laughed lyk hell when watching ellen show..
the part at the starbucks thingy..(:


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6:09 PM

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


officially the CONFIDENT QUEEN!xD
funny sia...

hmmm..dun wanna tok abt exams!:pppppp
after sch hanged out at the bus stop with
amirah,arina,robin,shawn woo,weixiong,john....
shawn n weixiong showed the circle hand sign to me...-.-"!
NOT WORKING!lol..plz larh..i played dat game with
idris,izzat n john lyk centuries ago!:pppppp HAHAHS!
bt den i fell for it when they showed me the pic
where gt 12 of the hand signs!"BALL GAZER!"xD


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6:12 AM

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

heyhey peeps!:D

todayy is my most enjoyable dayy yet!
it started in the morning..
where his smile just made my dayy..
n it helped with me studying dat time..lol!:D
right bestie??!!hahahs..u know i know..
after fnn..me n amirah was walkin to class
n mr sng was walking towards us n he
show a twist sign lyk dis ^^V n said "wet"
xD!!!!!!coz his shirt was damn bloody wet!hahahs!
RANDOM!!den its during recess..lol!oni amirah n bestie
noe i guess..woohoo!k den aft dat had chem..
we didnt noe dat mdm yani has oredi reached the class
den me,amirah n arina were lyk outside minding our own business
n i saw miss sharifah at the 3rd floor
givin me the"WAD R U DOIN??" look..^^"

k movin on..in eng
rite..miss carol once again!embarrased me..-.-"
actually i didnt realli react to wad she said..
she used the eg. she was doin n said
dat i was attractive n dats y sean lim was
sittin in frnt of me..CRAPP!!tsk..
he was just looking at my notes seyy!ohhh..
she is out to get me!grrrrrr......ITS ON MANN!*evil look
ss lesson!didnt get ss test back..T.T
n it was raining!lol..k sloww..bt den me,amirah n bestie!
were randomly talking abt "sunshine" den
we keep sayin the word sunshine sunshine~~~~~~
den suddenly gt a big flash of lightning outside
our class n john was sittin in frnt of me den he lyk
so early put his hand at his ear..xD
biggest thunder i hav experienced yet!O.O
den idk where mrs tjan go..she suddenly disappear
n dis is where the fun begins..the class started throwin
paper balls all over the class..one throw n the
other hit it with a bottle/book..well actually the boys luhh..
(chia chern,robin,shawn woo,nicholas.....)
n chia chern go n hit until my head!!!!-.-"!
den still cn laugh!*grins.. n i threw the paper ball
back..n it missed his head by lyk mini millimetres!._.
gahh!missed him by dat much..lol
the class lyk act as if tmr nt exam lyk dat..
so childish some more..lol!bt fun larh..gdgd
a wayy to de-stress..(x
john warned the class abt the arrival of mrs tjan
n we all quickly returned to our seats n act as if ntn happened
lol!n we sayy dat just nw we were so innocent n everythin..
were studying n doin ntn else..hohoho!
den we started lyk calling ourselves by our 2nd names
or surnames..eg. amirah is nw syairah..arina is nw amalinda..
bestie is amirah..im nw nur..-.-" hafsah is siti..xD chia chern is khor..
robin is wong..shawn is woo n john is zhi ming etc..

n at the bus stop..i saw chia chern wanting to take the bus..
den we were lyk looking at each other
n dunno if shud sayy hi or not dat kind of situation u noe..
den in the end we just sayy..lol!"hahaha so funny"(inside joke)
awkward moment..after dat me n amirah were doin lip singin
n bestie n arina nid to guess wad song we're "singin..hahahs!
n when arina n amirah "sang" crushby david archuleta..i guessed it
just when they started "singin" oohhhh...wooo-ohhh..xD
freakyy!hahahs..home-ed aft dat..


