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Friday, May 25, 2007

yesterdae we had a performance at the hall..
syf concert where all the participants frm syf
perform their syf songs for the school..
we had to reach school by 6.30..
then we went to the hall n practiced our syf songs..
plus eighties flashback..got three solos..
saxophone..eupho n trumpet..
all of the soloist had to stand up..hahax..

the performance started..
gu zheng played first..n then us..
first..mr wong asked us to play our tuning note..
then they all claped..purposely one lor..
it's not even a song..hahx..then they all laughed..
we oso laughed..quite funny actually..
first we played sunrise..then symphonic..
very fast ler the tempo for symphonic..almost cannot catch up..
then the choir..n then us agaen..we played one extra song..
eighties flachback..realli had fun playin tat song..
i tink tat we did our best for the performance..
although i tink tat we can still do better..hehe..
after tat..we wnet for recess..came back at 10.30 for our results slip...
haiz..i got 9/35 in class n mie percentage is 58.7%^-^
ok lar..but nid to work harder for end of yr exams..

after school still got band..haiz..sianz..
we score studied on two new songs..satchmo n mama mia..
then we went for sectionals on the songs..onli managed to finish mama mia..
n then after band we celebrated valerie..
wei chyi..terrance..eoin n nicholas's bdae..
we sang hapi bdae song to them..then we cut the cake..
i dunno who started it but we started to sabo all of them
wit the cake..we all ran here ran there lyk nobody's business

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