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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

:.:friends are angels tat follow u through life..:.:
:.:friends helps you go through the bad times n lets u enjoy the good times:.:
:.:friendship is lyk glass..once broken..it is very hard to fix:.:
:.:friends are lyk water..sumthing you realli nid in life:.:
:.:friends will alwaes be there for u..no matter wad happens..:.:
:.:friendship is lyk a treasure u nid to keep for the rest of ur lives..:.:
:.:if a friendship is capable of ending..it is bcoz it nvr existed..:.:
without frenz..u will be alone..so dun take ur frenz for granted..
coz u will regret it for the rest of ur life..
a msg frm me to you..=)

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