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8:43 AM

Monday, April 27, 2009


y?????coz im studying geog..
i tink i cn die of BOREDOM...
GAHHH!heeelllpppp mmmeeee..T.T
wahhhh!!chiong arh!!

short post bout todayy..
our class the chi boyys arh..suddenly
sayy dis chi relief teacher veh pretty..xP
yeahh rite!i tink mrs tjan more prettier lorh..
den robin sayy she old..-.-"!!crapp.
den john go n scold mak yong for idk wad reason..
den he sayy "wlao y u scold me???"
n veryy loud de seyy!xD robin n me was lyk
xD all the wayy sia..
we alwayys disturb them one mahh..
so gayy cn!nt john larh the oder one..LOL
physics practical aft sch n HOME-ED!:D


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2:04 AM

Friday, April 24, 2009

lyk finalllyyyy...(:

passed my 2.4km!WOOHOO!*jumping for joyy!:D
kinda hav to thanks shawn woo for "motivating"
me..lol!(more lyk shouting for me to run at the last min)xD
ohh!i forgot to post abt the funniest incident in our
class yet!priceless i tell u!xD
during maths lesson rite..
everything was per normal larh..den rite..
we suddenly c mr phoa outside our class n he threw a
red ball to our dustbin beside the door!xD
den all of us plus miss sharifah was lyk.. -.0!
den a few mins ltr he SUDDENLY walk into our class
n nt even sayin anythin he go n picked up the red ball frm the dustbin
n walked awayy!!HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!
damn bloody funny mannnszsxs!!den we were lyk
wth??!!RANDOM OR WHUATTSS??cannt stop laughing!
n for our class shawn woo was the fastest guyy!
9 mins!!wooh!*clapps..n the fastest girl..huiyim!12.10!*clapps!
hmmm..dats al for nw!!TOODLES!:D

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7:46 PM

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LOL!we just randomly decorate our names here..
gt bestie!amirah..hafsah..nicholas..karthik..
idris...izzat seanLIM n me!:D


so ****ing happy todayy!xD
wahwahwahhh..vulgarities arh!lol
i actually passed my chem test!!!
^o^!!wahh..damn happy mann..
even tho its just a test bt i still met my target.. :D
n i tink almost the whole class passed!
congrats 4e4!n the last paper was karthik
n he gt 16 lehh!even mdm yani was
damn happy for him u noe!^^
"for the 1st time for 1 n a half years!" she said..(x
lol!n during the lesson i sat with amirah..
n she told me sumthin..n i was lyk practically crying
of shock!0.o hav u ever heard of dat situation?!
lol!bt in the end..i took it for the wrong person!
lyk wad the hell??!seriously.....xD
funny incident..n amirah had to tell the story all
over again to make it clear.. :D
n when amirah was showing me the msges..
john was lyk shaking his head.. -.-"
n he lyk tok to jeff n look at us n jeff oso looked at us n smiling..k fine..
so we oso stared at him.. :pppp
n when he take away his paper n looked..me n amirah
lyk stick out our tongue n lick our lips dat kind..
LOL!at the same time!!xD veryy funny..
make him lyk 0.o!hahahs!
aft dat was maths..geezz..miss sharifah
keep asking me "AZURA U UNDERSTAND ANOT??"
"dun keep givin me dat steam face.." ._.
n geog..did my work!woohoo!:D
lyk dat oso happy..hahahs..
assembly was quite funny..nt bad arh!'sponge'
hahahs!me,siangying,nigay n jesmond went to
the 4th floor..alot of funny things happened!
shall nt elaborate..(x

16 liao larh...one thing in mind..
NC16 movies!hahahs..
it was a pleasure workin tgether wit u
in bringin up the sect. n im sure gonna
miss ur stupid n lame jokes..xD
all the best n gd luck for ur studies!:D

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4:20 AM

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


another update!(:
had fnn den malayy..discuss with amirah n fareh
abt mixed marriage..lol!heheheh..*grins
den chemistry..recess!:D
eng..lol!actualli copied wad miss carol
was writing on the visualiser..0.o
WAHHH..applause plz applause..*clapps!-.-"
wateva movin' on!
bestie didnt wan let me copywad she had
written..T.T alwayys bully me..tsk
after dat was suddenly tokin abt soccer..rabia said dat
i lyk frank lampert??!!(spelling)
lyk hu the hell??hahahs..actually its fernando torres
lorh..lol!den we suddenly talked abt man u..
lol!den chia chern was disturbed!hahahs..
den he so confident go sayy dat man u
won against everton!xD den rabia,idris n
dunno hu else go n protest against him..lmao!
CONFIDENT..paisehh or whuattss??!(x
damn funny..lol!den suddenly we start debating
on the soccer teams..^^
man u-chia chern n amirah
liverpool-me n idris
arsenal-sean lim zhi khai -.-" (fanatic i tell u..xD)
n oso talked abt miley cyrus wit amirah..
one comment..her voice sucks mann..
especially at american idol..vibrato oso lyk
force one..eeeeyyyaaaa...disgusting..xP!!!
finally ss..didnt get back the test!
she sayy must finish the chapter 1st ._.

