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Thursday, August 23, 2007

lolx..all the lessons normal todae..
bt during music lesson gt one
time miss lee say sumthin abt the
advertisement of myojo(instant noodle)
gt tis percussion instru the person gt
play then junyi go n make the tune loudly..
then very funny..we all laughed..hahax..

then after sch i gt sectional..then at 4 o'clock
i went to the library to do voice
recording..we realli had fun doing it..
laughing our hearts out..lolx..then we took
a group pic..we asked stephanie to take
it for us..hahax..then we hang out at the
canteen..me nurul n amirah were laughing
n laughing abt sumthin..hahax..!realli
had fun todae..


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