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Sunday, June 10, 2007

yesterday i went out with my section..
i came late bcoz i had to attend my family wedding..
hahax..by the time i reached there..
they we eating at the cs food junction..
then yong liang brought us to the ntuc n we bought
snacks..wan shi bought the most snacks..hahax..
yong liang was treating us mah..
then we went to golden village to watch movie..
we watched men in white..walao..damn funny lor..
the show..we laughed lyk hell..!
then we went somewhere n they sang me a
bdae song..n gave me the present..
i love the present soo much!!
thank euu so much guys!!the present was cute..
then me wan shi roxane n grace took
the bus stop near cs there..then at the bus stop
grace told me tat wei chyi n yong liang will
be alone later..then i remembered tat i left them alone!!
wahahaha!!!im so evil..hahax..

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