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Thursday, September 13, 2007

yesterday is a normal day..first gt
science lesson then english..XP
then during recess me,dee.nurul,syah
stayed in class bt omi n amirah went
to the library to borrow books..
after tat gt mother tongue lesson..
then gt music..we watched yanni todae..
it was so cool!!especially the violinist!
realli feel lyk playing violin again..haiz..
the band is so gd n nice..
then gt tis man with long hair n a
moustache..(sry dunno hw to spell)lolx..
bt i tink he look better without it..hahax
then after tat gt lit..mrs nair very blur sia..
the boys in our class played music
frm their hp..then she asked them to
stop it..we say she crazy bcoz she hearing things..
lolx..then she believed us!!stupid sia!!
i've nvr come across a teacher as

stupid as that!then the boys go n play
a fool then go n open the music so loud
bt mrs nair ignore..hahax..very funny seh..
next is history lesson..after miss marianna
went through chapter 1 n 2 we watched
a movie.."army daze" the movie vry funny
our whole class enjoyed it..
after i went to do dnt..sumthing funny happened
i nearly finished doing my base
then i want to sand it..i want to tighten
it then suddenly the wood break!!
the wood go flying so high sia!!then
many ppl looked at me..so paiseh sia!!
walao..then have to redo..T.T
argh!!y must this happen to me??
afetr tat went to sectionals..then go home!!

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