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Monday, May 21, 2007

todae we had post exams activities..
at first we bought tickets to a movie..only cost 50 cents..lolx
we watched step up..it's very nice..funny..sad..
n i lyk their dance..
lolx..after tat we went to the canteen n eat..[duh..]
then we walk2..go to clas n then amirah took pictures
of us as a group..they were nice..hahax..
then we got our cca points results..i got 11 points..hahax..
after tat..we watched I NOT STUPID TOO...
hahax..the movie oso very nice..very funny sia..
but it's oredi 1.40pm..n we nid to go home..
mrs ng said those hu nid to go home first can go..
hahax..realli had fun todae..hah..^-^

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