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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

todae after school gt last minute oral!!
wad sia..the teacher tell us last minute
tat we got oral..=p
i was damn nervous..cannot even
read properly..haiz..then the conversation
gt many times the teacher ans
the question for me..hehe..
confirm minus marks one..
then after tat i waited for dee..nurul..
syah n omairah..at the benches near
the fountain there..someone was there..
i felt lazy to go com lab after tat..for art..
hahax..bt i went anyway..=(
then miss candy explained to us what is
development drawing..bleah...
sian..must finish the process diary
in one wk!!plus dnt folio!!
then still need to study!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all this in a fasting month???!!!
haiz..it couldn't get any worse than this..T.T

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