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Monday, August 13, 2007

todae was very memorable..hahax..
bt first after TAF i was damn tired
then still need to go for pe..
play floorball as usual..haiz..
boring sia play floorball evey wk..
then after tat is our recess then dnt..
we need to start making our product
oredi bt i still haven tink of wad to
do yet..hahax..then after tat gt sci
practical test..me n my frenz went to the
staircase to the right n suddenly i
saw him going to the 4th floor..hehe..
todae mr ng nvr cum so mrs jackie chan
replaced him n took us..
she's quite nice actually..im the first badge
n we cannot finish in time bt she let us
sit at the opposite side of the table
n let our other frenz do the test..lolx..
after tat we went back to our class for
maths lesson..then miss sharifah nvr cum!!
lolx..two free periods!!wow..todae maths
n sci teacher on strike..hahax..
then after sch we went to the com lab..
dee had to leave n meet nad n riqa..then we
hang out at the canteen..i suggested tat we
take neoprint bt naqiyah had to go home
so oni me omi nurul n amirah can go..hehe

juz when we wanted to go..i saw him n his
frenz goin dwn the canteen staircase..
when we reach tm..we went to the toilet
for a while..it was the first time we cared
abt hw we look when taking neoprint..
then we went home..hehe..

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