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Thursday, August 02, 2007

wah..long time nvr blog seyy...haiz..
i miss mie internet soo much!!T.T
anw today we had history test..quite easy
actually..hehe..since im sure tat im gonna
fail mie geog test at least gt history
test to help me catch up..oh!n miss tay nvr cum today!!the whole happy sia..finally she nvr cum..hahax..then after sch went to com lab to doPW..finally we have mostly finished tracing n colouring our sketches..
DUE 2 WEEKS..bt nvm coz mr phoon gave
us another chance..hehe..then after tat at
3 plus i went to sectionals..
grace was at the hospital so i had to take the
we had sectionals on stand up for singapore
n sum other songs..then after that i went
to bubble tea shop with roxane,
omairah,elissa,grace,valerie n hui ping..
we sat at the bench there n talk2..about band
n other stuff..hehe..i realli had fun
just now..i hope we can do this more often..

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