after sch..hmmm..haohan said dat he changed
his name in the crew..0.o
lyk diao.. totally u noe..den when he bully me
his fren defend me..hohoho!!:D
den me n darling!lyk "go against" diyana..xD
veryy bad..separated with bestie!amirah,naqi n dee
at the damai bs..
after dat arh...aiyah..lazy to elaborate..^^
tata for now!!*waves

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5:41 AM

Monday, April 20, 2009


hahahs..shall update bout todayy..
finally had a talk wit amirah n evrythin's
alrite nw aites..(:
let's just forget everythin yeahhs??lol

n thanks nadiyah for helpin me..^^
hmmm..gt bck geog test..
lyk i said..humanities is practically KILLING me..xP
guess hw much i gt??tsk!
eng..damn sway..stupid miss carol go
n sayy "there r some lovely gurls in dis class.."
"for example..AZURAAA.." ._.
purposely wan make me paisehh u noe!
den gimme dat smirk face..haiz..no comments..

me n bestie had a coincidence mmt. lol!
totally unexpected aye??hahahs!so damn cool mann..

MT..was practically blur!!mdm dini was
callin me to read sumthin..den i was daydreamin
of idk wad..den suddenly i saw izzat zul akid they all
was lyk staring at me n laughing a bit..
den i lyk "huh??" makin they all laugh lyk crazy idiots..tsk..
another bozo mmt!
when returned to class..robin n chia chern
told me abt the mak _ _ _ _ storyy..
lol!veryy bad..den they told me hw theyy
fuck him off..damn funny sia..xD
den i came up wit these 2 ppl in our class
to be couple of the yr..lol!robin oso agree..hahahs!

n rabia had dis guyy picture n said dat
he's more hensem than robin blahblahblah..
makin him feel veryy lyk wad u noe..
chia chern sayy he looked lyk a gurll..xD
veryy fun lehh tokin to them.. :D

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

coz i hav ntn to post abt u c..^^

the 1st one is the jo bros on ellen..
the fun starts in one min..was laughing all the wayy through..xD
the 2nd vid is just hsm3 extended bloopers..ENJOYY!(:

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

watched 17 again with bestie todayy!!<3
first time i watched a movie on the 1st dayy..
n i kept pestering nurul to giv me the seat no. 17 ticket..xD
when i just gt into the movie theatre..gt a msg frm
haohan sayin dat he saw me..-.-" lol!
n overall..the movie was lyk..hmmmm..let me tink...
lol..kk..hahhh..zac efron was freakishly cool in the movie..
especially the part where.....
aiya..u will noe when u c it..lol..n the girls ard
us kept squealing everytime he does sumthin cool..
geez..seriously..lyk ._.
here's a funny reaction frm the audience..
when ZAC EFRON..
-preparing a sandwich..he spreads nutella on it..
nurul gt all excited coz we lurvvee nutella..xD
-adds mayonnaise!
audience, "EEEEE...."
-puts in 2 sliced pickles!
-crunched chips on top of the sandwich!
audience," EEEEEE..."
-adds creamed cheese on top!
audience ,"EEEEEEWWW!!"
-finally finishes up the sandwich n takes one bite!!
ohhh..u noe hw the storyy goes on..xD
the loudest "eeeww" u cn ever tink of..lol!
damn funny..ohh n the saddest part..
everybodyy was literally crying..n some even sobbed
veryy loud..lyk seriously..VERYY..lmao
except for nurul!!tsk :p
trying to act strong n everything.. :pppppp
didn't even shed a teardrop.. *giving the look
n i keep making her feel guilthy for nt crying..HAHAHS.
ohh..n u noe the statics dat u feel when u collide
ur arm to the person beside u??i find it realli cool!hah!
keep wanting to collide my hand wit nurul to
feel the statics!hahahs..n gt nurul all irritated..xD
kk dats all for the movie!u shud watch it..
officially recommended!^^V

