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Friday, February 15, 2008

Todae after sch gt band prac..
then the sec ones came in..First the TO's
must choose their grps.Then we introuce
ourselves n everything.We sat at the music
rm for a while for diaphragm training
then the seniors go sectionals n prepare
for auditions.We have to take our grps to
each section n audition them.First i went to
trumpet then trombone.hehe..It was so cool!!
get to talk to him a bit..heheh..every sect.
ask if they're interested in the instrument
n most ppl in mie grp is interested in
trumpet..yay!!hehe..k then after tat we
played concentration in the music rm.
After we dismissed the sec ones,the
whole band went into the hall n do the
circle of sound.Vanessa asked different
ppl to go out n listened to the band.
then when we wan to play fairytale,
Terence went out n i had to play alone..
well actually with eoin bt he cant even play
properly lor..In the middle of the song
during the muted part,i was the oni one
playing the high note.Then Vanessa n
Terence looked at me then i waved to
terenceThen he laughed!!lolx..
very funny sia..still got time to wave at
him when playing.then when he cum back,
he said tat we were very loud.Then i lyk
cannot believe coz i was the oni one
playing..So after tat we started to play
soft..=) The circle of sound todae
was fun sia..still gt time to communicate
with val,ws n grace uring the song
or sumthin..hahax..

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