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Monday, August 20, 2007

!!!todae is a great day..!
first we had pe..bt we had to do
the aces dance..hahax..
we all dance lyk
retarded sia..so funny..
then gt dnt..we're supposed to finish
our artefact then mr leong
keep saying "everyone come here2!"
walao.. everytime gt sum1 make
mistake he will ask us to cum n
then say the person's mistake..
irritating sia!!he call us lyk 10 times..
haish..we can nvr finish our project
in time lyk tis..haiz..after tat gt science
then maths.. after sch i nid to take
science retest then i sat beside gim chen..
i gt copy sum answers frm notes..hahax..
then when i give mr ng my paper
he keep asking me to change
the ans coz wrong mah..2nd irritating
situation in a day..!bt still pass..hehe..
then me n gim chen went to
the second floor n saw him..hehe..
we laughed coz i became so
hyper!lolx..then me n nurul went
to amirah's hse.. first we played the com
then we played badminton..
until 6..hahax..then me n
nurul went home..hehe..^-^


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