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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

todae we got back our geog common test..
i gt 24.5 out of 50..haiz!
failed by half mark!!argh!!
hate geog!walao..

After school,gt band..but my class
had science remedial..
so we came late as usual..
i have nvr been in time 4 band
for a long time sia..hahax..then
when we cum in..one person from
each section muz sing mamma mia..
hahax..then mr.wong told us abt
the overseas trip whether to go HongKong
or Taiwan..bt..if cant make it tis year,
then we go next year..walao..it's unfair
4 the sec 4's if we nvr go dis year..haiz..
i'm really hoping 4 the best..=)


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