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Thursday, May 22, 2008

post-exam activities was kinda fun..
lolx..lazy to pst abt each day..hehe
tuesday we had inter-class games bt kinda
boring..coz we only had until 9.10 to play
then we oni had one match..=p bt the next
day was more fun coz all the sec 3 classes
were playing..hahax..we had a match against
3e1 galz for captains ball..at first..we didn't
play quite well bt we sumhw managed to catch up
and won the game!!forgot the score though..^-^"
this whole wk we gt a lot of talks..abt hw to take
care of our skins..blogging..n even abt STIs..
sexually transmitted infection..lolx..

then on thurs we gt this ss thingy
and our class was separated into 3..me n nurul
had to go to class..together with sum of
the 3e3..keith was sitting behind me..lolx
after tat we got the sudoku challenge..my grp
gt nurul..amirah..irda..xun jia..yeh gee n yuyu
sum of us did the sudoku while the others
tried to complete the puzzle..gt 500 pieces sia..
we chose winnie the pooh..hehe
the boys grp in our class managed to complete
the puzzle bt the looked at the numbers
well they still gt 50 points fot it anw..hahax..
after tat we gt a performance by two bands
whose names escapes me..hahax..they were ok..
bt the second band was beta in a lot of ways..
they were very loud n i happen to sit in front..
lucky me!!lolx..well the post-exams activities have
been great..gt a lot of memories frm it..hehe

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