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Saturday, May 12, 2007

~*~a poem to show u how i feel~*~

do you know that i love him??
i guess it's never meant to be..
you say i'm betraying you
but that's not how i see..

you cant stop the way i feel
i just happen to like him
if you think i'm betraying you..get real..

this was supposed to be a secret
you were not supposed to know
it's because of one person
that would stoop so low..

i cant forget him so easily
it was hard enough to give you credit
how i wish i could love him happily
but i guess it was never meant to be..

i liked him after you did
but it just happen to be my feeling..
i know that it's hard to beat..
but he just happen to be appealing..

you are my bestfriend
and i have to sacrifice him for you
but i know that this is not the end
because if i do,then i would feel blue..


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2:41 AM