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Friday, August 17, 2007

todae's lesson r normal...
nothing in particular happened.
after sch,we had band practice..
me,amirah and dee had to come late
coz we had 2 take the sungei buloh test..
after tat we got maths remedial
bt we couldnt find the class so we
decided 2 go band
we didnt eat lunch..
we did a little diaphragm training
then score studied concerto d'amore..
we set up the music room..
then gt new songs to play..
one of the songs r blue ridge n
obladi oblada!
alwaes wanted to play this song..
very nice..lolx..
first we played mamma mia then
the other songs bt we didnt manage
to play all the new songs..haiz..after band..
sumthin made me realli happy..
i hope more of this can happen..
hahax..jus hoping for the best..(=

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