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Monday, June 11, 2007

todae i went out wit my frenz to celebrate
mie bdae!!(me..dee..amirah..nurul..n naqi..)lolx
i realli had fun todae..first i went to meet
them at the food culture level 4 at cs..
hahax..then they gave me their pressies!hahax..
after tat..naqi wanted to buy a present for me
n we went to tm..we went to tis shop
called "seventh street" i tink..hahax..i forgot..
then she bought me a butterfly shaped
necklace..very nice!!!!kawaii des!
thank u naqiyah!!<3
while doing tat..dee amirah n nurul went to buy
tickets to a movie..we planned to watch
pirates of the caribbean:at worlds end..
quite funny n nice..although i dun quite
understand the story...hahax..
my fave character is captain jack sparrow!!
he's very funny..tat's y i lyk him..
but oni as his character!nt like him like him tat kind..
so dun tink otherwise hor..lolx..
wow..the movie damn long sia..abt 2 hrs 45 mins..
i was soo cold even i was wearing a jacket..
after the movie all of us rushed to the toilet!!
hahax..so funny..then naqi went home
n we went to "ayies" to buy necklace..
then took neoprint..lols..after tat we went to
buy a wallet..for me..hahax..yay!!i gt so many things
n it's all thanks to my frenz..hu celebrated it wit me..
thanks guys..i wouldn't have had a fun time
lyk tis without u guys!!thanks a lot!!=)

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