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Saturday, August 11, 2007

hey hey HEY!!

today,we had a performance at
Hougang Central Hub.I went to school with
Nadiyah and were almost late..hahax..
but still got time to set up our instruments.hehe..
after we assemble,we set up the music room and
warm-up.We played the commencement suite first.
Then Mr.Wong keep asking the trumpetors to play
the triplets with pulsing lar then play one hard,two soft..
Haiz..Quite frustrating but I understand what he's trying to do.^-^
After playing all the songs we got ready everything..

We boarded the bus.I sat with Roxane at the back of the
bus.Jieqi was our ic.Quite boring actually sitting at the
back of the bus.There was a carnival and we had to wait
for the other performance to finish before our turn...
When our turn came,some of the boys helped us to set
up the chairs for the third and fourth row.Our performance
was ok.Better than the last performance.The ministers
was very sporting sia.When we played the songs they waved
their flags..hahax..Then after one of the songs,one of the minister
shaked hands with Mr.Wong..Cool!!Hehe..

After the performance we waited at the bus for all the SL's to
bring food that they bought for us.After that we packed up
everything at school and some of us went to band dinner at
KFC.My section went to Mac,and me,omi,amirah,amalina and
dee went to eat at the banquet.Hahax..Me and Amalina was
"stressed" because of sumthin.Hehe..Situation not to be mentioned.

After we finished eating,we went to KFC cos Amalina wants to meet
Kia Hao.But then we saw Keith,Jonathan,Chia Chern and Kia Hao
outside the KFC buying sumthing.We talked a bit and Omi had to
go home.We went to look at other shops and met them at the hp
shop.We started hanging out with them.I had the best time ever.=)
It was quite fun..Hehe..Some situations really made me happy.
Only my frenz know about this..=)After that we went home.I went
home with dee and Amalina.

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