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Monday, December 03, 2007

todae,i went out with amirah and nurul to the mac..
they went to mediacorp to get tickets for the concert 'rhapsodi 2007' in Suria..
then they asked me if i wanted to go to mac to eat there n i said yes..
hehe..i took the same 228 bus with them..
then we saw mr.ng..lolx..
he wore a pink t-shirt..
we wanted to confront him but he oredi took a taxi or sumthin..
lolx..we hang out at mac for quite awhile..
nurul n amirah ate filet o fish student meal..
but i only ate hot fudge sundae..lolx..
after we finish eating..
we went to the toilet n took some pictures..hahax..
i dunno how long we were inside there..lolx!
after tat we went to buy battery at i dunno where..hahax..
then we walked outside eunos cc there n walked one big round to get to nurul's bustop..
hahax..then me n amirah took 228 n went home..=)

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