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Monday, July 02, 2007

hey guys!!im in IT tech rm!!
mother tongue lesson..we play com oso the teacher
nvr notice..haiz..anw,im here to blog abt
yesterday...we had section outing..
at 10 am..im supposed to meet elissa
at the before the long john bus stop
when i reach dere elissa oso just reach..hahax..
then we went to muen's hse there
to play basketball..
terence,valerie n wan shi is oredi there
we played n played n then later muen came..
n then rizal..we play un til sweat lyk hell!!lolx
i realli had fun playin basketball..=)
it was lunchtime n we were
waitin for wei chyi to reach the basketball court..
we played one game and then head for
lunch..we went to bedok inter
n ate long john..then we went to the library for
a while coz i nid to borrow a bk..hahax..
after tat we wanted to go to tm to take
neoprint..we took bus 69 n saw soloman..
when we reach tm..we went to food culture
a while to eat..actually oni me n wan shi went to eat
coz the rest ate at long john oredi..lolx..
then terence played the com at the entrance
of the food culture..it was oredi
2.45pm n we were waiting for eoin to cum..
we keep telling him tat we were eating at
food culture bt he go to tm instead..=.=
we waited for him lyk half an hour
lyk haiz..when me n wan shi finish eating then
eoin reach at the food culture..then we
waited for terence to finish playin com..
after tat..we head for the neoprint!!
it was the firt time tat terence n eoin took
neoprint with us..hahax..when we were
decorating the pics..got time limit so we were
rushy..hehe..next we went to SAFRA coz terence n
eoin wan to play bowling..we waited for some
to be emptied n in the meantime..we played
truth or dare..i chose truth n wan shi asked me
hu i lyk..very hard to tell them the truth
coz not many ppl is suppose to noe my
crush..bt they promised me tat they wont tell anyone
so i told them.. :0 i dunno if i did
the right thing bt they're my section n i have
to trust them..lolx
after tat terence n eoin played bowling..
they were both quite gd actually..hahax..bt eoin
keep winning..lolx..then yong liang came..
then they played one more game b4 goin home..
it was oredi late n everyone nid to go home
so we all went to the same bus stop together
except for elissa..she took diff bus stop frm us..hehe
the me,wei chyi,terence n yong liang took
65 together..hehe..realli had fun yesterday
it was the first time tat we went to so many places
for our section outing..hehe..hope next time
the whole section will be able to go
so tat it would be more fun!!hahax

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