k for the past few dayys..
here r some of the events dat happened..(:
karthik asked me whether chia chern,idris,izzat n him
handsome anot..-_-
u do nt wanna noe my ans..totally awkward situation..
had malay oral..practically stuttering coz i was lyk
argh hw do i sayy dis word in malay???!!!T.T
not literally larh..in my mind..u noe..
met up with haohan n jesmond at the 4th floor..
-dhe illusion soul crew- rawks!\m/^~^\m/
home-ed with them plus amanda..haohan keep bullying me!T.T
physics n poa test results!
my vision came true..xD
chem test..b4 the test chia chern said,
"good luck alala.." -.-" inside storyy joke..lol!
btw it was suprisingly okayy for me..
there's a possibility dat i cn actually pass chem.. :D
ss..managed to write wad i wanted to write..bt
didn't realli link to the qn.!T.T
humanities is practically KILLING me.. xP

conver with robin dats been goin on lately..
robin "azura!im fine hw r u??"
me "im fine too thank u.."
robin "ohh!im fine too hw r u??"
me "im fine *giggle hw r u?"
robin "im fine too thank you hw r u??"
WOW!!amazing conver huh?(sarcasm)
idk whether to giv a xD face or a dis -.-" face..
k dats all folks!TOODLES!:D

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9:34 PM

Monday, April 13, 2009

not gonna elaborate much on todayy..
basically after sch went to study at petal mac with
nurul,hafsah,arina,amirah n aliyah..
studied ss..while others did chem n maths..lol!
at abt 5 plus home-ed with nurul..
as usual..had tons of laughters..n i had to walk all the way home
coz i hav no bus money..^^"
gahhhh!!!!havin so much problems rite nw..
frenship problems at sch..
cant use my msn for idk wad reason..
sayin dat it is temporarily unavailable wad crap..
n its been goin on for lyk centuries........
hearing my parents fight over my sister..T.T
cant help bt cry when hearing them quarrel lyk dat..
its so scary..n my mom's at the verge of leaving us...
T.T help me..........
n mid yr is cmin soon..do i just ignore all dis n just continue
studying??am i strong enough to handle all dis?

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7:12 AM


the truth is surfaced n
nvr let dis matter be heard again..

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Saturday, April 11, 2009


changed my blogskin..again!!hahahs..
i find dis blogskin veryy nice so i changed it!HAHAHS.
hmmm..nw i wanna sayy some stuffs to some ppl..
since i didn't giv any letters..dis will
have to do yeahhs..^^

*WEIYI!(aka momo!lol!)
realli appreciate wad u have written for me in ur blog..
was really reallyy touched mannxzsx!!T.T
actually cried a bit..hahahs..didn't noe u were so deep!xD
btw..im sure gonna miss U during assembling..
how we ALWAYYS crap abt stuffs n nvr kept quiet..
LOL!^o^ brendan oso..
n the wayy u alwayys tease me abt..stuffs..xD
u noe..i noe..... :p hahahs..
GONNA MISS U LARH......T.T all the best for the
upcoming yr of band!!:D
n dun tink i will forget abt the EVERLASTING SMILE....(:

the guyy who alwayys call me sucker..*grins :p!!
hahahs..everytime u c me..u will alwayys sayy "EHH!sucker!"
alwayys bully me one..lol!gonna miss dat nw..
hahahs..n i will miss ur stupid jokes..xD
n hw u n erwin alwayys trick me of sumthin2..lol

LOL i will alwayys rmb hw u alwayys sayy
miss sharifah's quote "also cann.." xD
i realize dat too!hahahs..
n thanks for being the first one there for me when i cried..
realli appreciate it!:D
will oso miss u when assembling..T.T
the times we had with weiyi oso..LOL!

ahhh..alwayys giv me n terence trouble arh..
for alwayys bein l8 for band!tsktsktsk..
u must seriously stop dat habit nw coz u r the most senior
in the trumpet section u noe!u've really improved alot
since last time..especially when u changed to cornet
n back to trumpet..ur tone improved tremendously!
so congrats!n plz help to take care of the section.. :D

