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Thursday, May 17, 2007

haiz..sianzzz....my mid-year exam results..sigh..
no hope to go to mie dream class larr...
fail three subjects..15% of the common test is mie
only hope sia..i hope i didn't manage to fail mie overall..
i wanna be the same class as him..
damn..muz study maths more..history oso..
keep failing this subjects...

anw..had band prac yesterday..
promotion day sia...get to noe our new commitee members..
i became asl of trumpet section..
im content wit it..i guess..hahax..
must work hard to lead the trumpetors!!
lolx..our new band major is qi en
and drum major is jieqi..concert mistress vanessa
head of qm..fairul..
head of welfare..amalina..
head of library..grace..
almost all of the section leaders are sec3s..
except for chia chern n syairah..
and almost all the asl are sec 2s..lolx..
realli gonna miss the sec 4s when they graduate..
i will always rmb the good and bad times we had together..
especially during the syf period..the feeling will always be in me..forever..

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