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Saturday, June 02, 2007

yesterday we had band prac..
in the morning..very BOORRIINNGG........
we had diaphragm training n then score
studied on our score plus teaching
the sec ones..for i dunno how long..haish!!sianz...
then we had one hour sectional..
after tat go lunch..we ate at the mama shop...
we had funny conversations..hahax..
after luch..me roxane valerie n weichyi went
to our classrms to watch our
wall paintings!!!!!(since we had 15 mins left.)
every class had nice designs..yupz..
then i saw him..my heart pounded so hard..
n i acted as normal as usual..hehe..i was so happy
tat i get to c him..!i tot tat he wouldnt go
for sum stupid reason but he actually went
to his class to do the painting!!lolx..
whenever i c him..i will be very HYPER!!!!

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