*SIANGYING(new SL of tp sect.)
wahhh..sl arh..loL!not bad2..
gd luck in handling the sect hor..u can do it!ganbatte!:D
whenever u nid help just call for the seniors..
we will alwayys be there for u!!(:
we noe u cn do it..juz dun get influenced easily k?hahahs.
do ur best for the sake of the trum sect.!
n yeahh..the slipper joke..cant believe u still rmbered!
totally paiseh u noe!:p ohh!n rmb our last section lunch

tgether??when we were the separated frm the sect.
coz we walked so slw n crap abt
alot of stuffs?!hah..will nvr forget it..^^

ahhh..asl arh..hahahs..dun be childish anymore..xD
time to grow up n show the sec ones dat u r mature..loL!
i noe u r oni sec 2 bt u still nid to gain the respect frm ur sect..
make sure to help siangying n dun let her
do everything..alright..all the best!:D
n i will nvr forget the times dat we had..(:

lol!dun be sad anymore larhs..
tink of me cn oredi!!!xD!!
alwayys msg me in sch arh..totally bad u noe!
hahahs..u make such an innocent person lyk me
become bad..HOHOHO!^o^ jkjkjk..
play hard n show mr wong dat u r more than dat..(:
n i will cherish the memories dat we had alwayys..(:
when we went to sakae sushi rmb?hahahs..

n also hw i chewed 13 pearls all at once!n u actually
wrote it in ur blog..LOL!xD one of the fun mmts we had huh?

although we r nt dat close b4 n oni started to tok recently..
bt nonetheless..u r still my dear junior!:D
cant believe u will be transfering sch soon..to AMKSS!:P
hahahs..gonna tel mr wong..xD

ahhh...dis gurl arh..alwayys with her dirty n racist jokes..
tsktsktsk..u corrupt my mind!!xD
gonna miss u in the trum sect.

bt wateva it is..gd luck in learning the oboe!:D

although ive oni been with u guyys for a few mths..
bt i hope dat u guyys will work hard n PLAY hard
for the upcomin band practices!:D
dun worry n get frustrated when u cant play sumthin..
coz u hav oni joined the band for a few mths!
n u still hav a long wayy to go alrites..
even ur seniors hav experienced through dis!
n im sure dat u guyys will make it somedayy..^^
all the best!n dun give the seniors trouble.. heheh..

btw..once again..thanks for the shirt juniors!!<3

even though u hav graduated when im sec one..
howver u still helped us a lot!:D
n i still rmbv hw u helped me on dat tedious
symphonic soul solo..xP

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3:03 AM

Thursday, April 09, 2009

hahahs..y do i lyk to post pictures in most of my post arh??crazyy..xD
btw some are credits frm yuyu!:D

SLUMBER TIME!again..hahahs..
~nurul..naqiyah..arina..jeff n john..~
guess wad..dis was right in chem's lesson!lol
they all suddenly go lie dwn so i took a picture!xD
mdm yani said.."EH..sleeping time isit??"
den after a few secs she continued "okayy larh..todayy i giv u chance.."xD

xD!!!!!ur on candid camera!hahahs
LOL!obviously u cn guess hu's dat big fierce character is..xD
miss sharifah herself asked us to take dis picture..i forgot the reason..-.-"

chem lesson ytd..mdm yani nwadayys veryy RANDOM!
hahahs..lyk abt 10 mins b4 recess..
she was teaching us blahblahblah..den suddenly she asked..
"ehh u all hungry anot??im veryy hungry.." xD
random rite........TOTALLY..
dunno if dats even possible!gahh!
chiong in class stdystudystudyy!0.o
first poa test..fail!physics..tink cn get A1..
den chem lesson..mdm yani asked to do wkbk..
all take out earpiece listen..lol she giv permission one..
den i go studyy geog..she walk past me n smile.. :D
hahahs..i tink she understand larh...MT..TEST!
den maths..as usual FUNNY!miss sharifah teased idris dunno lyk wad..
den finally the biggest test..geog!
wlao..aft the test..a few of us stayed back..
mrs tjan said the last question.. 'assess....the success..national devt.'
lol!forgt the qn. larh..the key word..ASSESS..
she sayy must put both the success n failure!-_______________-"
me n sean lim was lyk..wadddd???!!!!wlao!
maximum cn get 6 marks..wahhhH!!!!T.T
den sean lim go n bang the table larh..sayy all mrs tjan's fault..
yadayadayadaaa...hmm..waited for john to finish
copying naqiyah's notes..den HOME-ED!
had a "bet" with nurul to giv me 10 cents for teasing me each time..
seriously u noe!!every min she will bully me one!
wahh..i cn become a milionnaire one dayy if dis keeps up!xD

