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Monday, June 04, 2007

yesterday we had maintenace frm 9 o'clock..
we had to maintain EVERY instrument we have..
n they have to be in top knotch condition..
haiz..sianz..the qm(quarter master) is realli strict
this time..many ppl failed when they have
their instruments checked..including me..lolx.
very tired ler..i have to handle the section myself..
grace didn't come bcoz she's sick..
then it's the first time that he talked to me..
this maintenance actually gave me a chance to talk to
i think that he thinks that i lyk sum1 else..which i dun!
damn..a misunderstanding has occured...

after lunch..they will check even more strictly
then before..if we fail two times..gonna do punishment..
hahax..i failed two times..asl some more..
so must do double..duh..haiz..
then we had spring cleaning..but jieqi n qien
wanna meet all sl or asl..so i no nid to do..haha..yay!!!
the meeting was about the sock hop gimmicks..
we all contributed ideas on wad we're gonna do
in each section..i sat behind him..hehe..
after tat..we have 15 mins to teach the sect.
on the gimmicks plus the drills..
i had yong liang's help..so lucky me!!hahax..
then we did a long drill..but he changed place
n became the right marker..=( hahax..but nvm..
wow..yesterday i was damn tired...teaching n
handling the section by myself..haiz..must realli
help grace next time so she wouldn't be so stress..
i think..that this maintence is realli tiring
but rewarding!!hahax..

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