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Friday, April 25, 2008

todae after sch me,nurul,amirah n naqi
plan to go swimming at safra..lolx..
we had a great "adventure" while going
there..hahax..first we went to the opp
bus stop then dunno where to go coz
amirah don't hav a swimming costume..
so they go mie hse go n find mie costume
coz i dun wan swim..then cannot find..
so nurul called her mom then gt extra
swiming costume..so we went to nurul's
hse after tat..then off we go to the safra..
hahax..when we reach there..we found
out tat we cannot go in without a
cashcard..haiz!!so naqi go to the counter
n bought a cashcard..lolx..then after tat..
we realised tat we can oni buy 3
tickets..haiz..so sum1 must not go in lar..
then we decide until lyk wad..
until the lifeguard juz let us all in..lolx..
tat's very nice of him..hahax..then
everyone except me change to their swimming
costume..then at abt 5 lyk tat..we change back to our
sch uni then went home..heheh..

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