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7:44 AM

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


supposed to payy the $13 for the concert bt wc didnt
come so asked diyana to collect..den me n chia chern
tricked her dat its $10 oni n it worked!xD
for a while oni larh..aft dat i told her the truth..lol
nid to mit my mom for a while during band practice!-.-"
n in the end i missed hearing the recording session n
had sectionals n taught the sec ones one to one..
bt i just went ard n test them..lol..
den all the sec 4s gather..discussed the promotion
dayy thingy..haiz..i seriously c no pt. in us bein there..
coz almost all our opinions were 'rejected'
n dats y i lazy sayy anythin..even if i sayy sumthin??
will it make a difference??u noe wad??
im immune oredi..i couldn't care less abt promotion dayy
anymore..i giv up..some hu realli hav leadership
r nt bein surfaced..n i dun wanna mention hu..
coz its over n we cant do anythin abt it..
packed up..sat in our sect in music rm..
wahhh!i cried..oh gosh..couldnt contain my tears..
lol!there's tons of reasons on y i cried..T.T
n brendan was the 1st one to come n comfort me..so thanks!!(:
den chia chern said "aiya..y u cry??" -.-" totally bad u noe!:p
n ppl keep blaming ppl dat they cried..jokingly larh..xD(sec 4s i mean)
n nadiyah suddenly said "azura y u cryy??!"
then suddenly everyone's head lyk voommm!
turn behind n look at me..-.-" PAISEHH!
made me cry more!hahahs..
n thx to those hu sat ard me to comfort me..
kelmond..~sry if ur names r nt mentioned!cudnt rmb evrybodyy..
n to my sec 2s plus andrea hu comforted me aft dat..
thanks guyys..^^

had section meetin..said out all our thoughts n were given
a present frm our juniors!!THANKS!!:D
plus our ex-seniors too!wanshi..grace n elissa!(:
ive passed on my post to my successor!lol..
work hard guyys..make the section proud..hahahs..


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9:22 AM

the present is great..n thanks so veryy much for puttin in a lot of effort
in it n we realli appreciate it!!hahahs..^^

hello!believe it anot..im nt gonna be posting
of band practices anymre!T.T
a message to my section!
Siangying..congratz on bein the SL for our section!*clapps
even though u r sec 2 n still nids a lot
of experience..we trust dat u cud do a gd job coz
dats the pt. of choosing u!hahahs..if u hav any
problems wit the section or nid any form of advice..
feel free to ask the seniors for help..coz we will
alwayys be there for u guyys..no matter wad..
so gd luck!n we will teach u hw to be a gd SL alrite..
the fate of the sect. is in ur hands..
n make sure they giv u the respect dat u deserve..
so try ur best kk??ganbatte!!:D
Herda..dun be childish anymore kayy!
time to grow up..senior oredi u noe!n u must show a gd
eg to ur sec ones coz they will alwayys be observing the
seniors n watch hw u guyys behave..so yeahh..
plz help siangying as much as u can coz its ur
job to assist her..dun let her do everything..hahahs
share the job n rmb to alwayys work tgether alrites..
rmb to do ur best hor!:p hahahs..gd luck2!
ppl hu will be leaving the trumpet section..T.T
chelsea!!transferring to oboe section nw..
hahahs..will miss ur eh hem2!hahahs..
no matter wad..u will alwayys be a trumpetor in our hearts!<3
3 ppl will be joining our sect..
raihanah..erwin n edrea(dunno hw to spell..xD)
hmmm..hope dat i cn come back n help u all
learn the trumpet..hahahs..
since two of u r sec 3s..it shud be easier i tink??
lol..welcoming new mmbs!:D
trumpet section!!!!!!!<3
will miss u guyys a whole bunch!!T.T
i will alwayys rmb the crazy times dat we had!
n especially our veryy LAST sectionals dat we had
just b4 syf??it was sumhw fun!lmao..
n hw we realli bonded during the syf period..
it was rough bt fun at the same time..
even though the seniors were hard against u guyys..plz forgive us
if u feel offended or anythin coz we r just doin our job..
n we wanted to push u guyys to be better players
in the band..so dun take it too hard alrite??^^
gd luck!play hard!n make us proud by playin well..
n for the sec 2s n sec1s!work extra hard coz u will be participatin in
the next syf n wateva it is do ur best!!(:
we will certainly come back n help u guyys sumtimes..hehe..
dats all i hav to sayy!

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